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Christopher Columbus do landfall on one island in what is currently the Bahamas top top October 12, 1492, after setup sail from Spain about two month earlier. He continued to check out the Caribbean, overcoming the floor in the name of God, Spain, and also his benefactors, King Ferdinand and also Queen Isabella. Through his journeys, the Italian explorer encountered brand-new cultures, flora and also fauna, and enormous financial potential in the “New World.” noting that occupants of the island wore yellow jewelry, Columbus and his men set out to find gold shop on the island. By the early sixteenth century, the Spanish had worn down most of the gold deposits available through mining techniques of the time, and the indigenous Taino world were decimated by disease, compelled labor, and murder.

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The complying with primary source is a letter written by Christopher Columbus come King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, in which the advised that the Spanish Crown capitalize top top the newfound soil by creating swarms and setup up frameworks for governance, focusing on the island the Hispaniola (Espanola), which is today Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Sourcing QuestionsWho was the writer of this letter?When to be this letter written? How could that have actually influenced the author’s view on the subject?Who to be the audience of this letter? How can that have affected the author’s tone or style?What was the purpose of this letter?

Most High and Mighty Sovereigns,

In obedience to your Highnesses’ commands, and with submission to remarkable judgment, I will certainly say every little thing occurs come me in reference to the colonization and commerce of the Island that Espanola, and also of the various other islands, both those currently discovered and also those that might be found hereafter.

thither (adv): there

In the very first place, together regards the Island that Espanola: Inasmuch together the number of colonists who desire to go thither amounts to two thousand, owing to the floor being more secure and much better for farming and trading, and also because it will certainly serve together a location to which they have the right to return and from which castle can carry on trade through the neighboring islands:

<1>That in the stated island over there shall be founded three or 4 towns, located in the most convenient places, and also that the settlers who are there it is in assigned to the aforesaid places and also towns.

<2> that for the much better and an ext speedy emigration of the said island, no one shall have actually liberty to collection gold in it other than those who have actually taken the end colonists’ papers, and also have built houses for your abode, in the town in which lock are, that they may live united and also in higher safety.

notary public (n): a human authorized come perform specific legal formalities, such as attract up or witness contracts or main documents.

Castile (n): the funding of Spain at the time

<3> the each city shall have its alcalde … and also its notary public, as is the use and custom in Castile.

<4> That there shall it is in a church, and also parish priests or friars to administer the sacraments, come perform divine worship, and for the conversion of the Indians.

<5> that none that the homesteaders shall walk to look for gold without a patent from the governor or alcalde that the town wherein he lives; and that the must an initial take oath to go back to the location whence he sets out, for the objective of registering faithfully every the yellow he may have found, and to return as soon as a month, or once a week, as the moment may have been set for him, to render account and show the quantity of said gold; and that this shall be written down by the notary prior to the aIcalde , or, if it appears better, that a friar or priest, deputed for the purpose, chandelier be also present.

smelt (v): come extract a metal from that ore by utilizing a process of heating and also melting

<6> the all the yellow thus lugged in candlestick be smelted immediately, and stamped v some mark that shall distinguish each town; and also that the part which belonging to your Highnesses shall it is in weighed, and also given and also consigned to each alcalde in his very own town, and registered through the above-mentioned priest or friar, so the it shall no pass v the hands of just one person, and also there shall he no possibility to conceal the truth.

<7> the all gold that might be found without the mark of one of the claimed towns in the possession of any type of one who has actually once registered in accordance v the over order shall it is in taken as forfeited, and that the accuser shall have one section of it and your Highnesses the other.

per centum (n): percent

<8> That one per centum of all the gold that might be found shall be collection aside for building churches and adorning the same, and also for the support of the priests or friars belonging to them; and, if it need to be thought suitable to pay any type of thing come the alcaldes or notaries for their services, or because that ensuring the faithful perforce of your duties, the this amount chandelier be sent out to the governor or treasurer who may be appointed there by her Highnesses.

<9> as regards the division of the gold, and the re-superstructure that ought to be scheduled for your Highnesses, this, in my opinion, need to be left to the aforesaid governor and also treasurer, due to the fact that it will need to be better or less according come the amount of gold that may be found. Or, must it it seems ~ preferable, her Highnesses might, for the room of one year, take one half, and also the collector the other, and also a better arrangement because that the division be make afterward.

<10> that if the said alcaldes or notaries candlestick commit or it is in privy to any kind of fraud, penalty shall be provided, and the same for the homesteaders who shall no have claimed all the gold they have.

<11> That in the stated island over there shall be a treasurer, v a clerk to help him, that shall obtain all the gold belonging to her Highnesses, and the alcaldes and notaries that the towns shall each store a record of what they deliver to the stated treasurer.

<12> As, in the eagerness to obtain gold, every one will certainly wish, naturally, to connect in its search in preference to any kind of other employment, it seems to me that the privilege the going come look for gold ought to be withheld during some portion of each year, the there might be opportunity to have the other service necessary because that the island performed.

liberality (n): in this context, the high quality of approving permission more freely

<13> In regard to the exploration of new countries, i think permission must be granted come all that wish to go, and more liberality used . . . Make the taxes easier, in part fair way, in order that countless may it is in disposed to walk on voyages.

. . . Ns beg your Highnesses to organize me in her protection; and I remain, praying our mr God for her Highnesses’ lives and the rise of much higher States.

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Comprehension QuestionsHow are towns to be populated in Columbus’s plan for colonies?What cultural purpose of emigration does Columbus to mark here?According to Columbus’s description, what is among the key purposes of administer the colonies?According to this passage, what are Columbus’s priorities?How does Columbus propose that a “gold rush” it is in prevented on the island? Why could a gold rush be bad?How does Columbus feel about the continuation of trips to discover new lands?Historical reasoning Questions

Directions: prize the adhering to questions come prepare because that a Paideia Seminar conversation on Christopher Columbus. Friend should be able to support her answers with evidence from the text. Every students space responsible for sharing their brief answers come the round Robin questions.

Round Robin: Which word or expression from the text best represents European motivation for trying out the “New World”?Which line from the text best represents the religious motivations for developing colonies?Which heat from the text ideal represents the political motivations for establishing colonies?What economic purposes go the island of Hispaniola offer for colonists?What duty does religion play in creating colonies?Describe the political frameworks that Columbus recommends. What does this say about his, and also his audience’s, interests in the island the Hispaniola?If Columbus landing in the Caribbean, why is he commemorated in the united States?How go Columbus’s plan for colonization affect existing populations and structures of society organization?How would Columbus’s voyage and what the encountered in the new World influence other europe countries?How would the connection between Europe and the Americas adjust the ameri culturally, socially, and/or economically?How would certainly the connection in between Europe and the Americas adjust Europe culturally, socially, and/or economically?Should Columbus’s actions it is in celebrated? If so, to what extent and in what ways?Closing ring Robin: Should Christopher Columbus have his own nationwide holiday in the unified States? Why or why not?

Letter from Christopher Columbus come King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, 1494: