Defense lawyer Robert Shapiro with customer O.J. Simpson at the previous football star"s" first arraignment on June 20, 1994. (Ken Lubas / Los Angeles Times)

What go O.J. Simpson say to defense lawyer Robert Shapiro ~ the football star learned the was not guilty of twin murder?

Shapiro tells Megyn Kelly ~ above the Fox News Channel anchor"s an initial special, i beg your pardon airs on the Fox transfer network Tuesday in ~ 8 p.m.

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Simpson whispered to Shapiro: "You had actually told me this would be the result from the beginning. You were right."

The special, referred to as "Megyn Kelly Presents," has drawn attention for having Kelly"s an initial sit-down interview with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump due to the fact that the first GOP primary conflict last August. Trump vehemently attacked Kelly online and in TV interviews due to the fact that he was unhappy with her challenging questioning as a controversy moderator.

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yet Shapiro is likewise a "get," together they say in the TV news industry, becausehe has not questioned the Simpson trial with a reporter in 20 years. Simpson to be acquitted the the 1994 slayings that ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and also her girlfriend Ron Goldman.

in addition to revealing Simpson"s whispered post-verdict comment, Shapiro speak Kelly around the notorious glove the his client was inquiry to try on in court during the 1995 trial. According to a transcript exit by Fox News, Shapiro called Kelly that knew the glove would certainly not to the right Simpson because he tried that on first.

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"It to be a little bit vast in my palm and also a tiny bit lengthy in my fingers," Shapiro toldKelly. "O.J. Simpson has huge hands and also I knew the the glove would certainly not right him. No question about it. Wouldn"t even be close."


Robert Shapiro, shown in April at the race to Erase ms Gala in Beverly Hills, freshly sat under for one interview with Fox News Channel"s Megyn Kelly. (Valerie Macon / AFP/Getty Images)
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Kelly"s specials could come to be a constant presence ~ above the transfer network. In ~ Fox"s "upfront" presentation come advertisers Monday, Fox Television team Co-Chairman Gary Newman indicated that the network will ask for more in the 2016-17 season.

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