Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 31st march 2017 composed Episode, Written update on thedesigningfairy.com

Bejoy waits because that Sona because that a family members pic. Sona come back. Bejoy claims let us have family members pic. Soha says let papa come. Bejoy fumes Dev is not part of family. Dev comes down. Soha states papa came, let us have household pic now. Bejoy says Dev is not a family. Dev claims ok then, he and also Soha will have pic later. Bejoy shouts at photographer come take household pic soon. Dev stands beside Sona. Photographer asks Dev to save his hand ~ above Sona’s shoulder. Bejoy fumes more. After photographer, Sona and Dev’s nok jhok starts.

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Dev watch Ronita go away and also Sourav tensed, goes to Sourav and asks ki halo/what is happening. Sourav states ki holo and says that is do the efforts to create romantic environment, however Ronita is nervous and also cannot say i love you. Dev says woman want to romance yet does not want to express, not to problem he will add north Indian tadka in party now. Sourav excitedly many thanks him.

Dev call someone and also asks come come and create magic in boring sangeet ceremony. The goes on phase with mic. Bejoy yells this is bengali role and his drama will not work. His friend asks come let Dev speak. Dev introduces Jatt ki Jugni serial’s main leads who come to promote their new upcoming serial. Lock both dance on serial’s location track and also congratulate Ronita and Sourav and also give moral gyaan that ending of your love story have to be happy. Dev bring away mic next and also invites guest for a dance. Ronita’s mother silently walks back to room, stuff jewelry in he purse and throws that from balcony. That calls Ronita’s parents for a dance. Only father comes. Dev asks Bejoy and also Asha to dance and also goes to call mother and also finds her in a room walking suspiciously, asks what is she doing here. She nervously states she is browsing washroom. He claims it is there, anyone is wait for her. She nervously claims dance and also leaves.

After Ronita’s parent’s dance, Dev phone call Ronita and also Sourav for dance and says Ronita need to express she love and also say ns love you. Ronita nervously speak Sourav she cannot in front of everyone. Sourav asks Dev come teach Ronita. Dev beginning his an interpretation of love, what that feels because that him,8 hours of sleep after tough working day, cool sip in a scorching sun, etc.. He says he can not express an ext what love is for him. He claims he loved only one girl and also walks in the direction of Sona. Sona it s okay nervous. Dev kneels down and says Soha ns love you. Soha additionally hugs him and also says ns love you also papa.

Dev climate tells Ronita this is how she need to express she love. Ronita dances ~ above O shona..o shona..song…and claims Sourav ns love you. Sourav is supervisor excited and also says i love friend too. Dev climate calls anyone for a dance. Soha, Bejoy and also everyone begin dancing. Jatin starts his turn and tells Sona ami tomharo bhalo bhaso. She states he started now. He help Sona fix her earrings and tells her now he establish why she loves Dev so much, the is mad, yet clean hearted. Sona says he is totally mad and also you will certainly realize soon. Dev gets jealousy seeing lock together. Sona goes come kitchen. Dev adheres to her and warns that he is seeing what every she is doing. She states as usual he must have actually misinterpreted something and also started again. He walks out fuming. Jatin enters, clashes with him and apologizes. Dev says no require for his sorry and he will realize what he deserve to do. Jatin asks Sona what taken place to Dev. Sona claims madness.

Dev goes to his room and fumes why the cares for Sona for this reason much. Golu beginning excitedly. Dev asks who carried him here. He states Daadu/mamaji sent him, daadi and also papa go not desire him come go, yet daadu could not watch him sad and also dropped him here. Jatin enters and greets. Golu claims if the is Soha’s uncle. Jatin states yes. Golu states his name is so funny. Jatin claims yes. Golu says as soon as he and also Dev an initial saw him, they believed he is Soha’s father.

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Precap: Bejoy alleges Dev for stealing Ronita’s jewelry and also yells they allow a theif in their house and shows jewel in a purse.