The unidentified pooping pensioner from Russia was established on CCTV sauntering down the store"s aisle prior to releasing she do-do prior to getting on through her shopping

THIS is the moment a woman doing her shopping casually go a poo in the middle of a supermarket aisle.

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The bizarre event was caught on CCTV cameras at an unnamed supermarket in the city of Kazan in Russia's central Republic the Tatarstan.


The footage shows the woman v a black and white dress holding a red shopping basket.

But she then puts she hand behind she to readjust her pants through her dress.

She then stands still looking ahead and also suddenly a little dark object have the right to be seen dropping between her legs onto the floor.

And without looking back, she walks off through her to buy basket, leaving the poo right over there on the floor beside a male and small girl that walk best by it.





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She deserve to then be seen stopping momentarily to inspect her clothes prior to she thedesigningfairy.comntinues walking.

Acthedesigningfairy.comrding to neighborhood media, shocked shoppers soon discovered the faeces and reported the occurrence to shop assistants.

There has been no further information regarding whether the occurrence will be investigated by police.

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The incident bears similarities with an occurrence in the united state where unfortunately a guy ends increase stepping in the poo.

Disgusting minute woman refused usage of thedesigningfairy.comffee shop commodes poos top top shop floor... Then throws it at staff