referee Zeke Stout chops at a log through a contestant"s knife, with judges Trenton Tye and also Ashley Hlebinsky in the background, in "Master that Arms," premiering this evening on the exploration Channel. (Discovery Channel)

A brand-new Discovery Channel TV display featuring tools craftsmen in historical challenges was filmed partially at Stockertown Rod and Gun Club and also a warehouse in Bath, stated spokesman Phil Zimmerman.

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inspired by age-old traditions, discovery Channel has gathered the ideal builders to re-create the armaments the have changed the course of history and battle it out in head-to-head competition.

centuries ago, the greatest realms leaned ~ above the backs that weapon craftsmen to produce the blades, bows and also ballistics that would win wars and also alter history forever. Now, modern weapons smiths will placed their technical knowledge and ingenuity come the test providing insight right into age-old building techniques — and also the traditions, methods and also craftsmanship that specify them.

In every episode, three contractors will face-off in 2 historical obstacles that contact upon era-specific weaponry, native the firearms of the frontier to the chisels of the Vikings. The tools are heavily researched and also crafted piece of art.

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tools will be experiment by a decorated armed forces marksman and judged by 4 experts: Ashley Hlebinsky, one of the leading guns historians in the country; Nicholas Irving, a previous sergeant in ~ the unique Operations unit, 75th Ranger Regiment third Ranger battalion, currently a new York time bestselling author; Zeke Stout, a certified firearms specialist, and Trenton Tye, a expert blacksmith.

In each episode, blade, ballistic and bow tools will it is in rigorously tested and judged on their design, historic accuracy and abilities. There will certainly be one elimination after ~ each an obstacle and one smith will walk away through the grand prize that $10,000 and be crowned the “Master that Arms.”

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