I am ashamed to admit this yet after life in southern California all my life I"ve never ever been to the Knotts Berry Farm template Park. Possibly that will change. However I have actually been to the Knotts Berry farm yard Hotel a couple of times. I execute really choose it because that what the is and will spell out very clearly what it"s not.


What Knotts Berry farm yard Hotel is not

Knotts Berry farm Hotel is most certainly not Disneyland, nor the Disney Resort. In the large scheme of things, the Disney will is mega huge. They have actually money to burn and enough staff to handle any kind of problem. The maintenance of the park and also resort is enormous. It"s much more like a five-star hotel. And Knotts Berry farm yard Hotel is much more like any other hotel i beg your pardon is exactly how I arrangement to evaluate it. There is a factor why i beg your pardon I will explain. But the bottom line is the the just fair comparisons between the Disneyland Hotel and also Knotts are that they space both following to major theme parks.

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A brief background of Knott"s Berry Farm


You don"t view them as much in southerly California anymore but roadside fruit was standing are really common in northern California. The Knotts family started off offering berries at your roadside was standing which was on SR 39 (Beach Blvd). This began in the 1920"s and in the 1930s they expanded their company to selling fried chicken. They collection up a special restaurant called "Mrs Knott"s Chicken Dinner Restaurant." This was the actual attraction, not the berries. Soon people came and also long currently formed, and also they had actually to think of some way to keep civilization entertained while waiting for dinner. In the 1940s they started making a replica ghost city on the property. By 1968 they went huge time v the attractions, charging a quarter admission. Today Knotts Berry farm yard is phibìc America"s 14th most visited layout park. It had actually 3.5 million visitors in 2012.

The background of the Knotts Berry farm Hotel- Here"s one more comparison between the Disneyland Hotel and the Knotts Berry farm Hotel, they were both acquired. Together a son I provided to clock the Monorail ride end to the Disneyland Hotel never discovering that the hotel wasn"t own by Disney. That hotel was opened in 1955 through Jack Wrather. It to be only obtained by Disney in 1984. Through this point, the Disneyland was open for nearly 30 years.


The Knotts Berry farm yard Hotel has a various story. That was known as "The Buena Park Hotel." It to be purchased through the owners of Knotts (Cedar Fair) to buy the Buena Park Hotel and converted it right into a Radisson resort Hotel. In 2004 the made the change to "Knotts Berry farm yard Hotel." The thing around hotels is the they are extremely profitable. I am reasoning the hotel will actually gain larger end time.

Something that Disneyland doesn"t have- To it is in fair Disneyland does have a church or at least a version of one. It"s in Storybook Land. An ideal place to gain married if you"re Stuart Little. Not so appropriate if you"re above a foot tall. However Knotts Berry farm yard does have actually a church. The Church that Reflections. The church is in the ago parking most Soak City and is proud to boast that being one of the earliest churches in Orange County. It"s non-denominational, that holds solutions every Sunday morning and yes, they perform weddings in ~ this church.

What form of couple would prefer this place?

Knotts Berry Farm seems to be really flexible. They will rent the church out just or the gazebo in the courtyard. When it concerns the agree room it"s part of a package which includes: Linens, the agree room rental, champagne or cider for toasts, a wedding cake, mirror through candle center pieces, guest room for a bridal couple, and special prices for wedding guests to stay at the hotel. They boast of having "packages the fit every budget." every the basics deserve to be upgraded.

I am of the emotion that this is a script that would certainly appeal to numerous brides. There room some brides who get captured up in color themes and love the intimate details of plan a wedding. Yet they room a bit rarer these days. I"m finding much more brides who want fast, straightforward decisions and also Knotts offers it. The difficulty with these practically "all inclusive" packages is that they are regularly cheesy looking. I have to say that the room and service in ~ Knotss is better than what girlfriend would suppose from an all inclusive offer.Knotts is that course located in Buena Park. The good thing around Buena Park is the it really centrally located. If you"re friends and family covers a vast area, from southern Orange county to the mountain Fernando sink all the way deep into the in other words this is a location they all can gain to enjoy your wedding and drive home. Friend can likewise make it many of san Diego in 90 minutes.

Buena Park isn"t upscale, however. As soon as I interview
ed the Aida Holmes, the manager of catering I want to know an ext about the enhancement and deletion of The Raddison name She stated that the hotel needed to be competitive with various other venues in the area and that the Raddision name didn"t adjust this fact. Photographic potentialI discovered the photographic potential approximately the Church of reflections to be really nice. It had actually greenery. You can also go come the earlier gate that soak city and also take a few pics around the small lake.The photographic potential around the grounds of Hotel itself to be okay. It"s in reality a lot of concrete however there is part greenery. I love the staircase and also the drapes in the agree room.From what I can tell girlfriend from 17+ years of wedding photography experience I discover that there is lot of to work-related with at this venue, but you have to search for it. This might prove to it is in a battle for newer wedding photographers.

Possible Distractions/ occupational AroundBuena Park can get warm in the summer and also there is no ocean breeze come speak of that renders it this much inland. The grounds additionally can get full of people making wedding photography a tad little more an overwhelming in the summer months. The church of reflections is nicely isolated so you won"t need to struggle at all with people wandering v your shots prefer you would certainly at the hotel.

The Church the the reflect is not on the very same grounds or very same side that the street as the hotel. You will need to drive over to it. You additionally go through a enormous Soak City parking lot of to acquire to it. Getting ago to the hotel is easy, the all best turns out of the parking lot.

Overall evaluationOverall ns really prefer Knotts Berry farm yard Hotel as a wedding venue. Ns think it fits perfectly with the more recent generation bride. If you"re planning your wedding in a short time frame or you simply don"t treatment to make a the majority of decisions this is wonderful choice because that you.

When i was writing this testimonial I told my dad about it, and he told me that driving to Buena Park indigenous West LA to have the Chicken dinners to be something his family did reasonably often. He stated it to be a quite 3-hour drive into the landscape from Los Angeles. My just how things have actually changed!


I"ve done some research right into Cedar Fair. Honestly, I"m intrigued by the amount of residential or commercial property Soak City takes up. The new CEO that Cedar fair is penis Kinzel, who had a 17-year career v Disney consisting of being the CEO that the Disneyland Resort. They very own a hell of a many land in Buena Park and I to be going top top the document to speak that i feel that within the following ten years you"ll see Knotts Berry farm yard turn into the Knotts Resort.

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I to be excited around Knotts Berry Farm due to the fact that I view it"s potential. That went native a roadside stand to a restaurant to a template park, to among the largest theme parks in a reasonably short duration of time. The following logical action is because that it to come to be a resort. There will certainly be a the majority of fine tuning that occurs and upgrades in standards. I"m thinking that later on Knotts will certainly have an ext in usual with Disneyland than Magic Mountain. Currently, it"s about providing preferably entertainment value. Bang for your wedding buck is what Knotts supplies today. The last bride who had actually her wedding in ~ Knotts love it and also suggests it to human being getting married.