Management is an aspect of the service that doesn’t have actually the same certain duties some of the other parts of the organization have. When an accountant will always know quite plainly the expertise and also responsibilities that or she has, a manager demands to have actually a much wider set the skills, v the tasks ranging depending on the business. Yet, monitoring like every the other parts the the organization have details functions to guide the operations.

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In this guide, fine talk about these functions, very first by looking at the an interpretation of management and then moving on to current popular theories regarding the features of management. You’ll also be able to read about the five features core attributes – planning, organizing, staffing, directing and also controlling – and also why they space important and how girlfriend can attain them with your management.


To understand the features of management, you must first examine what management is about. How do you define management?

Management is a procedure with a society element. It calls for the reliable use of resources combined with the indict of human being in order to with a particular organizational objective. It involves responsibility to attain the objectives and to fulfill specific organizational objectives through economical and also effective planning and regulation. It’s around taking charge and ensuring focus is inserted on the things and also aspects that the organization that help attain the vision and the goals.

Three vital characteristics specify the procedure of management.

First, monitoring is a procedure of continuing and related activities. Each of the attributes is related to each other and also the functions match each other. The is tough to take into consideration the features in isolation, as management requires each task to complement one another. As soon as you as a manager engage in one function, you in effect also start the procedure of an additional function.Finally, management achieves the organizational goals by working through people and organization resources. You can use various financial sources or physical devices as component of the process, while also directing and guiding the staff towards the objectives. The manager is in fee of sustaining the people and also connecting the right human with the best resources.

In essence, management is about a dynamic process, v a variety of elements and tasks as component of the process. The dynamic and also social facet of management mean the functions of monitoring are separate from work functions. Whilst operational functions refer to activities and processes such together marketing, finances and purchases, the management functions differ relying on the business level at which they take it place.

The features remain the same, yet are essentially different depending on the business hierarchy. A manager in ~ the senior level will certainly be involved in different activities than the manager in ~ the junior level. The core concepts might be the same, however they space dynamic in manifestation. ~ above the various other hand, operational role of marketing will readjust according to the organization, the human being in charge and also the operational goals. For management functions, the objective of the details activity remains largely the same, even though the manifestation might be different relying on the particular situation.

Management features are the same, yet the monitoring processes civilization use have the right to differ. A management format or procedure can rely on the organization, the manager in question, and also even the objectives. You’re most likely to adjust management format if you space directing a single person or gift in control of a team. Friend can discover out an ext about management styles from the introduce clip below:


Since management requires solving the difficulties within an company in order to with the wanted objectives, the emphasis is on knowledge the attributes that make up the process. As experts began studying and theorizing the significance of management, different ideas and concepts regarding the attributes were born.

Although the theories around the features of management result in rather similar results, it deserve to be valuable to examine the differences and also the historic journey to our current understanding of the functions. Here are a few of the most significant theories and also theorists, who’ve outlined your ideas around the attributes of management.

Henri Fayol

Henri Fayol to be the first to effort classifying managerial activities into certain functions. The French engineer created the very first principles that the classical management concept at the begin of the critical century. Fayol is taken into consideration the starting father of concepts such the line and also staff organization. Once Fayol emerged his strategies and also ideas, managers in organizations didn’t have any kind of kind of officially training and therefore Fayol’s ideas were ground-breaking.

As fine as setting out 14 general principles of management, Fayol likewise defined the 5 core functions of management, which are still used and which type the basis of much of the later on theories. To Fayol, manages is a process, which contains forecasting, planning, organizing, commanding and also controlling. These room the structure of setting the relationship between the subordinates and the superior and the 5 core functions help the management to solve difficulties in the partnership or within the organization in a creative manner.

George R. Terry

After Fayol, many theorists have actually looked at the functions and crafter their very own ideas, deviating just slightly from Fayol’s core functions. George R. Terry wrote a publication Principles the Management in 1968 and also outlined his see on the principles. Terry thought there to be four core functions, each function posing and also responding come a specific question the administration must solve. The question, the an essential function and the resulting action are outlined in the below graph:

The QuestionThe FunctionThe Result
What is the need?PlanningObjectives, policies, procedures and also methods
Where need to actions take place and also who should do what work?OrganizingWork division, work-related assignment, and authority utilization
Why and how should team members perform their tasks?ActuatingLeadership, communication, development, and also incentives
Are the actions gift performed according to plan?ControllingReports, comparisons, costs and budgets

Harold Koontz and Cyril O’Donnell

In 1976, Harold Koontz and also Cyril O’Donnell published an essay Management: A Systems and also Contingency analysis of Managerial Functions. Castle felt the ahead studies have been efficient in explicate the functions, but thought the division should be more detailed. Koontz and O’Donnell believed there to be five an essential functions that management:


These five attributes of management have come to be perhaps the many cited and they are defined further in the adhering to section. Overall, the fast outlook would hopefully have actually highlighted the alignment that the attributes of monitoring in different management theories.


While there space slight sport in just how the features are named and also the various management theories might combine or divide certain functions right into smaller chunks, the consensus points to five core functions. What do these functions entail, why are they important and how to use them?


The first managerial role involves planning. The duty is around creating a detailed plan towards achieve a details organizational objective. Once you are planning, you are identifying the tasks, i m sorry are forced to achieve the preferred goals, outlining exactly how the jobs should it is in performed, and identifying when and also by whom they should be performed. The focus of plan is about achieving the objectives and also it go require knowledge of the organization’s objectives and vision. Girlfriend will need to look both at the short- and long-term success the the company as part of the plan.

An example of planning would certainly be a situation where you have actually an objective, together as boosting the sales by 20% in the following month. You will must look at the different ways you and the team could achieve this goal. This can include things like creating a brand-new advertisement campaign, reducing price or speaking to customers around their to buy plans. Your function is to choose the processes that you discover the most appropriate and to to organize them into a reasonable pattern. Girlfriend must additionally identify the timeline for these processes.

As you could realize, planning is ~ above on-going function. Management will regularly have actually to arrangement the future jobs and readjust the plans based on the organizational situation and also the accomplishment of vault goals. Furthermore, it needs the whole organization to work-related together together the different departments or team plans need to connect to each other and align through the organizational objective. Henri Fayol dubbed the function the most difficult to achieve! You need a many knowledge and flexibility in order come plan tasks effectively.

Why is plan essential?

Why is to plan important? Planning gives the organization a far better sense the what it wants to attain and how it can attain this. You basically have an ext focus once you setup for things. Think what would occur if you went into a large job interview without any type of planning.

You might be OK, yet you wouldn’t be able to focus top top the details and also it could take time because that you conduct your answers. However if you setup for the interview, you now specifically the point out you want to make, girlfriend have sufficient knowledge to respond to details questions about the company and therefore on.

In effect, planning guarantee the appropriate utilization of the available resources and the capacity to understand exactly how these should be supplied in bespeak to accomplish the goal. In the instance of the interview, the planning help you take advantage of info on company websites, study interview questions and also to then usage this information to outline example answers.

A vital part of planning is additionally the vital role that plays in reducing risks. When administration plans for the work ahead, they are looking at the situation and also detailing the feasible pitfalls ahead. Similar to your interview, the hazard of not understanding anything about the company or providing an incoherent prize is greater than if you had actually planned her answers a little.

How come plan?

Planning is an intellectual task that doesn’t always require a the majority of visible labor and also effort, as lot of that is around thinking creatively about the worries at hand. Once you should come engage in planning, girlfriend should emphasis on the following steps:

Look into the future – The duty is around understanding the short- and also long-term missions the company wants come achieve. You need to take into consideration not simply these various elements, but also be maybe to make predictions around the future conditions for afford these. Maybe you have noticed transforms in customer habits due come the downturn in the economy. When you room planning, you should take right into account these tiny nuances.Create functional structures – However, her planning needs to be flexible and also take right into account points don’t constantly go follow to plan. Her management setup must take right into account the other departments and their specific organizational goals. Perhaps the gaue won team has to reduced down costs for the sales team and you have to be mindful of the affect this would have actually on your new marketing campaign.

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The next duty of management adheres to planning and it is around organizing. It’s about using the arrangement to carry together the physical, financial and other accessible resources and also use lock to attain the business goal. If your job were to boost sales, you would look in ~ the plan and also determine exactly how to divide the sources you have in order to placed your plan in place.