The biggest Madden 21 ultimate Team promo that the year has actually arrived, Team of the Year, and also it attributes a huge lineup that superstars!

Check out that made the cut below.

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EA initially confirmed three players in MUT 21 TOTY.

The an initial player confirmed was Buffalo Bills wide Receiver Stefon Diggs who remained on the field and also watched on together the Chiefs commemorated the AFC Championship critical night.

96-rated dolphin Cornerback Xavien Howard additionally makes the squad after a league-high 10 interceptions.

The final player announced is 49ers MLB Fred Warner.

You have the right to watch the complete reveal right here today at 10am ET / 3:30 GMT on good Morning Madden (GMM).

TOTY Roster

See the full list the TOTY players below.


Russell Wilson (QB)Dalvin cook (HB)Stefon Diggs (WR)Justin Jefferson (WR)Darren Waller (TE)Trent Williams (LT)Quenton Nelson (LG)Corey Linsley (C)Brandon Scherff (RG)Jack Conklin (RT)


Cameron Heyward (RE)Joey Bosa (LE)Chris Jones (DT)Khalil Mack (LOLB)Lavonte David (MLB)Demario Davis (ROLB)Xavien Howard (CB)Bryce Callahan (CB)Jessie Bates III (FS)Jamal Adams (SS)
TJ Watt (LOLB)Trey Hendrickson (RE)Grady Jarrett (DT)J.D McKissick (HB)Patrick Ricard (FB)Gunner Olszewski (WR)Jason Sanders (K)Jack Fox (P)

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