There is no doubt in mine mind that Miggins is walk to end up being a reality sooner fairly than later.

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It wouldn"t also surprise me if that happened prior to the end of Magnum P.I. Season 1.

It won"t it is in a full-blown romance, but Magnum and Higgins will come to the conclusion that they space attracted come each various other but will not know just how to deal with their feelings and also will set them aside until they ultimately come together when the series ends.


The truth that Magnum uncovered himself deep attracted come Abby on Magnum P.I. Season 1 illustration 17 is proof positive of this theory.

If anyone rather didn"t notice, Abby was a brunette Higgins.

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Abby"s interests might have aligned with Magnum"s perfectly, but that"s going to flourish old fast.

There"s fact to the old saying that opposites attract.

What"s even more ironic is that Higgins go out v a baseball player.


I don"t think she welcomed his date due to the fact that she is in reality interested in him.

She walk it come learn much more about Magnum and possibly also to do him jealous.

I know I"ve to be wavering on #Miggins mostly because I wasn"t also fond of just how desperate Higgins appeared on Magnum P.I. Season 1 episode 16, but she played it better this hour.

And I"m tho surprised nobody else on the team hasn"t choose up on the yet.

Kumu knows for sure, yet Rick and also T.C. Might not be paying close enough attention. Ns even think Katsumoto senses something.


Speaking of Katsumoto, I"m really liking him having actually a bigger role in Magnum"s cases. He"s end up being an integral part of Magnum"s team, and also the dynamic the has with all of them functions well.

I don"t understand exactly why Magnum didn"t want to be part the Cleo"s takedown, or why Katsumoto went to Cleo"s location on his own.

All i know is that Katsumoto had another chance to show off his badassness, and I chosen it!

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Even if T.C., Rick, Magnum, and Higgins hadn"t displayed up, I have full belief Katsumoto would have uncovered a method out that his predicament.

He" a smart guy and has been a cop forever so he would have actually figured the out.

I wonder if that likes the new excitement his life has actually now that Magnum is in it, or if he wishes it would certainly go back to normal?


I discover that difficult to believe. Magnum might be an irritant, but he has included value not only to Katsumoto"s life yet to Higgins" as well.

And as far as Katsumoto is concerned, Magnum has actually been an asset.

If it wasn"t for Magnum, there would certainly still be plenty the unsolved instances in the Hawaii P.D."s files.

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Magnum can not constantly follow the rules, however he"s able to obtain things done that the police haven"t been able to do.

I understand I sound contradictory since I have said in ahead reviews that Magnum gets away through too much, and also he does.

But over there is rather of a balance also if it still favors Magnum.


But one thing is for certain: as soon as Magnum makes friends, he provides them for life. 

T.C. And also Rick wouldn"t have stuck by him every these year if Magnum wasn"t a good guy.

They"ve realized the his an excellent qualities far outweigh his faults.

Besides, Magnum is a the majority of fun. 

Higgins could have discovered Rick and also T.C"s variation of Magnum"s dating profile annoying and unrealistic, however those two were having a blast with it!

Do you ever before wonder how Magnum is maybe to convince so numerous other world to carry out all his work for him?

It blows my mind. It"s not that Magnum is manipulative in the least.

Other people actually want to execute his stuff for him -- also Higgins.

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It should be component of his charm. 

The situation itself was one of the more interesting the the collection so far.

I never ever suspected the daughter, and Abby would have been too easy which just left us through Cleo.

Still, i didn"t doubt her return looking back it was clear that she was the culprit especially when Magnum"s phone go missing.

And as is par for the course, Magnum P.I. Is able to put out all the feels in ~ the end.

It didn"t make any type of sense why Roland wouldn"t have actually left his daughter any money top top his death -- until we discovered out the reason why. 

He left she the biggest gift, and also it to be heartwarming reveal as always.

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Over to you!

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Magnum: for this reason what you"re speak is hiring me to be nothing more than a smoke screen?Katsumoto: Yeah. That"s what I"m saying.

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