Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22 march 2017, Written upgrade of full Episode: Sonakshi gets shocked come hear Suhana"s decision


Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) and Sona (Erica Fernandes) satisfy Suhana and also ask she to share her difficulties with them. She speak them the they are both really nice and also she cannot made decision one. Sourabh and Ronita"s parental finalize your matrimony. Golu start home and tells Ishwari the Dev has gone come Bose home to satisfy Suhana. Radha tells Ishwari the Dev will bring Sonakshi to Dixit house and also she will not be able to stop him. Mamaji asks her not to interfere between Dev and Sona this time. Also Read - Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3: Shaheer Sheikh and also Sana Amin Sheikh"s photos will repeat you the Vir-Ritu from Kya Mast Hai Life

Dev sees Suhana playing with Jatin and calls Sona and also asks she to come down. He claims he doesn"t choose some one rather to come close to Suhana. Sona speak him that he is a childhood friend and also Suhana is very close to him. Dev and Sona feeling confused and also find it an overwhelming to take it a decision. Dev asks Sonakshi if she can live with him because that Suhana"s sake. She claims she doesn"t what come say as she can"t watch Suhana sad and cannot continue to be happy v him either. Sona claims she will certainly talk to Suhana and assures him come make everything right. Likewise Read - Trending TV News Today: seeding heart Shukla"s family and also Shehnaaz Gill to be mistreated during the funeral, speak fans; Bharti Singh"s motivating weight loss journey and much more

Sonakshi speak Suhana the her dream the living v both she parents can not come true. She claims she doesn"t desire her to check out her parental fighting. Suhana says she will constantly stay happy and will not force them to stay together. Sona call Dev and also tells him the Suhana has promised to her the she will always stay happy. Likewise Read - TRP Report main 34: Anupamaa"s ratings nosedive; will certainly Gaurav Khanna aka Anuj Kapadia"s entry give Rupali Ganguly"s the required boost?

Suhana asks Bijoy to book her, his and also Asha"s ticket because that Kolkata. Sona and also everyone else acquire shocked. Suhana claims she doesn"t desire to pressure them to stay with each other so the is why she is going come Kolkata. She says they can concerned meet she there anytime they feeling like. Bijoy it s okay happy and also says she has actually made the right decision and promises come take her to Kolkata. Additionally READ: Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21 in march 2017, Written upgrade of complete Episode: Suhana refuses to speak to Dev and Sona

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