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"All my Life" is a hit track written by Karla Bonoff and also originally carry out by Bonoff on her 1988 album, new World. The following year, Linda Ronstadt and also Aaron Neville performed the track as a duet top top Ronstadt"s triple platinum-certified 1989 album Cry prefer a Rainstorm, Howl like the Wind; this to be the second an international hit indigenous Ronstadt and also Neville. The song was released as a solitary in at an early stage 1990 and hit number 1 top top the Billboard Adult modern chart (where it organized for 3 weeks) and also number 11 on both the Cash Box peak 100 and the Billboard warm 100 chart. the was another international hit because that the duo. It got to #10 in Canada and Ireland. Due to radio airplay, the track was currently in the optimal 10 that Billboard"s Adult contemporary chart (which monitors airplay only)."All my Life" winner the compensation for finest Pop power by a Duo or group with Vocal at the 1991 Grammy Awards.more »

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Am i really right here in her armsIts similar to I dreamed it would beI feel like we"re frozen in timeAnd you"re the just one I deserve to seeHey, I"ve looked all my Life because that youAnd currently you"re hereHey, I"ve spent All mine Life with youAll my LifeAnd I never really knew just how to loveI just hoped in which method I"d seeAsked for a little help from aboveSend the angel down to meHey, I"ve looked every my Life for youAnd currently you"re hereHey, I"ve spent All my Life through youAll my LifeI never ever thought the I might feel a love therefore tenderI never ever thought I can let those feelings showBut now my love is on my sleeveand this love will never ever leaveI knowI knowHey, I"ve looked every my Life because that youAnd now you"re hereHey, I"ve spent All my Life with youAll mine LifeAll mine LifeHey, I"ve looked every my Life because that youAnd currently you"re hereHey, I"ve invested All my Life with youAll mine Life

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Aaron Neville Aaron Neville (born January 24, 1941, brand-new Orleans, Louisiana) is an American soul and R&B, and country singer and also musician. He has had four top-20 access time in the United states (including three that saw number one top top Billboard"s adult modern-day chart and also one that went to number one ~ above the R&B chart) together with four platinum-certified albums. The has additionally recorded with his brother Art, Charles and also Cyril together The Neville Brothers and also is the father of singer/keyboards player Ivan Neville.

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Of combined African American and Native American heritage, his music also features Cajun and also Creole influences. An ext »