José Fernández"s Intro

Jose S girlfriend Maria with Their Prettiest Daughter

Fernández"s Family and also Education

José Fernández is a son of Maritza Fernandez (mother), he had actually a sister, called Yadenis Jimenez. He likewise had a grandmother, whose surname is Olga Fernández. That lived v his mother, his Stepfather (Ramon Jimenez), and his sister.José Fernández attended Alonso High School. The was focused on his study. In 2011, that selected Fernández 14th as whole in the first round that the MLB draft and he signed with the Marlins, receiving a $2 million signing bonus.

José Fernández"s connection History

In December 2012, Jose gained married to his high institution sweetheart Alejandra Baleato Marichal in ~ the period of 20, in Tampa, Florida, yet their marriage lasted simply over a year.In 2015, Jose started dating Carla Mendoza before the begin of the MLB season and also since then, preserved their relationship really private. But, then, José to be no much more together v Carla in the same year in 2015. As apparent on social media, José had already found a new love because that himself.After a breakup with Carla, Jose commenced dating Maria Arias. José revealed around her gift pregnant with his boy just before his fatality on September 25, 2016. At the time of his death, Maria was about 4 month pregnant.When Maria Arias first met Jose, she was not impressed. The was absolutely not love at an initial sight Jose to be a facility of attention form guy and I’m no that way,” she jokingly recalls in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE.Maria Arias has actually an Instagram account the is

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mariajoseariaas, i m sorry isn’t a private account. Together of January 2021, there space 140 posts, 22.8k followers, 3,044 followings the it.

José Fernández"s Kids

José Fernández’s daughter name is Penélope Fernández Arias. Unfortunately, he couldn’t view her daughter, since Jose died prior to his daughter’s birth. Penélope stays with her mommy Maria.

Fernández"s vital Facts

In 2013, Jose to be the NL Rookie the the Year. ~ above April 24, 2015, Jose officially gained citizenship native the unified States. Jose live on the very same street as another MLB player Aledmys Diaz and they were good friends.

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In 2007, Jose and his family members got defect, they got to Mexico and in 2008, finally resolved down in Tampa, Florida.

José Fernández"s net Worth

as of 2020, Jose had actually an estimated net precious of end $2 million-$3 million, and also a value of about $4.6 million.
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