On December 10, 2005, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood to be married, and also instantly become one of nation music’s power couples. All of this years later, and also Garth and Trisha are still one of the most-talked around couples in nation music.

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The duo has actually performed v one another many time in the past, and also released their first album together in November 2016. dubbed Christmas Together, the album functions Garth and Trisha’s renditions the beloved vacation classics. The topped the country charts following its release, additional proving your power pair status.

During many of your interviews end the years, Garth and Trisha have been more than happy to gush about one another’s talents. Garth describes Trisha together “The Queen,” and also the nickname has actually stuck so fine that various other artists also referred to her therefore at the 2016 CMA Awards.

Garth and Trisha’s affection because that one an additional is clear, and it mirrors through in everything they do. So to celebrate the love the these two share, we’ve gathered up some of their many adorable moments that have ever before been captured on camera. 

1. Once They commemorated A “Marshmallow” Christmas

Every year, world young and also old look forward to Disney’s Magical holiday Celebration. The display is constantly filled through fun performances from few of music’s biggest stars, together with plenty that Disney magic.

For the 2016 production, Garth and Trisha were invite to come and also perform one of the songs turn off of Christmas Together. They picked the sugary tune “A Marshmallow World,” and their power was as well sweet to handle.

Just one look at the smiles on Garth and Trisha’s encounters as lock sang is sufficient to make anyone blush. Seriously, have actually you viewed a duet much more adorable than this?

2. As soon as Garth had actually A Texas-Size Birthday surprised For Trisha

Like he did the year prior, Garth had actually surprise in store for Trisha’s birthday, this time during one of their World Tour concerts in Texas in 2015.

The cake and tiara theme from 2014 lugged over, v Garth as soon as again placing a tiara on Trisha’s head after that led the vast Texas crowd in singing “Happy Birthday.”

Garth also surprised Trisha v a big bouquet of flowers, i m sorry she hosted in her arms as Garth and also the group sang to her. Then, while placing the tiara on Trisha’s head, Garth thanked Trisha because that being there, to express his track “Friends In low Places” in the process.

I just want come tell you exactly how much i love you and how much I give thanks to you for spending her birthday with most likely the best friends in short places that you will certainly have,” he said.

After Trisha thanked the audience, she pulled Garth in for an affectionate kiss, lot to the joy of the crowd.

3. As soon as They Performed classic Country Duets during The CMAs

The 2016 CMA Awards to be all around celebrating nation music’s history. Together the 50th anniversary of the CMAs, the ceremony was packed complete of tributes to nation music greats.

Everything about the show was kept pretty hush hush, however fans knew from beforehand that Garth and Trisha would perform.

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bit by bit, we learned that the couple was in fee of singing few of the greatest classic country songs and duets of all time.

Garth and also Trisha sang everything from Conway Twitty and also Loretta Lynn‘s “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man,” come Johnny and June Carter Cash‘s “Jackson,” together you view in the clip above. Your performance to be highly-praised, and it’s no surprised why. These two are electric whenever castle share the stage!

But beyond their vocal talents, this minute perfectly denote the lover nature that the couple’s relationship. Honestly, does it get any more romantic 보다 singing standard country duets v the one girlfriend love?

It was fairly the difficulty to narrow down this list, because Garth and also Trisha have actually shared so plenty of sweet moment together. Yet out of everything we included here, which moment was your favorite?

We’d prefer to great Garth and also his “Queen” many more years of happiness together!