He went from a potential life time with Lil’ Kim come an assured life time behind bars.

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​Notorious ​Bed​ford​-Stuy​vesant​ medicine kingpin Damion “World” Hardy, 40, to be banished to prison for the rest of his days​ top top ​Monday together with his remorseless hit man.

Hardy, who once luxuriated in a new Jersey mansion v the rapper at the apex that his illicit power, to be convicted critical month that a slew of commonwealth raps consisting of six slayings.

The previous leader of the “Cash Money Brothers” crew operated out of the Lafayette Gardens real estate project and also drew incentive from the ruthless strategies of the eponymous gang from the classic 1990s cracked flick “New Jack City.”

The​ Brooklyn federal ​courtroom gallery to be packed through the seething family members of the guys Hardy notified henchman Aaron “Ebay” Granton come kill.

While Granton slouched disinterestedly and also occasionally nodded off together she spoke, the daughter of among his victim cursed him after reading a statement.

“F—-​g​ bitch,” Epiphany Baum claimed as her father’s killer looked away.

Baum’s brother, Darryl Baum, was when a bodyguard for previous heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. He was additionally murdered at Hardy’s behest in 2000.

That slaying sparked shared threats that violence in between the Bed-Stuy medicine boss and the Brownsville boxer that never materialized.

A weeping sister the Baum’s called the court that Hardy was just an insecure coward who eliminated to sate his delicate ego.

“I feeling you are an extremely dangerous, selfish, vicious, disloyal and insecure soul who killed since it empowered you,” Zakiya Baum​ ​said through tears.

The previous star the the now defunct TLC display “Starter Wives,” Baum additionally has a kid with Brooklyn rapper Maino.

Hardy was reportedly engaged to Lil’ Kim prior to his psychological state plummeted after a pilgrimage to the center East. His attorneys argued that he to be mentally not suitable to was standing trial after ~ a schizophrenia diagnosis but Judge freder Block considered him simply sane sufficient to challenge a jury.

Previously susceptible to loud outbursts in court, hardy was heavily medicated during the proceeding and also looked ~ above in a daze Monday.

Given the chance to speak, he offered no remorse throughout a one-sentence statement. “I am 100 percent, totally innocent,” he stated as audience members grumbled.

Granton readily available a faint apology before blasting the family members of his victims together hypocrites. The murderer argued that they every benefited indigenous the medicine operation when it was riding high during the so late ’90s.

“All y’all stood around me and also ate candies out of my pocket,” Granton claimed with a toothless snarl.

“Sit down!” yelled one male in the audience.

“We didn’t death nobody!” stated another.

Block made the obligated sentence official and also reminded the court the the men had actually once challenged the fatality sentence and were lucky to escape v their lives.

“The jury can well have implemented a fatality penalty in this case,” Block said.

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The proceeding complete, the doomed gangsters turned and smiled at their smattering that supporters as the opposite next of the collection exploded in applause.