Alvin Kamara's gear had world talking.(Picture by Josh Katzenstein, | The Times-Picayune)
NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Following a record-breaking night for Drew Brees and also a win against Washington, Saints running earlier Alvin Kamara is also making headlines. But it’s for what he wore as he left the game Monday.

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Kamara made a bold political statement during a post-game intersee without saying a word around it. He wore a Colin Kaepernick jersey and also a hat via an noticeable play on President Donald Trump’s signature slogan, “Make Amerideserve to Great Again” or MAGA.

While the shade scheme was the exact same as those famed Trump hats, at closer look you will certainly watch Kamara’s reads, “Make Africa Home Aobtain.”

“I think Alvin Kamara was taking advantage of the national stage bereason he kbrand-new after Monday night footround you we’re going to have a very big audience,” shelp Dillard College Public Policy Professor Robert Collins.

Last year, Kamara, together with nine various other Saints players, sat during the nationwide anthem prior to the Carolina game. A wave of NFL protests like that were began by Kaepernick as soon as the previous 49ers quarterago took a knee throughout the anthem, protrial and error social injustice and also police brutality.

“I think the statement he is trying to show solidarity via Colin Kaepernick. Obviously he’s trying to present his solidarity via black males who have not been treated equitably in our society or that he perceives as not being treated equitably,” shelp Collins.

We likewise asked Saints fans their thoughts.

“I’m not liking that, I’m not liking that. No, bereason he’s agreeing with Colin Kaepernick. I don’t go for that. This is our nation, this is our flag. And guess what? You honor, you honor it, you perform what you obtained to execute, you honor America,” shelp Saints fan Kelley Leboeuf.

“I guess it’s still the flexibility of speech thing, but it’s certainly type of picking on, you know, our president, which I don’t think we should do publicly anymethod,” shelp Saints fan Dana Brubaker.

We still don’t know the specific message Kamara was trying to convey via his post-game attire bereason he was not asked about it throughout the intersee. But his mom is from Liberia. So, possibly his hat was a tribute to his mother.

“I intend, plainly utilizing the color plan of the MAGA hat saying Make Africa Home Aacquire, it was obviously a straight assault or a straight dig at Donald Trump and at the MAGA civilization,” shelp Collins.

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We reached out to the Saints for comment about Kamara’s outfit. In a statement, team spokesman Greg Bensel, said “last night was a spectacular night for Drew Brees, our organization and our city – we have no comment on his or any type of player’s attire.”

We tried to contact Kamara via the Saints, his public relationships team, and even through Twitter. But he did not acquire ago to us.