The April Fools occasion is here! Bite and scratch your way to win as us finally uncover out which is better, Cats vs. Dogs! inspect out brand-new skins, chroma, wards, icons, and also more!

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Release Announcement

From the release announcement - \"New epos skins: cats VS Dogs\"\"Find the end who’s ideal in show with:Skins



Fuzz Fizz prestige Edition100 reputation PointsAvailable until January 31, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. PT.Icons & BordersAvailable in the keep for 250 RP:Yorick Cat IconRengar Cat IconCorki Corgi IconFizz Spaniel IconKisses IconExclusive to set bundles:Pretty Kitty Rengar symbol + BorderMeowrick icon + BorderFuzz Fizz symbol + BorderCorgi Corki symbol + BorderEarned by completing missions:Royal Kitty IconRoyal Doggo IconGolden dog vs. Cats IconGolden Cat IconGolden Dog IconPlatinum dogs vs. Cats IconAvailable only in the Kitty Box:Best In present IconBundlesAvailable till April 15, 2019, in ~ 11:59 p.m. PTFuzz Fizz Set2220 RP (2660 RP v Fizz)Fizz (50% off)Fuzz FizzFuzz Fizz icon + BorderDog Lover WardCorgi Corki Set3560 RP (3955 RP with Corki)Corki (50% off)Corgi CorkiCorgi Corki icon + BorderDog Lover WardSeven chromas, including the to exclude, Ruby chromaMeowrick Set3560 RP (4000 RP through Yorick)Yorick (50% off)MeowrickMeowrick symbol + BorderCat Lover WardSeven chromas, including the exclude, Ruby chromaPretty Kitty Rengar Set3435 RP (3875 RP with Rengar)Rengar (50% off)Pretty Kitty RengarPretty Kitty Rengar icon + BorderCat Lover WardSix chromas, including the exclude, Ruby chromaEmotesAvailable until April 15, 2019, at 11:59 p.m. PTCats & dogs Emote Bundle750 RPIndividual emotes 350 RP eachBORFDogs vs CatsMine!Ward SkinsCat Lover Ward640 RPDog Lover Ward640 RPLootAvailable until April 15, 2019, in ~ 11:59 p.m. PT1 Furry Capsule + 4 prestige Points750 RPIncludes:3x Skin Shard Rolls guarantee 975+100 Orange Essence4 prestige PointsBONUS:4% possibility to drop Doggie BagGemstone and Mythic Skin long-term drop prices multiplied by 1.5 v three possibilities for each type of dropKitty box (one time purchase)4750 RPIncludes:5 Furry CapsulesBest in show Icon1 guarantee Gemstone25 prestige Points10 Furry Capsules + 1 Doggie Bag + 40 reputation Points7500 RPIncludes:10 complete Furry Capsules1 guaranteed Doggie Bag40 call Points\"

April fools Vs. Event Mission List


Here\"s lytic Mort
with spoilers onfull list of April fools VS. Occasion missions - these will be increase through\"Hello everyone!Here is the complete Mission & Reward list for the April Fools occasion (Ends April 1st 23:59 PST)Cats vs Dogs lineMission 1:The many Serious VS. Yet: success a gameRewards: royal Kitty and Royal Doggo IconsMission 2 - pet Instincts:Win a game: beat a game wearing her Dog icon -OR- play a video game wearing her Cat Icon.At this suggest the courses split based upon if friend didDog symbol orCatIcon.Mission 3(Dog) - good Boyes:Play a game with or against Pug\"maw, Corgi Corki, or Fuzz Fizz -OR- conference the skeleton of 20 opponents (get 20 kills/assists)Mission 3(Cat) - an intricate Felines:Play a video game with or against Meowrick, nice Kitty Rengar, or Meowkai -OR- revolve 20 opponents into litter (get 20 kills/assists)Mission 4(Dog) - Treats? Treats? Treats!:Feed 3 Poros on ARAM -OR- Don\"t share (As a team take under 2 dragons)Mission 4 (Cat) - Food for the Strays:Feed 3 Poros ~ above ARAM -OR- Don\"t share (As a team take down 2 dragonsMission 5(Dog) - destroy the Yard:Dig for bones (Destroy 4 towers together a team) -OR- chase squirrels rather (Kill 1,200 minions as a team)Mission 5 (Cat) - Scratching Posts:Sit on box (Destroy 4 towers as a team) -OR- chase mice instead (Kill 1,200 minions as a team)Mission 6(Dog) - load Life:Play a game as a 5 male premade group -OR- success 2 gamesMission 6 (Cat)- Herding Cats:Play a game as a 5 guy premade team -OR- success 2 games
Mission 1 - The impossible Mission:As Nunu & Willump, reach end 1000 movement speed with their greatest snowball ever! -OR- Fine, don\"t reach light speed (place 3 regulate wards)Mission 2a - You take it the simple path:Do whatever. I don\"t care. (Play a game)Mission 2b - Wait...Do what now?:As a 5 player pre-made, lose a video game of Co-Op vs AIAfter perfect the 5 man lose a game of Co-OpMission 3 - Time come Play her Displacements:As a 5 player pre-made group, beat a game with Singed, Alistar, Volibear, Poppy, and also Blitzcrank on your team

Champion Skins

Five new skins space on display during this occasion -Corgi Corki
,Fuzz Fizzand his call Edition,Meowrick, andPretty Kitty Rengar!

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\"A dog trainer through some impractical ideas around canine aerodynamics, Corki has entered the world\"s foremost pet display with a flight-enabled Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Why has actually he done this? What does he expect to gain? Is he yes, really a Yordle, or just a very small man? These space all crucial questions.\"