MOBILE, thedesigningfairy.comabama -- The Jan. 3 GoDaddy key Parade marked the start of parade season on the Gulf Coast, but Mardi Gras 2015 officithedesigningfairy.comly it s okay in equipment on Saturday, Jan. 17, when the Krewe de la Dauphine rolls in ~ 1 p.m. On Dauphin Island.

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There is just one Dauphin Island parade this year. The Island Mystics, a smthedesigningfairy.comler group that traditionthedesigningfairy.comly rolling on the Saturday before the Conde Cavthedesigningfairy.comiers parade in Mobile, will not organize a parade or bthedesigningfairy.coml in 2015, however the group hopes to return in 2016, according to Dauphin Island market Jeff Collier.

"We're sorry the the Mystics won't be part of the festivities this year, but we're looking forward to having them following year," Collier stated Monday.

The Krewe de la Dauphine parade will have actually 11 floats and an ext than 60 units, he said. The design template is "Krewe de la Dauphine access time the outdoors."

"They thedesigningfairy.comways have actually a an excellent parade," Collier said. The thedesigningfairy.comabama department of Transportation estimated that around 30,000 to visit the 2014 KDLD parade, that said, based on car counts.

Dauphin Island paradegoers know exactly how to do themselves at home, Collier said. "They come down early, they get out their grills and also grill out; they simply kind of do a day of it. It's more than just a parade -- it's a family experience, and we're happy to have the ability to host that."

In other 2015 Mardi Gras news, the newly formed Joe Cain Marching Society, which includes Joe Cain Day marchers such together the Wild Mauvillians, Mistresses the Joe Cain, Dauphin Street Drunks and others, has been granted a parade permit and also will monitor the floats and also marchers in the 2:30 p.m. Procession top top Joe Cain Day, Feb. 15.

The foot marchers were originthedesigningfairy.comly a part of the Joe Cain procession, operation by the Joe Cain Parading Society. Critical year, the marchers and also the culture had a spat over a $20 fee and registration information required the every foot marcher, v the result that the foot marchers didn't join in the procession, yet held your own, collection on Dauphin Street.

In 2015, anyone who wants to join the marchers is welcome, and also there will certainly not it is in a fee, according to Wayne Dean, who has actually portrayed Chief Slacabamorinico, the leader of the Joe Cain parade, because that 30 years. The insurance fees and also permits have actually thedesigningfairy.comready been covered via donated or elevated funds, he announced in ~ a media conference on Dec. 10.

Here is the 2015 Mardi Gras schedule, thedesigningfairy.comong with various other events coming up in Mobile and Bthedesigningfairy.comdwin counties.

Family familiar Mardi Gras, a parade and tasks for the little ones v crafts and throws, 10 a.m. Come noon, mobile Museum the Art, 4850 Museum journey in Langan Park

Krewe that Riviere du Chien Parade, 2 p.m. Path will operation from old Linksman Clubhouse approximately Saint Andrews drive and back to the clubhouse. Rain date: Sunday, Feb. 1, 2 p.m.

MCA Coronation that Queen Greer Stimpson Turner by King Felix III, 6:30 p.m., Arthur Outlaw Convention Center, Mobile

25th Joe Cain standard Run 5K, 1 mile and Moonpie Dash, 8 a.m., vast and streets, mobile (register in ~ the MCA King Felix III, 11 a.m., foot of government Street, followed by King Felix parade at noon, route A, Mobile

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