Felipe through of Spain

This timeline details every Kings and Queens of Spain from 1479 to present day.

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Prior come 1479 the separate areas of Spain: Aragon, Asturias, Castile, Galicia, Leon and also Navarre had their very own kings and queens and were live independence of every other. Progressively these areas were dominated by Castile or Aragon. After 1479 the houses of Castile and also Aragon to be jointly ruled marking the beginning of the Kingdom the Spain. They stayed separate entities until 1716.
Daughter of john II that Castile and Isabella of PortugalMarried Ferdinand that AragonUnited Spain under joint rule with Ferdinand of Aragon
Son of man II that Aragon and Juana EnriquezMarried Isabella of CastileUnited Spain under joint ascendancy with Isabella that Castile
Daughter of Ferdinand of Aragon and also Isabella the CastileMarried Philip of BurgundyJoanna never ruled, due, it to be said, to her madness. Instead her husband, father and also son ruled as regents because that her.
Son of Joanna the Castile and Philip that BurgundyMarried Isabella of PortugalWas co-ruler through his mom Joanna till her death in April 1555. Was elected Charles V holy Roman Emperor in 1519. Abdicated the throne in favour of his son in January 1556.
Son the Charles I and Isabella of PortugalMarried 1 Maria the Portugal 2. Mar I the England 3. Elisabeth that Valois 4. Anne of AustriaSent an armada come England come avenge the death of mary Queen of Scots and also return England come Catholicism.
Son of Philip II and also Anne that AustriaMarried Margaret of AustriaWas known as Philip the Pious. Took Spain right into the Thirty years War.
Son that Philip III and also Margaret the AustriaMarried 1. Elisabeth that France 2. Mariana of AustriaPhilip was a lover the the arts and supported the Spanish artist Velazquez. The Spanish realm had started to decline due come his no implementing reforms.
Son the Philip IV and Mariana the AustriaMarried 1. Marie Louise d’Orleans 2. Maria Anna that NeuburgCharles suffered from multiple disabilities. He ended up being King at the age of three and his mom acted as regent. After ~ her fatality Charles ruled alone but was greatly influenced through advisers. The did not have children and also nominated his sister’s grandson, Philip to it is in his successor.
Son of Louis, Dauphin of France and Maria Anna Victoria the BavariaMarried 1. Maria Luisa of Savoy 2. Elisabeth FarneseHe was nominated together heir come the childless Philip V but his younger brothers Charles tested his succession. This caused the war of the Spanish Succession. In 1714 it to be agreed the Philip would be King. That abdicated the throne in favour that his son, louis in 1724.
Son the Philip V and Maria Luisa of SavoyMarried Louise Elisabeth that OrleansDied that smallpox 7 months after becoming King. He had no youngsters so his father changed as King
Son that Louis, Dauphin the France and also Maria Anna Victoria that BavariaMarried 1. Maria Luisa the Savoy 2. Elisabeth FarnesePhilip had abdicated the throne in favour the his boy Louis. After Louis died of smallpox without an heir, he retook the throne.
Son of Philip V and also Maria Luisa that SavoyMarried Barbara that PortugalBecame King ~ the death of his father. Passed away without kids so the crown passed come his half-brother.
Son the Philip V and also Elisabeth FarneseMarried Maria Amalia the SaxonyCharles to be a enlightened king and advocated science and learning and encouraging trade.
Son that Charles III and Maria Amalia the SaxonyMarried Maria Luisa that ParmaBecame King instead of his elder brother who had actually learning difficulties and epilepsy. Was required to abdicate in favour of his son complying with riots.
Son that Charles III and Maria Amalia of SaxonyMarried 1. Maria Antonia of neapolitan 2. Maria Isabel the Braganza 3. Maria Josepha of saxony 4. Maria Christina of the two SiciliesTook the throne native his father after seeking support from Napoleon. He subsequently was required to abdicate by Napoleon that did no trust him.
Son that Carlo Bonaparte (brother that Napoleon) and Letizia Ramolino Married Julie ClaryWas installed as King the Spain through his brothers Napoleon who did no trust Ferdinand VII. The meeting was not renowned with the Spanish and marked the start of the Peninsular War against Napoleon. The abdicated in 1813 after the French defeat at the fight of Vitoria.
Son that Charles III and also Maria Amalia the SaxonyMarried 1. Maria Antonia of naples 2. Maria Isabel that Braganza 3. Maria Josepha of saxony 4. Maria Christina of the 2 SiciliesReturned as King after the abdication of Joseph Bonaparte.
Daughter of Ferdinand VII and also Maria Christina the the 2 SiciliesMarried Francis fight it out of CadizShe became Queen at 3 years old. Her power was no popular and also she to be deposed in 1868 and exiled come France.
After Isabella II was deposed Spain was ruled through a provisional government and regency led by Francisco Serrano y Dominiguez.
Son that Victor Emmanuel II that Italy and also Adelaide the Austria (Great great grandson the Charles III)Married Maria Vittoria dal Pozzo 2. Maria Letizia BonaparteWas preferred to be King of Spain through the Cortes however there were continual rebellions versus his dominance so he abdicated and also returned come Italy.
Spain to be proclaimed a republic and a brand-new constitution was drawn up. However, different factions did not agree and also the country ended up being unstable v civil war breaking out. Through 1874 the federal government had collapsed and also the monarchy to be restored.
Son that Isabella II and also Francis that CadizMarried 1. Mercedes of orleans 2. Maria Christina of AustriaBecame King ~ the monarchy was restored. At the moment of his death his wife was pregnant through their kid Alfonso.
Posthumous son of Alfonso XII and Maria Christina the AustriaMarried Victoria Eugenie that BattenbergWas King native birth and his mom acted as regent until he come of age. His reign was fraught v rebellions. A plebiscite was held to decide in between monarchy and republic. After the election chose to make Spain a republic, Alfonso left Spain voluntarily.
The 2nd Spanish republic was asserted after Alfonso XIII was deposed. However, the country was not secure as both the Republicans and Nationalists want control. This at some point led come the outbreak the the Spanish Civil war in 1936 as soon as the Nationalists proclaimed general Francisco Franco together leader of Spain. The battle was won in 1939 through the Nationalists.
General Francisco Franco was claimed leader of Spain through Nationalists in 1936. After winning the Spanish Civil war he rule Spain together a dictatorship till his death in 1975.

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Son the Juan, count of Barcelona and also Maria de ras Mercedes of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (Grandson of Alfonso XIII)Married Sophia the Greece and DenmarkBecame King after ~ the fatality of basic Franco in 1975. Abdicated in favour the his kid in 2014.
Son of Juan Carlos and Maria de ras MercedesMarried Letizia Ortiz RocasolanoBecame King after his father abdicated in his favour in 2014.