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One thing I really like around slice-of-life collection getting 2nd seasons is the they have the right to episodes i m sorry focus much more on the next characters.

The very first season is usually focuses on a main set of characters, and also with 2nd seasons you deserve to usually skip the introductions and also really obtain into full swing through a full cast that you're well acquainted with.

Elma and also Georgie! This illustration is the ideal yet i live for the slice of life character interactions.

How Elma is a rules stickler, and how she reacts from tohru "switching" come the harmony faction. Exactly how Georgie is setup up moe moments because that the youngin and also doesn't also respond come her genuine name anymore. With just how we were presented to these personalities in season 1, all of these actions feel in line through the character and also absolutely fantastic.

This present never fails to do my day better!

I love just how faf interacts v this human world.

He is allowed to flourish emotionally in such a method where he choose to practice dancing to execute things v his friend.

Like the other world faf would certainly think that insane, as he stated.

I like exactly how they added a slim echo effect to your voices as soon as they were talk in the ferris wheel.

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notice that aswell, the scene inside the office and outside have a different echo effect as well. Prop to sound designer for this young details.