album: "Once an ext "Round The Sun" (2014)

1. Tread Lightly2. The Motherload3. High Road4. Once an ext "round The Sun5. Chimes in ~ Midnight6. Asleep In The Deep7. Feast her Eyes8. Aunt Lisa9. Ember City10. Halloween11. Diamond In The Witch House

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1. Tread Lightly

Thru the agesall the weary and also the blindfacing the unknownoff the venomCenter ours livesknowing not your own is unwiseand I will certainly return because that morethe light will lead girlfriend ashoreParalyzed by mandrel insideto the angelbreathing on me native the righta guilt you"ll never knowFrom the devilstaring indigenous the left hand sidesouls to animalrecede your eyessulk in disgustWhen over there is doubt look come the obviousand I"ll decision what you will paychanging her mind seals ours fateparalyzed by mandrel insideOpen your eyestake a deep breath and also return to lifewake up and fightfight for the love and also the burning light

2. The Motherload

I deserve to see what the civilization has excellent to youI deserve to feel the weightfeel the weightI have the right to see what this life has handed youI deserve to feel the weightfeel the weightThis time, this timeThings"ll work out simply fineWe won"t allow you slip awaythis time, this timethings"ll work-related out simply finewe won"t let you leaving this wayIf you want you deserve to will ityou can have itI deserve to put it appropriate there in your handsI have the right to hear what the spirits are telling youI have the right to clear the weightclear the weightI have the right to see every the wolves as they one youI have the right to crush the weightcrush the weightThis time, this timeThings"ll work out simply fineWe won"t let you on slide awaythis time, this timethings"ll occupational out just finewe won"t permit you leave this wayIf you desire you have the right to will ityou deserve to have itI deserve to put it best there in her hands

3. High Road

You allow the wind take united state downYou permit the storm come and also wipe us outI experienced the fox stomp girlfriend outI saw the s come take it you underI have my cartridge stuck in your mouthI have actually you screaming for your last breath, yeahI shoved the watercraft deep insideI still wait for the devourYou take the high road downI take the ground below youYou take the high road downI take the ground belowYou room the one nobody likesYou are the pester that was lugged here by ratsI favor to hunting you, allows fightWatching friend fade out and never come backYou take it the high road downI take it the ground below youYou take it the high roadway downI take the ground belowYou take it the high road downI take the ground below youYou take it the high roadway downI take it the soil below

4. Once much more "round The Sun

I"m a man and that"s who I amand I"ll phone call you that to your faceI"m indigenous the clouds and also I shine like the moonand I"m below to fuck increase the placeMake it last, do it countmake that one more round and also I"ll watch you outsideheaven to know life deserve to turn on a dimeso let"s reap our timeThey have acquired me hanging upside under againonce an ext "round the sunlight we walk againWhat"s the an interpretation of this lifethat us leave once we"re caught up ~ above the racemy love is spinning choose a merry-go-roundand I want you to take a rideI know it"s nice and also I know that you space wearybut it"s nice when you step insideroll me over and also turn me aroundand let"s make up on timeThey have gained me hanging upside down againI just want come melt into the sunonce much more "round the sunlight we walk againThey have obtained me hanging upside under againI simply want to melt right into the sun againthey have acquired me hanging upside down againonce an ext "round the sun we go again

5. Chimes at Midnight

I observed the mountain crumble downI observed colossus in flames.I heard the s drainingNothing the I can ever tame.Off through my head, come under the lineI have the right to decide.I"ll bring this light, as is the skyAltered minds they criticize.Unrest within your fleshHow can we prevent this pollution?Altering trouble, you can not fixEnvy the others never ever makes me rich.All mine heroes, they"re every deadI remain here inside myWe have heard the chimes in ~ midnight.Into the void ns go.Will I ever see your face againOr will empty be all ns knowArriving insideIre harms a life.And the darkness here is grimBut it uncovered us, surrounded.Lead me deep into the canyonYou push your accuse in the wrong hands.Feet ungrounded, providing your bestNow take her gold right into silence.You take a stand, bracing yourselfFor this cold is never ending.We have heard the chimes in ~ midnight.Into the void ns go.Will I ever see your confront againOr will empty be all ns knowArriving insideIre harms a life.

6. Sleep In The Deep

The moment you walked in the room, my friendthe demons, they all went awaybe careful, they"re just asleep for a whilepretending there"s nothing to sayThrow salt in every the corners heremake sure you watch him leaveBuild increase the walls approximately this houseand destruction out the rot in the floorblock the end the entrance with brick and stoneand mortar that"s made from coalCrawl right into this feet I"ve madetransform these feelings of fearI"m on firesay you"ll remember she voiceand i can"t acquire you the end of mine mindLoose lips have actually fallen on hearing disabled earsloose lips have actually fallen on blind eyesAn ocean of sorrow surrounds this homeI expect that us make it come shoreas time chips away at the fortress wallsit seems that we weathering the stormThe sun begins to display itselfrevealing victoryI"m ~ above firesay you"ll remember her voiceand ns can"t acquire you the end of my mind

7. Feast her Eyes

You speak to for reasonit turns me within outthere"s no directionno ebb and flowyou call them rejectsthey"re all ns havethe mills of lifethey will grind you downSee the redall I recognize issee the redwatch it flowingI view a visionchew it with my teethbelieve the dyingand minds the reada change in seasonyour mental crawls backturning neurotica self-attackSee the redall I know issee the redwatch the flowThis beast is viciousturns her pale confront greenand save the search on because that mysteryyou said a secretconfide into the treesthinking you recognize a man"s historySee the redall I understand issee the redwatch the flowFall into pieces, i swear we"re doneyou stick v me and also prevail as one

8. Aunt Lisa

I don"t view the fearsome frightall I view is beauty beauty shinenot much time to say goodnightI deserve to hear you scream in the skyNephew carry out you feeling all rightalways increase in overdrivethey would shot to smother younever let your feelings throughLive the end loudI"m sniffing your gardenI"m sniffing your roseshe"s grounding in the middleyou know exactly how it goesThey"re crawling throughout nowthey"ll offer him part blowwe"ll perform him a favorwe"ll offer him some goldI remember your eyes come outI can see girlfriend run and shoutdon"t recognize where to ar the blameyou knew just how to hide your painWe just want to watch you alivetaught me just how to speak my mindrelease you in atmosphereit was just too small in hereLive out loudHey ho, let"s fucking gohey ho, let"s gain up and also rock n" roll

9. Ember City

You walk v boundless gracethink old think from yesterdayall being lost in the fireyou wandered and also lost the waysomeone"s constantly left behindwhen the door of life closesAnd you were slipping awaywhat carry out I say to youand if I desire you to staywhat carry out I say to youThis minute I take for youthink of all us didn"t doall seek answers indigenous thishope come come out alivestanding still my hands room tiedour eyes open up come the skyAnd you to be slipping awaywhat do I say come youand if I want you to staywhat do I say to you


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Orange and black take it me ago to HalloweenI"ve given to the blind as you deserve to seegasoline operation thru mine veinsso don"t friend mess with meI couldn"t tame the beast with a grasp of meatJust wait till mine robe drops at my feetcold and also dilated prefer my memoriesstrange voices in my headwho might they beit"s the master of disguise and also he"s break meYou will discover spirits never risewithout warningfeel your fate together you come alivethey"re right here to take you homeCrashing through the wallsyou"re the one I desire to seebent all up ~ above a moon-soaked nightdeath is riding with meDripping blood through hell froze at my feetuse a razor tongue to reduced some linesBecause currently I"m going come speedYou will uncover spirits never ever risewithout warningfeel her fate as you come alivethey"re here to take you

11. Diamond In The Witch House

Wide is the lineseparates the rivers native the dirtall the while i wonder who"s the oneWithin the one and also only eyewe every stood reduced freeself-blinded come see with the veilCan you view there"s a childstanding idle by us in this messwho am i to reason this emptinessWilling the sea to cleanse my soulof all that I"ve beento lug me cost-free to this clarityTrouble rolls inas the tides, they twist and make the turnpain subsidesand sweeps throughout the planet againWilling the sea to cleanse my soulof all that I"ve beento lug me complimentary to this clarityWithin the one and only eyewe every stood reduced freeself-blinded come see v the veilI"m standing deep in this watersbleeding free and bentto drag us onto the brand-new visionsonly loss fills my voidOnly the void connects mewith these mountainsof dust, blood and soilthe stones born in the flames of truthdemand a sacrificeDon"t simply bleed us and also leave united state to ourselveswe will return so deeply harmedand we will shatter you