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Mr Curious from brand-new YorkGreat song! question for those cagey however clever souls out there: Who"s the brunette with the silver wrist bracelet sitting in the old car?Dee indigenous CincinnatiLove this song. Ns hadn"t heard it because that years!Dede T native MinnesotaSt Paul, as in Minnesota? anyone knowSeventhmist from 7th HeavenMonsters, Inc: Me and also you and a kid called Boo.Dean indigenous Birmingham, AlAusten (and Duane) Walk far from it every was good song too!Carolyn from Knoville, TnFor John: the words space "a woman"s mind told me that"s so" which ns think suggests that the woman believed that if you want something badly enough (willpower made that old vehicle go) you can make the happen.Barry native Sauquoit, NyWhen I first heard this song I thought the dog"s name was "Blue"; wasn"t till I saw the actual document I realized my mistake!!! fight it out from Iowa City, Ia"the morning us got recorded by one old hen". The heat is "The morning us got captured robbin" indigenous an old hen." They to be stealing eggs.The track goes on come say "Old Mcdonald". Old McDonald would be the farmer, as in "Old McDonald had actually A Farm.Peter from Windsor, On
John: analysis a warrior out the a fake publication shows me "woman"s" and also "hen".I have actually no good explanation for the former, but as because that the"s virtually literal; they were trying to steal eggs for food, yet got recorded by the farmer when the old hen began a"fussin". John from phibìc Arlington, NjI have actually seen lyric versions of this track on the net that in the first verse to speak "willpower made the old auto go; a woman"s psychic told me that"s so. Other versions speak "willpower made the old vehicle go, my roamin" mental told me that"s so."my roamin" mind" makes much more sense, yet it sounds choose Lobo is speak "woman"s" Also, "the morning we got recorded by one old hen". The tune goes on to say "Old Mcdonald". But that would certainly be a male. Might they be speak "the morning us got caught by one old hand", together in an old farm yard hand?Austen native Fourwinds, TxDuane, the B side of "You and also Me and also A Dog called Boo" was a song called "Walk away From the All". This is ~ above the 7" 45 solitary that would have been what most radio stations provided for their airplay rotations. "Walk far From it All" was likewise on the album "Introducing Lobo" (at the very least I am pretty sure it was) and can it is in heard in ~ this link: native St. Louis Park, MnThis was the song that put Lobo ~ above the musical map in 1971. Come me, it was a story track that would certainly have also made a an excellent country hit. It"s probably the just song to cite Minnesota"s capitol city St. Paul and also Old McDonald. Duane from Collierville, TnDoes anyone remember the song on the flip side of "You and also me and also a dog called Boo"?Thankssee an ext comments
Closer to FineIndigo girl

The "Doctor of philosophy" in the Indigo Girls" song "Closer to Fine" is based on a teacher Emily Saliers had who had actually a poster that Rasputin ~ above his door.

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Cigarettes and Chocolate MilkRufus Wainwright

"Cigarettes and also Chocolate Milk" explains a time in Rufus Wainwright"s life when he found himself hungover and also pounding chocolate milk to feeling better. The didn"t work, so he smoked a cigarette, i beg your pardon is when he establish his addictive personality might be a problem.

ns Can"t was standing The RainAnn Peebles

Ann Peebles" "I Can"t was standing The Rain" source from a comment make by the singer to her husband, Don Bryant, as soon as they to be preparing come head the end to a blues show and it started tipping down v rain.

Dixie ChickenLittle Feat

The Dixie Chicks obtained their name from the small Feat song "Dixie Chicken." In 2020 they ended up being "The Chicks" because Dixie refers to the American southern in time of slavery.

eye Without A FaceBilly Idol

Billy Idol"s "Eyes there is no A Face" is based upon a 1959 French movie around a surgeon who abducts young women and removes their facial features.

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(I"ve Had) the time of my LifeBill Medley & Jennifer Warnes

"(I"ve Had) the time of mine Life" to be a substantial hit native the movie Dirty Dancing. The was offered in the climactic dance scene at the end, i beg your pardon was in reality the very first scene shot for the movie.

Jimmy JamSongwriter Interviews

The powerhouse producer behind Janet Jackson"s access time talks about his Boyz II guys ballads and also regrouping The Time.

Jonathan Cain of JourneySongwriter Interviews

Cain talks about the magnificent inspirations because that "Don"t prevent Believin"" and "Faithfully."

Tom Waits text QuizMusic Quiz

Pool balls, magpies and also thorns there is no roses - just how well do you recognize your Tom Waits lyrics?

band NamesFact or Fiction

Was "Pearl" Eddie Vedder"s grandmother, and did she really make a hallucinogenic jam? go Journey have a challenge to name the group? and what walk KISS stand for anyway?

Janis Ian: Married in London, however not in brand-new YorkSong creating

Can you it is in married in one country yet not another? only if you"re part of a happy couple. Among the very first famous singers to come out together a lesbian, Janis composed a song around it.

Shaun Morgan of SeetherSongwriter Interviews

Shaun breaks down the Seether songs, consisting of the one around his brother, the one about Ozzy, and also the one that might or might not be about his ex-girlfriend Amy Lee.