Disney"s live-action Lady and also the Tramp movie is really shaping up nicely, through Moonlight and Hidden Figures star Janelle Monáe being actors in one of the original animation"s most memorable roles.

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Yep, according to Variety, Janelle will certainly be voice the personality of Peg, one of the dogs Lady meets when she is required to the dog pound and who wake up to understand all around Lady"s newfound friend Tramp.

So much so the she also sings a song about it – and it"s arguably one of the finest in the film.

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In the original 1955 animation, Peg was played by American jazz singer Peggy Lee.

Monáe joins a cast that is composed of Thor: Ragnarok (and most most likely Avengers 4) star Tessa Thompson together Lady, v Maniac"s Justin Theroux playing the loveable scoundrel Tramp.

The brand-new Lady and the Tramp is collection to air solely on Disney"s brand-new streaming service, i beg your pardon is tipped to launch in 2019 and also will organize a wealth of brand-new original content from Disney, native Star Wars TV mirrors to Anna Kendrick"s Christmas film Noelle.

The movie is supposed to incorporate live-action and also CGI computer animation in a similar means to The tropical Book and also the record-breaking live-action Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens.

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Lady and also the Tramp tells a love story in between pampered Lady and streetwise Tramp, who accomplish after Lady finds herself on the street and is taken under Tramp"s wing paw together he make the efforts to show her exactly how to live life in a much more carefree way.

It will be command by The LEGO Ninjago Movie"s Charlie Bean.

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