It didn"t take long for any kind of of the cast members on Bad girls Club to do an impression, however if we"re gift honest, few of the females made much more of a lasting imprint 보다 others — for far better or worse. While many of the gals have actually turned your wicked means around and also are now, well, former poor girls, there"s no denying that few of the things they"ve done in the past will continue to be with them forever.

The well known Natalie Nunn from Season 4 is currently a mommy to infant girl trip Payne, and also while seeing her little girl walking gets her much more hype 보다 chucking drinks at various other girls now, there"s quiet a naughty next to her. In one interview with WE tv, she admitted, "there’s still some bad girl in me, just depends ~ above the situation. I don’t sit around and argue v girls top top Bad girl Club anymore … however girls execute flirt v Jacob and also that could lug out part inner bad girl in me."

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A write-up shared by Natalie Nunn (

Though she"s relocated on for the most part, the 32-year-old did continue to be in touch with some of her former co-stars. "The only poor Girl i have brought into the next chapter of mine life is Kristen , aka “Blondie,” Lea Lorraine, and also Morgan . Ns still speak to Flo — we have actually moved forward because our last run-in and also things space cool now!"

Plenty that the bad Girls are now moms, company women, and also TV hosts, and we"ve loved seeing them blossom from drama queens and also HBICs to respectable members the society. We"d prefer to think Oxygen gave them one outlet to get their badness out of their system and reform.

Wondering what few of your favourite Bad girls Club ladies are up to now? Scroll under to see, Natalie, Tanisha Thomas, Morgan Osman, and much more of the Oxygen stars today!


Natalie Nunn

The California native"s life is totally different 보다 it was in 2009. After showing up on various other reality reflects such together Hair battle Spectacular, Bad girls All-Star Battle, and most recently, The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition, she acquired married come football player Jacob Payne in 2012. In April of this year, the couple welcomed a daughter named Journey, that took her very first steps top top Feb. 26!


Morgan Osman

During her time on the Bad girl Club, Morgan was recognized as the Uber Bitch, together she never met a struggle she didn"t choose — actually make the love. Due to the fact that leaving the show, the 27-year-old Miami girl managed to continue to make headlines — oddly enough via Britney Spears. In January that this 2017, Morgan was spotted locking lips v Britney"s boy toy, Iranian fitness model Sam Ashgari. Morgan post a (now deleted) picture of her and Sam kissing, and also when human being called she out, she said, "I don"t recognize why everyone is attacking me, Sam Asghari is the cheater. I feel sorry for Britney Spears, she seems choose a an excellent person. I have video clip and images of our real relationship. Britney he is using you." Sounds prefer Morgan.

However, there is a guy in her life, and it appears pretty serious! Morgan is date billionaire Philipp Plein, and also she calls the "the love of she life." if the connection is adorable and also she seems completely obsessed, he did leave his fiancee for she in 2017, therefore the drama simply won"t quit!


Tanisha Thomas

Tanisha has actually long been a pan favorite and it"s simple to see why. She lugged us "pop off," after all. Today, Tanisha is life a really different life than she remained in 2007 if on the show. Because wrapping, she"s gone on to organize the digital talk present OxygenLive!, as well as Love Games: negative Girls require Love Too, a dating game on Oxygen. In 2011, Tanisha wed friend Clive Muir, but sadly, the couple separated two years later. Recently, Tanisha announced the she"s expecting her first child, a little boy due in march 2018!


Zee Carrino

Another memorable member the Bad girl Club, Zee seems to have cleaned up her act a bit. The 26-year-old san Jose aboriginal is currently a mom. She provided birth come the cutest infant boy, Mavvy, in might of 2017, and also from the watch of things, the is she sole focus these days.


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Lea Beaulieu

During she time ~ above BGC, Lea was recognized as the southern Beach Rebel, and also based on she social media pages, she absolutely still marches come the beat of her own drum. Walking by the surname Lea Lucifer Lorraine, the former reality star has amassed end 50,000 followers and posts noþeles from she travels to quotes around Satan come babies! Lea clearly is nothing if not a combined bag.

Julie Ofcharsky

Everyone has actually a nickname ~ above BGC, and also Julie"s to be the The Devious Diva. Among the most memorable stars of Bad girls Club, Julie frequently manipulated people to obtain what she wanted. That said, the Boston aboriginal seems to have actually calmed down because her season. She often articles cute picture of puppies and a couple of babies on her Instagram, and definitely has gotten much more political recently. In enhancement to posting about gun violence and racial issues, she also has a attach to where fans have the right to donate money for hurricane relief in her bio. Classy.