Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light Heavyweight veterans jan Blachowicz and Luke Rockhold will certainly square off this Saturday (July 6, 2019) at UFC 239 from inside T-Mobile Arena in ras Vegas, Nevada.

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Given the putrid begin to his UFC career, Blachowicz came miraculously close come a location shot in 2019. He came up brief to Thiago Santos in a title eliminator earlier in February, yet prior to that defeat, Blachowicz had actually shown substantial improvement, rattling off 4 straight wins. UFC 221 screwed Rockhold so bad the previous champion switched divisions. Initially, Rockhold was set to an obstacle Robert Whittaker because that the title, however an injury come the Aussie experienced an overweight Yoel Romero take it his ar for a only interim title. Despite substantial improvements come his boxing, Rockhold still found himself staring at the ceiling in the 3rd round — proof the it was time to discover greener pastures.

Let’s take a closer look at the tricks to success for each man:

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Jan Blachowicz

Record: 23-8Key Wins: Jimi Manuwa (UFC hit Night 127), Ilir Latifi (UFC hit Night 53), Nikita Krylov (UFC fight Night 136), Jared Cannonier (UFC ~ above FOX 26)Key Losses: Thiago Santos (UFC struggle Night 145), Alexander Gustafsson (UFC struggle Night 93), Jimi Manuwa (UFC struggle Night 64), Corey Anderson (UFC 191)Keys to Victory: once he solved his cardio, Blachowicz was able to capitalize ~ above his in history well-rounded ability set. The polishing athlete deserve to jab well, kick hard, wrestle if require be, and even pull off the occasional entry win.

The bright side of gift a generalist is the capability to it is adapted to the opponent as necessary. In this case, Rockhold has actually only ever lost by knockout, normally from an foe with sharper boxing 보다 himself. It’s pretty clear how Blachowicz need to attempt to take it him out.

Rockhold is going to try to slam his left leg into Blachowicz’s mid-section and skull, so press boxing would certainly be a wise strategy even if Rockhold did react well to combinations. If Blachowicz is to victory this fight, he needs to be aggressive and also show Rockhold no respect. Job-related forward behind the jab, sure, however throw multiple punch combinations, ideally when Rockhold hits the fence.

If Blachowicz can put together punches and also be all set to safeguard the takedown attempt as soon as it comes, he’s obtained a real opportunity to score the upset.

Luke Rockhold

Record: 16-4Key Wins: chris Weidman (UFC 194), Ronaldo Souza (Strikeforce: Barnett vs Kharitonov), Lyoto Machida (UFC on FOX 15), Tim Kennedy (Strikeforce: Rockhold vs Kennedy), Dave Branch (UFC struggle Night 116)Key Losses: Michael Bisping (UFC 199), Yoel Romero (UFC 221), Vitor Belfort (UFC top top FX 8)Keys come Victory: Rockhold is a attention man. His top game is probably the most vicious in the sport, as Rockhold tends to elbow his opponent into dough or lock up a choking within simply minutes the securing the takedown. On his feet, Rockhold kicks prefer a mule, and his inspect hook has actually dropped a fair few foes together well.

It will certainly be amazing to see just how Rockhold transitions to irradiate Heavyweight. His left kick will certainly still lug power, however will it fold foes over prefer it did at 185 pounds? The same question applies to the double-edged knife that is Rockhold’s inspect hook.

Realistically, I’d like to watch Rockhold make two transforms for his brand-new weight class. Against Romero, it seemed that Henri Hooft’s work with Rockhold was paying off: the former champion to be doubling up on a spicy jab, pivoting and generally showing off far better combination boxing than ever before. Rockhold should proceed down that course here, using combinations more often fairly than gift a bit one-note with the left kick and also check hook.

In addition, Rockhold should be much more willing come offensively wrestle, which often tends to exhaust irradiate Heavyweights quickly. Rockhold has always shown good cardio and also a brutal top video game — it’s time to take it advantage.

Bottom Line: This is a really important fight in ~ 205 pounds.

Blachowicz may have actually lost his title eliminator bout, however the division is hardly full of other males trying to steal his ar — there’s yes, really no one in the peak 10 making large statements appropriate now. If Blachowicz bounces back here and scores another huge win, the very possible that he could match up through someone prefer Anthony smith or Johnny walker in a second title eliminator. Really, this might be the finest win that his career.

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Similarly, Rockhold has actually already talked quite a bit about facing Jon Jones, and also the enhance up seems distinctly possible as Jones’ next title defense. As a previous champion, Rockhold is already sort the in the mix provided Light Heavyweight’s general thinness. If he impresses, Rockhold may just get his title shot. In ~ worst, he’s additionally been talking trash v Anthony Smith because that months now, therefore that would be a reasonable follow up together well.

At UFC 239, january Blachowicz and Luke Rockhold will certainly go to war. Which male will knife the victory?