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The adventures the the Ingalls Family proceed in Season 7 of “Little residence on the Prairie.” The original episodes aired from September 22, 1980, to might 11, 1981.

In Season 7, readjust is in the air! Laura and also Almanzo say, “I do.” Adam’s vision returns and also he and Mary open a legislation practice. Laura begins teaching. Nellie’s pregnant ignites a dispute. Albert’s love because that Sylvia stirs rumors. The Ingalls think about adoption. These and many other interesting adventures continue through the seventh season the “Little residence on the Prairie.”


For the first time due to the fact that their original TV broadcast, all twenty-four Season 7 episodes room presented complete and uncut and newly revitalized and remastered because that optimal snapshot and sound quality! In this ultimate Season 7 episode guide, you will do it relive all of the heartwarming adventures and also learn some brand-new facts follow me the way. Few of our favorite facts and also tidbits come from Alison Arngrim’s autobiography and Melissa Gilbert’s memoir. Listed below is a finish index with links to the Season 7 episodes:

Season 7, illustration 1 – Laura Ingalls Wilder Pt. 1

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Description:Almanzo is passionate to begin building a house for himself and his fiancé Laura top top the item of land he freshly purchased. He rental his girlfriend Harve fearbut to aid him with his crop and to assist take treatment of Eliza Jane’s house. Eliza Jane creates a fondness for Harve – feelings can not it is in mutual. Meanwhile, Laura is offered a teaching project at a faraway school.

Fun Fact!While talk to Laura about “giving up details dreams,” when you gain married, Caroline mentions that there were points she wanted to do, like proceeding to teach. However, she couldn’t since she had actually her new married life to emphasis on. This doesn’t match up v what she told mary in Season 3’s “I’ll journey the Wind,” as soon as she declared that she didn’t mental the girl she to be or the desires she had before meeting Charles.

Did girlfriend know?In the scene right after Harriet faints in Church, we check out the congregation leaving. Eliza mrs is go arm-in-arm through Harv. Provided the method the small town of Walnut Grove typically is, it’s strange the nobody noticed this and also thought it to be odd the Eliza woman suddenly had actually a beau. In ~ the really least, you’d think that gossipmonger Harriet Oleson would have spread that information about as quickly as possible.

More Trivia!This season clues Laura’s decision to ditch her braids for good and wear she hair in a bun. That is also the very first time small Carrie begins wearing braids. She constantly used to wear that down, like Mary, however now that Laura has actually grown up and has acquired rid of her braids, it appears that Carrie is stepping up together the Ingalls family’s small schoolgirl.

Season 7, illustration 2 – Laura Ingalls Wilder Pt. 2

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Description:Almanzo’s dreams of building a residence do not go as planned, forcing him come postpone the wedding until he deserve to get earlier on his feet. Laura says an idea for them to earn some money, yet it at some point drives a wedge right into their relationship.

Fun Fact!When Charles and Almanzo are eating together during lunch break, Charles speak him the positive way “wrong at the optimal of her voice.” This was the second time this expression was supplied on the show. The very first instance was throughout Season 5’s “The Lake Kezia Monster” between Kezia and also Reverend Alden.

Did girlfriend know?Albert and also the rest of the children are absent because Charles and Caroline had gone come visit Adam and Mary for your anniversary. Laura and Almanzo drove up to tell them they were obtaining married. Castle decided, spur that the moment, to acquire married right then.

More Trivia!Laura claims that school is out for the mid-year break, and she will begin teaching in Radner in a couple of weeks. This leads united state to think that it’s winter break. Laura and Almanzo obtain married on the same day that Laura was claimed to go to Radner come teach. The difficulty is that later on in the episode, that is stated that Laura and also Almanzo gain married on Mary and Adam’s anniversary, i beg your pardon is on respectable 15, as stated in Season 5’s “The Wedding.” How can the wedding date be respectable 15 if the mid-year rest is simply ending?

Season 7, illustration 3 – A new Beginning

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Description:Jonathan and Andy Garvey move to Sleepy Eye in a quest to rebuild their lives.

Fun Fact!Right before Patrick Labyorteaux (Andrew) it s okay assaulted, you deserve to hear that whistling, “Oh! Susanna.” He also sang this track with Laura, Mary, and Carrie in Season 4’s “The Wolves” when they to be in a dreadful situation.

Did friend know?Even despite it’s been a while because Alice Garvey died, this is the very first time due to the fact that that horrific Season 6 episode, “May us Make lock Proud,” that we watch Jonathan and also Andy talk around it and grieve together. In fact, once Alice died, Jonathan was an extremely standoffish and also didn’t do lot to help his young son through the tragedy. This have the right to be counted as the very first time the they really let it every out.

Season 7, illustration 4 – hit Team Fight!

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Description:A previous football star settles earlier into his childhood town of Walnut Grove with his wife and also son, and also he reflects an energetic interest in coaching the boys’ football team. Return his intentions room good, he end up overexerting the children with lengthy practices and also a approach that values winning at every costs.

Fun Fact!In this episode, touchdowns space worth 6 points. However in Season 5’s “The Winoka Warriors,” touchdowns are only worth 2 points. Furthermore, this episode’s game allows field goals and also extra points, i beg your pardon were no a component of the video game in “The Winoka Warriors.”

Did friend know?Walnut Grove now has actually a boys’ soccer team, but Albert deserve to be heard discussing that it provided to be fun once they did it last year. However, there to be absolutely no indication that the town ever had a team before.

Season 7, episode 5 – The silent Cry

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Description:Two young brothers, deserted by your parents and also desperately make the efforts to continue to be together, run away from the Sleepy Eye orphanage on the night of the adoption that will separate them. They then uncover an unlikely allied in grumpy old handyman, Houston Lamb.

Fun Fact!In the end, once Adam is talking to Houston, the old male hurries out. Adam turns and also seems to monitor him with his eyes. It’s brief, and also Adam could have been utilizing his hearing. Judge because that yourself.

Did girlfriend know?This episode has the precise same storyline native Bonanza, Season 14 episode 10, “The Sound of Sadness,” i beg your pardon was also written and directed by Michael Landon.

Season 7, illustration 6 – Portrait the Love

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Description:Believing that she was exit at one orphanage together a child since she was losing her sight, remote artist Annie Crane angrily refuses her seriously ill bear mother’s request to accomplish her.

Fun Fact!The i Reverend Alden reads together his benediction is Psalm 1:1-2.

Did girlfriend know?Annie knows how to paint landscapes accurately since she went blind just as a toddler. Yet the portrait she paints that herself and her birth mother at the finish is impossible: she has actually no idea what she birth mommy looked like countless years later, and no idea what she herself thrived up to look like.

Season 7, illustration 7 – Divorce, Walnut Grove Style

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Description:Newlyweds Laura and Almanzo have actually been having some fairly harmless disagreements lately, but it will a whole brand-new level once Laura suspects the he’s cheating on her, climate decides to leave him. Elsewhere, Charles is the proud owner of a beautiful new glass window, however installing the is a little more difficult than that anticipated.

Fun Fact!When Almanzo runs into Brenda Sue because that the very an initial time, he offers her a perfect normal, “Hello, exactly how are friend doing?” that goes on come say that he hasn’t seen her in months. It to be clear that Brenda Sue was an unanticipated out-of-town visitor in this episode. If an old friend walked approximately you out of the blue after ~ all the time, wouldn’t you it is in surprised to check out them? The way Almanzo greeted her, you would have thought the he witnessed her every day of his life.

Did you know?When Laura states to Brenda Sue, “No, friend witch! I found out!” and pushes her down, you deserve to see that Melissa Gilbert (Laura) is top top the brink that laughter, but they cut the camera far from her confront just in time.

More Trivia!Notice the black, jagged imprints of dirt that space caked top top Laura’s face when Caroline pulls her away from Brenda Sue after your fistfight. Those point out are much lighter and also positioned in different way in the following scene once Laura and also Caroline space talking in the restaurant kitchen.

Season 7, episode 8 – Dearest Albert, I’ll miss You

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Description:To sharpen writing skills and increase cultural awareness in she classroom, Laura arranges for her students to correspond with children from other areas. Albert connects automatically with his pen pal, but as it transforms out, they room both going to unhealthy lengths to impress each other in their letters.

Fun Fact!Most people did not have a picture of us and almost never had copies made the the one picture they can have had. The Bartons may seem well-off, however even wealthy civilization didn’t generally have duplicates made. The is less realistic, then, that Leslie would be able to send a copy of a picture to Albert, or the Albert would be able to afford a picture of his “team” come send come her.

Did girlfriend know?In this episode, the newly-married Laura becomes Walnut Grove’s recent teacher. However, females at the time were generally barred from to teach after marriage. In fact, the actual Laura Ingalls Wilder never ever taught school again after ~ marrying Almanzo on respectable 25, 1885. This TV series depicted many married ladies teaching: Laura, Alice Garvey, and even Harriet and also Caroline for temporary periods of time. Miss out on Beadle, too, kept teaching because that a while after she was married and also pregnant.

More Trivia!This illustration is set in the 1880s, and also Leslie is apparently playing basketball. However, James Naismith didn’t design the sport until 1893. The genuine Laura Ingalls Wilder would have been 26 year old.

Season 7, illustration 9 – The In-laws

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Description:Charles and Almanzo increase their organization by delivering goods to Sleepy Eye. After ~ arguing around the quickest means to gain there, they decision to make it a race, i m sorry produces interesting results.

Fun Fact!Since the wager is to check out who can get to Sleepy Eye the fastest, it seems that Charles won due to the fact that he come first. He may not have acquired there by noon, however he did beat Almanzo. Why Charles had actually to buy Almanzo supper, then, is a mystery.

Favorite Quote!Kavendish: “Listen, if there was a shorter means to Sleepy Eye, why ain’t over there no road?”Charles Ingalls: “You sound choose my wife.”Kavendish: “I’m surprised a man other like you could be married… to anybody through sense…”

Season 7, illustration 10 – To watch the irradiate Pt. 1

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Description:A freak accident endangers Adam’s life, yet when the wakes up, that realizes the his eyesight has actually returned. Everyone is thrilled for him, however Mary becomes involved when that decides to give up his to teach career and pursue another lifelong dream. Meanwhile, Harriet is identified to lose a couple of pounds after her son-law makes some negative comments about her weight.

Fun Fact!Harriet and also Nels speak they very own their town’s phone call system. However, this was not feasible in the 1880’s. Little towns go not have switchboards or telephone solution until after ~ 1893 as soon as Alexander Graham Bell’s patents expired.

Did friend know?When Harriet is in the pantry at the restaurant, she picks a doughnut increase from a offer platter and puts she tongue top top it before deciding versus eating it. But instead that throwing the away, she place it ago on the bowl of doughnuts in the pantry wherein it will certainly inevitably be served to a customer.

More Trivia!In this episode, ~ Adam regains his sight, that is oblivious to Mary’s feelings because that a lengthy time. You would certainly think he’d have an ext sensitivity around it. When the tables were turned in Season 5’s “The Enchanted Cottage” and also Mary to be the one who had actually a chance at obtaining her eyesight back, Adam had feelings that inadequacy about it.

Season 7, episode 11 – To check out the irradiate Pt. 2

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Description:As his heart swells with hope because that a regulation career, Adam top to Minneapolis because that the huge exam, but nothing appears to walk his way once he come there. Will achieving his dream prove come be more than he can handle after all? back in Walnut Grove, Harriet struggles with her diet, and also Nels believes that a visit from she thin, beautiful cousin Miriam will certainly motivate her to stick with it.

Fun Fact!When mar puts an emotional plea forward to the professor, it is an extremely weak. If she had actually said the Adam was unable to attend because of circumstances past his control, such together the mugging and the illness, that would have been a far better case.

Did friend know?In the final scene, Harriet tells Miriam that they will be having actually Waldorf Salad for lunch. This appears unlikely, since Waldorf Salad wasn’t designed until 1893.

Season 7, illustration 12 – Oleson versus Oleson

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Description:A woman activist come in Walnut Grove to encourage the males to share equal home rights through their wives. After getting into a substantial fight around it through her husband, Harriet Oleson goes to live at the hotel. Problem worsen once Caroline decides to follow Harriet’s lead, setup off a firestorm the threatens even the town’s most close-knit families.

Fun Fact!In the scene wherein all the men have actually gathered in the church, you watch Mr. Foster hold his pair girls. Apparently, there is a stain on among the dresses, so someone speak Mr. Foster that warm water will take the stain right out. In reality though, cold water clears stains whereas warm water just sets them.

Did friend know?In the scene whereby Charles is trying desperately to feeding a crying Grace, listen very closely for as soon as he says, “Come on, you re welcome eat. Dad made it. Pa do it.” it is an extremely surprising that this do the last cut. Words “Daddy” was never used on the show; it was always Pa, Papa, or Father. Calling her father “Dad” or “Daddy” was no a typical practice throughout that time period.

More Trivia!When Laura desires Charles and also Caroline to fulfill at the church to shot to work-related out your dispute, she go to she parents’ house and also enters the barn if Charles is milking the cow. Charles wishes her a an excellent morning. Laura asks Charles to meet Caroline at the church at 2:00 pm. Charles instantly quits in the middle of milking because he desires to obtain cleaned up. If Charles to plan to satisfy Caroline in ~ 2:00 pm, why is the in a hurry to to wash up if it to be still morning?

Season 7, episode 13 – Come, let Us reason Together

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Description:When Percival’s parental Benjamin and Edna arrive for a visit, Harriet and Benjamin clash over their grandchild’s religious upbringing. Nellie’s joyous pregnant is tainted by the acrimony, but the families eventually reach an unusual agreement.

Fun Fact!In the scene wherein the Oleson’s, Nellie, Percival, and his parental are getting ready come sit down to dinner at the restaurant, Benjamin says: “Not pork chops, i hope?” and also Percival says, “No, Papa. Small ham.” the is against Jewish practice to have actually pork of any type of kind. That includes ham. Michael Landon, being Jewish himself, should have known the and changed the script to have them eat something else, favor chicken.

Did girlfriend know?When Alison Arngrim (Nellie) walk a commentary for this episode on the Season 7 DVD set, she available some exciting trivia. Follow to Jewish tradition, a brand-new father does not have call with the mam for 1-2 months, depending on whether the infant is a boy or girl. In this episode, we view Percival and also Nellie snuggling and also kissing shortly after the birth. Percival clear isn’t complying with that custom.

Season 7, episode 14 – The Nephews

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Description:While Almanzo is eager to begin a family with Laura, she is not ready to provide up her teaching career simply yet. The is established to readjust Laura’s mind, for this reason he offers to treatment for his brother Royal’s 2 young young while he and his wife space on vacation. This proves to be an unfortunate mistake.

Fun Fact!In this episode, Royal has actually two sons and no daughters. A season and also a fifty percent later, in Season 9’s “Times space Changing,” Royal comes to Walnut Grove v one daughter and no sons. Almanzo states it’s been ten years since he last saw Royal, and Laura means that she’s never ever met royal before.

Did girlfriend know?Notice the scene wherein the boys space throwing food at dinner, and Laura bring away them and also takes castle upstairs. Once she first lunges in ~ them, you have the right to tell that Melissa Gilbert, who plays Laura, is laughing as soon as she’s an alleged to be furious.

More Trivia!Royal tries to bribe the guys to be an excellent by providing them an Indian head nickel, which is a “buffalo nickel.” Those weren’t issued till 1913.

Season 7, illustration 15 – make a Joyful Noise

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Description:Former boxer Joe kagan moves come Sleepy Eye and also offers his help with the maintenance of the blind institution while Adam and Houston space out that town. Joe is clearly in love through Hester Sue, however she refuses to gain involved. Later, when she is unable to get through to a struggling student, Hester Sue concerns her to teach abilities and also ends increase making some foolish choices.

Fun Fact!When Moses Gunn very first appears together boxer Joe ka in Season 4’s “The Fighter,” Ketty Lester theatre his long-suffering wife, Janie. Ms. Lester later on debuts as Hester Sue Terhune in Season 5’s “Blind Journey” and plays this character for the remainder of the series.

Did girlfriend know?At the wedding, Hertzell, his finest man, and also the organist are all put on suits from the early on 1980s.

More Trivia!When Hester Sue find Joe Kagan paint her bedroom, she walks the end without closeup of the door the door. Yet us hear the door slam.

Season 7, illustration 16 – Goodbye, Mrs. Wilder

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Description:Laura resigns native her to teach position once she is forced to combine French and also art appreciation into the curriculum. Mrs. Oleson takes over the position and also begins to alter the classroom instruction, when Laura struggles to accept her function as a full time housewife. The students, meanwhile, are frustrated with their new teacher and also hatch a arrangement to get things earlier to normal.

Fun Fact!At the start of this episode, Laura is teaching the college student about new York City. She is relenten the 5 separate boroughs and also mentions that the Brooklyn bridge is tho under construction. Suspect this episode takes location in one of two people 1884 or 1885, both of this descriptions room inaccurate. At that time, the bridge was currently complete, and the 5 boroughs of brand-new York hadn’t yet come to be merged.

Did friend know?Albert is generally a top student, however he renders a really poor reflecting in this episode. It’s more than reasonable to assume he just didn’t want to discover from Mrs. Oleson after she took end the class, however he likewise wasn’t also able come answer Laura’s questions at an early stage in the episode. Where’s the smart, doctor-bound Albert we know?

More Trivia!When Mrs. Oleson needs that the youngsters wear uniforms, they all have them on Mrs. Oleson’s first day i m sorry is the exact same day ~ Laura quits. Exactly how do all those kids get those uniforms in less than 24 hours? It’s very unlikely that Mrs. Oleson would have stocked such a huge quantity of school uniforms in the store. Second, according to Laura in an earlier scene, many of the school children come indigenous “desperately poor families” yet they all have actually those high-quality uniforms the very next day. In a course that large, it’s amazing that none of the parents objected come this.

Season 7, episode 17 – Sylvia Pt. 1

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Description:An attractive, however painfully insecure teenage girl called Sylvia becomes the victim that a violent rapist. As she encounters her domineering father and also attempts to save her mystery at school, Albert serves together an unexpected resource of comfort for her. A romance soon blossoms and every is well till Sylvia is revealed to be pregnant.

Fun Fact!Doc Baker tells Sylvia’s father the she is pregnant even though that is a taboo word that was rarely spoken until after human being War II.

Did girlfriend know?It is exceptional how frequently they present the telephone being used. Realistically, farm communities at the time had actually no telephone organization whatsoever. Also though the call was designed by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, it was not legally well-known until the 1890s.

Season 7, illustration 18 – Sylvia Pt. 2

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Description:Rumors fly roughly town the Albert is the father of Sylvia’s unborn child. Despite Mr. Webb’s threaten objections, the young couple continues to accomplish secretly and grow in their affection for one another. Albert becomes a resource of solace in Sylvia’s life, however he is not able to defend her from the danger rapist, who cons one unsuspecting Albert into informing that of Sylvia’s whereabouts.

Fun Fact!Charles gets mad at Albert for talking around marrying Sylvia because Albert is just 14 year old. But in the Season 3 episode “I’ll drive the Wind,” Charles states Mary can acquire married a year and a fifty percent from the point. She would only have actually been 15 year old. Charles does no mind mary talking about marriage at age 13, but acts together if Albert is method too young at age 14.

Favorite Quote!Caroline Ingalls: “Mrs. Oleson, top top Sunday I will go to church. And I will certainly ask God to forgive me because that this.” Caroline Ingalls: “But come tell friend the truth, i think the good Lord would have actually done the very same thing!”Caroline Ingalls: “I’ll be back in 15 minutes. Make certain your mother’s gone.”

Season 7, episode 19 – blind Justice

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Description:Adam is dazzling to it is in a lawyer, but is unable to discover a job. Through no other options available, the decides to leaving the blind college in Hester Sue’s hands, pack up through Mary, and also become Walnut Grove’s very very first lawyer. His first client is Edgar Mills, a guy who appears to have swindled the townspeople into purchasing a worthless item of land.

Fun Fact!At the end of the episode, the referee reveals the Mrs. Oleson has readily available Mrs. Mills a job have to she choose to live in Walnut Grove, and also Dr. Baker will administer for the household for as lengthy as castle live there. It would certainly seem that either Mrs. Mills chose not to take him increase on the offer, or walk so because that a very limited (and non-visible) time. We never ever saw anyone else functioning for the Oleson’s next to Caroline and also Hester Sue.

Did friend Know?Actress Barbara Collentine, who plays Edna Mills in this episode, is the wife of Richard Bull (Nels Oleson).

Season 7, episode 20 – ns Do, Again

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DescriptionPregnancy symptom hit both Laura and her mom Caroline. It transforms out Caroline is no pregnant at all yet is start menopause, and also she sinks into depression. Her husband and also daughters desperately try to to convince her the they love she for the human being she is, not for the human she wanted to be. Finally, Charles proposes that he and Caroline renew your wedding vows.

Fun Fact!Apparently, Laura is two months pregnant in this episode and its springtime. Caroline, who additionally believes that she’s pregnant, tells Doc Baker that she expects her baby will be due in ~ the start of the brand-new year, i beg your pardon is clear January. However if you remember the bear of Laura’s infant in Season 8, it does not appear to it is in winter, together it should be, if Laura learn she is two months along in the spring.

Did girlfriend know?The Poulsen family house is clearly the same residence that the Oleson’s live in. It’s pretty apparent when they space eating in the dining room, but they really provide it away once Eunice and also Myra Louise space upstairs with Caroline showing her the dress the she can wear when she renews she vows v Charles. It’s clear together day the the same collection is offered for Nels and Harriet’s bedroom is used below also.

More Trivia!In this episode, Caroline is distraught to learn that she is “going with the change.” but strangely, in the Season 4 illustration “A most Precious Gift,” she mistakes her pregnancy for menopause and is very accepting the it. Why would she be significantly an ext upset now? Granted, she it s okay her hopes up too high about the feasible pregnancy, and also that more than likely contributes to she sadness. However, you’d think in the Season 4 episode, she’d be an ext upset about the idea of not being may be to conceive anymore, especially because she (mistakenly) to trust Charles will think much less of her currently that she is no longer fertile.

Season 7, illustration 21 – The lost Ones Pt. 1

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Description:While making an out-of-town delivery, Albert and Charles meet and travel v the Cooper family. One accident occurs en route with the parents, and in the blink of one eye, their 2 young kids are orphans. Unable to location them with any family members, and also not in a place to adopt them himself, Charles is compelled to hand them end to the state…until a voluntarily decision transforms everything.

Fun Fact!When Charles, James, Cassandra, and Albert are praying in ~ the Coopers’ graves, that is implied the Charles pulled them out of the rubble and also dug them two tombs with his bare hands. Yet Charles’ hands and also clothes are totally spotless.

Did you know?Charles says to Albert the the world at the Sleepy Eye orphanage it seems ~ nice. But in Season 7’s “Silent Cry,” over there is a much various opinion around how the head of the orphanage doesn’t care around splitting up 2 brothers.

Season 7, illustration 22 – The lost Ones Pt. 2

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Description:James and Cassandra go residence with Charles and they change quickly with the Ingalls family and their brand-new school. Just as lock are start to prosper again, a pair the adoptive parental come along, but their ulterior motives may put the youngsters in danger.

Fun Fact!When Carrie notices that Albert and also Charles are residence with James and also Cassandra, she runs into the house screaming to her Ma that they’re back. You can hear she say, “Ma! Pa! They’re back!” however that wouldn’t make sense since Ma is the only one there. You need to really hear closely, though, since otherwise, you can not notice.

Did you know?At one point in this episode after Charles agrees come let the Tompkins take on the children, Caroline (without saying it upfront) make the efforts sweet-talking him right into adopting lock himself. Charles snaps back, “Do girlfriend think this isn’t tough for me?” that goes on come say that he has a hard sufficient time providing for his own children. The same conversation bring away place between the pair in the Season 2 episode, “Remember Me, part 2,” once Charles is in a comparable predicament v the three Sanderson orphans.

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