Miami"s undisputed rap queen Trina rocketed come fame in 1998 v her iconic feature on the smash track "Nann," which to be the first of numerous collaborations v Trick Daddy. Trina"s audacious, sex-positive lyrics and also unapologetic "Baddest B****" persona readjusted the game and collection the tone for whole generation that femcees. Now 21 years after the relax of her debut album, the Liberty City native is hitting the gas on her already unprecedented job with brand-new music, an development of her document label, and a nonstop series of live performances and events. With the assistance of a tight-knit one of friends and family -- consisting of longtime friend Raymond Taylor -- Trina"s top top a mission come chart new territory for women in hip hop and also remind everybody the she"s the hardest-working artist in the business.

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Straight the end of Liberty City"s "Pork "n" Beans" projects, Maurice "Trick Daddy" Young overcame a childhood surrounded by drugs and also violence to arise as one of the sexy rappers of the 90s. Twenty years, eight albums, and also countless EPs, mixtapes and also collaborations later, the unofficial market of the 305 has branched out as the owner of wildly effective soul-food restaurant Sunday"s Eatery, and as the cohost (alongside Trina) that Miami"s top-rated "TNT Morning Show." This season finds Trick functioning to broaden his restaurant brand into an empire while entertaining audiences with his brash and opinionated suggest of watch on all points love and also hip hop.

Miami born and also raised v proud Dominican roots, artist, entrepreneur and also AfroLatinx activist Amara La Negra has been named Billboard"s Artist top top the Rise and also one of roll Stone"s 10 to Watch. Yet over the past year, the music industry"s Next huge Thing uncovered a brand-new passion for real estate together she bought, flipped and managed a profitable portfolio of holidays rentals in the Dominican Republic. ~ 25 years of performing, Amara find herself in ~ a an individual and professional crossroads. Does she continue her stressful and also demanding quest of A-list stardom or follow a path to a much easier life away from the spotlight?

Sukihana is a self-made star, attracting 1.5 million pendant on Instagram through her do not be afraid attitude, raunchy stunts and catchy famous tracks. After a memorable cameo in Cardi B and also Megan Thee Stallion"s "WAP" video, Sukihana currently finds it s her on the verge that the tendency A-list. But the outrageous celebrity persona is only component of Suki"s story. Far from the spotlight, she"s a doting mom dedicated to her three kids and also her fiancé kill Bill. This season finds Sukihana plot an engagement party and expanding her brand to open up a fashion boutique, every while navigating the pitfalls the her virtual antics and real-life controversies as she proceeds to seek stardom top top her own terms.

Hip-hop legend Noreaga (a.k.a. N.O.R.E.) climbed to stardom as fifty percent the laboratory duo Capone-N-Noreaga in the mid-90s prior to embarking top top a successful solo job that included the platinum album "God"s Favorite" and top 10 struggle "Nothin"." Noreaga"s success story took an additional turn when he teamed up v DJ EFN in 2009 to hold the Sirius XM "Militainment stunner Raw Radio" show, laying the groundwork for the pair"s partnership on the "Drink Champs" podcast in march 2016. The show became a blockbuster hit and also ground zero because that conversation in the hip-hop culture, attracting guest from throughout the market A-list. Noreaga is at a pivotal moment as he works to parlay the "Drink Champs" momentum right into a slate that other business opportunities, consisting of a caviar line and a document label. At the same time, he must complete with the needs of his wife Neri Santiago, that -- after 10 years of marital relationship -- is ready to spread her business man wings and open her very own business, potentially changing the timeless dynamics that their marital relationship forever.

Although she"s recognized to the public as Noreaga"s wife, brand-new Jersey indigenous Neri Santiago is all set to display the people that she"s so lot more. A sewage hustler, she"s held down jobs since she to be 14 years old, many recently together a lead makeup artist because that MAC Cosmetics. As the Santiagos approach their 10-year wedding anniversary, Neri"s bossing up together the owner/operator that a brand-new southern Florida juice bar. But opening a organization isn"t easy, and as Neri encounters a gauntlet that obstacles, she has to rally the support of Noreaga, who"s required to step up as a husband and also father.
Broward County aboriginal Ace Hood"s rap job took turn off in 2008 once he was signed to DJ Khaled"s we the ideal Music Group, a transaction that spawned four full-length albums and smash struggle singles "Hustle Hard" and "Bugatti," featuring Future and Rick Ross. Return his early work prove a flashy, advertising sensibility, fans obtained to understand a an extremely different Ace when he started dating (and at some point married) social media influencer Shelah Marie, who urged him to adopt a much more holistic, responsibility lifestyle. Currently Ace Hood put in occupational on his high-profile marriage and also embarks on a high-stakes music journey with a reinvented, elevated sound.
A southern Florida aboriginal with a background in theater and dance, Shelah Marie is the founder of Curvy, Curly, Conscious, a wellness movement focused on self-love and liberation for black women. She"s likewise a star on social media, where she"s cultivated a following with she funny, emotional and deeply personal posts exploring problems like body image, psychological health and racial identity. Shelah recently celebrated her one-year wedding anniversary to rapper Ace Hood, that credits her with elevating his mindset and transforming his musical style. Now Shelah is navigating the highs and lows of life hip-hop married life, and also her efforts to carve the end her own identity within her relationship.
By day, Haitian immigrant and mother-of-three Florence El Luche operates a restaurant, operation a skincare line and is difficult at work on a soon-to-open beauty, beauty bar. However by night, the serial businessman transforms into Miami"s Queen that Kompa Music, a Haitian pop layout performed in French Creole. After building a local fanbase, the fiery Florence is making moves to attain her English-language breakthrough, all while dealing with countless other obligations and also obstacles, consisting of scandalous secrets that might jeopardize her marriage and also derail she career.
Ray J and Princess have actually landed. V the MIAgration in full effect, the top Love & hip Hop Hollywood mainstays space joining a massive influx that artists and also tech specialists moving come the 305. But Ray J"s time in Miami isn"t all about sun, sand and also securing the bag. He"s hope a adjust of see -- and socializing v married friends choose N.O.R.E. And also Neri -- will have actually a positive impact on his up-and-down marriage to Princess. However is Miami built to resist the couple"s category Five chaotic energy?
It"s a new city -- and a new attitude -- because that Princess Love, who"s all set to reclaim she shine. Through her divorce from beam J off the table (for now), she"s bonding through the women of the 305 and grabbing the spotlight together a swimsuit design in a jaw-dropping runaway show. However it"s no all fun and fashion because that Princess, as a thought-provoking conflict with the other women leads her to reflect on the pain of growing up together a biracial child.
Love & i know good Hop Miami presented him come the world as Trina"s cousin, yet over the previous three seasons, rapper and entrepreneur Bobby Lytes has sculpted out his very own loud-and-proud identity, offer up attractive singles, outrageous looks and an unapologetic point-of-view. This season complies with Bobby on a deeply an individual journey together he battles to cure from the irreversible emotional results of his family"s troubled past.
An entrepreneur and woman-about-town with an ext than two decades of experience in entertainment and the beauty industry, happiness Young is the CEO of new Roots Extensions and the owner that a successful hookah rental company. She"s additionally Trina"s cousin and also Trick Daddy"s (almost) ex-wife. This season finds joy helping The Diamond Princess navigate a tumultuous brand-new era of her career and moving forward v the following chapter of her love life -- even if it is Trick likes the or not.
As the star attraction at Miami"s King the Diamonds strip club, Miami guideline stunned audiences through her gravity-defying routines. She has since diversified she hustles and business interests, dabbling in music, opening a hookah lounge and starting a administration company. Whether giving her customer Sukihana a reality inspect or pass PreMadonna ago down to earth, Miami reminder is often the voice that reason. This season follows Tip as she offers all her an abilities to help Sukihana relocate through an ever-changing sector landscape.

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Career and also relationship obstacles create a bumpy course to stardom because that veterans and also newcomers alike. The artist will need to turn up the warm if they desire to do it in the 305.