My signal into Logic; I pick AFIII under audio preferences, yet when I try to record, I obtain a the adhering to message "no input source selected!" on the synth track I"m met v a barrage that “No Input resource Selected! Either enter system preferences and also select the appropriate input, or logic.

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I keep gaining this message when I try to record. The thing is, ns DID choose an input source.Garage tape was working fine v my laptop mic till I plugged in a microphone. I made a recording, climate unplugged it to go ago to utilizing my computer systems mic. Then ns keep acquiring this error message. I am going come preferences, audio, and selecting constructed in microphone however it keeps informing me "no input resource selected" and wont allow me document anything, If ns plug the outside mic ago in, i still acquire the error message.I"ve review that garage tape is supposedly the most simple means to record music, however to me that couldn"t be any less intuitive.

If I push record, it have to record. There shouldn"t be anything else I need to do. Through the way, I have tried closing out of garage band and also re-opening that in situation it was frozen or something of the nature but I still acquire the error message.In any kind of case, while ns am on here I have another question. When I figure out just how to record again (if I ever before do) I should know how I have the right to play something and then loop it, and also then pat over the loop.

Like allows say I desire to play a 15 second drum to win (not a computer system simulated one, yet a north beat on my actual physical drum set) and then loop the one to win over and over for a ten minute tune while playing guitar or every little thing over it. I acquire how to choose a section of a track and also make the play on a loop, however then when I shot to document something the will only let me record for the 15 second interval or yet long the first recording (looped) section was. I need to have actually the loop play indefinitely while i play a new track over it. Does the make sense? How can I do this?If this doesn"t start to make more sense to me quickly I"m around to offer up and also go earlier to my tascam recorder and also cassette tapes. They might not sound together well, but at the very least I get how to use them to make a an easy recording! apologize Footer.This site has user it is registered content, comments and opinions and also is for informational functions only.

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Logic pro X 10.4.1

Mac OS 10.13.6

I desire to document Audio onto monitor 1.

When i hit "record", I obtain the error "No input resource selected!".

This trouble came before and had to execute with among the panels. It can have to perform with the mixer panel.

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The focusrite maker is the selected input resource in Preferences, so that"s great (ideally reasonable would just take system default setup for audio input and also not try to override this v the webcam or any type of of the other ridiculous, perverse setting as the input source).