Protecting 845 acre of the whitest, brightest sand on the Lake Wales Ridge, Lake June-in-Winter Scrub State Park has actually one of the highest concentrations of rarely plants in phibìc America.

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Scrub beauty at Lake June-in-Winter Scrub

Protecting 845 acre of the whitest, brightest sand ~ above the Lake Wales Ridge, Lake June-in-Winter Scrub State Park has actually one of the highest concentrations of rare plants in north America. Many of them room only uncovered in this preserve or follow me the Lake Wales Ridge, the greatest land in Florida’s peninsula, an old ridge the sand dunes when the remainder of Florida to be beneath the sea.




Location: Lake Placid Lat-Lon: 27.296511,-81.424338 Fees: $2 per automobile Open: 8 AM till sunset daily Pets discouraged due to scrub-jay population



Rare pets thrive right here too, consisting of the Florida scrub-jay and the Florida scrub lizard, which “swims” beneath the surface ar of the soft sand.

This is a place to discover carefully and also look in ~ the little things. The quick Tomoka Trail follows a tannic fern-like stream that flows downhill into Lake June-in-Winter, yet it’s just a teaser for the larger preserve.

The Bobcat Trail, which is no longer well maintained, starts near the park gate. Fill plenty that water for this walk right into Florida’s own desert, wherein shrunken execution of Florida trees thrive, like scrub hickory, scrub plum, and also the pygmy fringe tree. Take plenty of image or bring a field guide to understand the complexity of the beauty girlfriend see below in miniature.

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