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transporting 231 pounds top top his 6-foot-0 frame, Rhamondre Stevenson is the heaviest running earlier drafted by the brand-new England Patriots under head coach/general manager invoice Belichick. If the fourth-round choice may not stand out because of his speed or elusiveness — that ran just a 4.63 40-yard dash in ~ his agree Day — size and physicality room his defining features.

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In instance that sounds familiar, it is due to the fact that the Patriots have actually rostered a player like that before. Stevenson himself pointed out his name during a post-draft media conference contact when asked around his expertise of new England to run backs past and also present.

“I’m pretty familiar with the running backs, the background of the to run backs the the Patriots had. One that pertains to mind is LeGarrette Blount. I loved his game and loved just how north-and-south of a jogger he was,” the rookie said.

The Stevenson-Blount connection is no difficult one to be made. Because that one, Blount to be a similarly-built player with a skillset additionally built around power quite than quickness: being provided at 6-foot-0 and also 250 pounds in the Patriots’ 2016 media guide, he to be a bruiser through and through.

Running over world or keeping his legs relocating through contact were just two that Blount’s defining traits, though. He also had the patience and also vision to make his format work in the NFL — something the Stevenson has additionally shown during his time in ~ the college of Oklahoma. And also given that he likewise wore the No. 29 jersey Blount donned in brand-new England, that is not difficult to view the to compare on film:


One play per player is literally the the smallest of every sample sizes, but one deserve to see that the 2 backs lug a comparable style to the equation: Stevenson, prefer Blount prior to him, might not it is in the fastest player ~ above the field, yet he has the patience come let his blocks develop and also is not afraid come initiate call when in the open field.

Stevenson’s mindset additionally has some LeGarrette Blount come it.

“I don’t choose to shed yards, so i just try to autumn forward after ~ contact,” he said after acquiring drafted last Saturday.

Blount’s shoes together an early-down back in the new England system are huge ones come fill, though. ~ being acquired via profession from the Tampa just Buccaneers, he spent the majority of four full periods with the team and also appeared in 57 games for the club. Along the way, Blount acquired a combined 3,387 rushing yards and found the end zone 42 times. Most importantly, he aided the team win 2 Super Bowls after ~ the 2014 and 2016 seasons.

As for Stevenson, his focus is no on ending up being Blount 2.0 just yet.

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“I can not wait to just acquire to the NFL and also just learn exactly how to train myself choose a pro, learn the game, discover the install and also just find out from the backs that have been in the NFL,” he said. “They know how it goes, lock have more games in the NFL 보다 me. I’m simply ready come learn and I recognize that Coach will put me in the finest position to execute that and be effective whether that sooner or later.”

The Patriots have actually some heavy early-down backs under contract already in Damien Harris and Sony Michel, yet regardless of as soon as Stevenson will gain his shot the will add some toughness to the offense. And also — who knows? — perhaps he will certainly one day have a comparable impact in brand-new England as Blount even if the is no longer wearing the same jersey number...