While watching a Rodney Dangerfield movie (Easy Money, if you should know), I pertained to wonder how many actresses are running roughly Hollywood v screwy eyes? How many would ns sleep with? so of food I set upon figuring the out and I’ve ranked lock on your “do-ability”.

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Criteria: She needs to be have showed up in a movie (I’d speak acted yet so many of castle aren’t specifically masters of the craft); have actually some kind of eye ailment (lazy eyes, uneven eyes, freaky eyes, etc.); 18 or older — no cradle robbing here.

Melissa Joan Hart — She’s obtained that wickedly worn down right eye however a great body. That actually watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch for the acting? I know I didn’t.
Kirsten Dunst — There’s just something going for her. She’s skinny together hell and her right eye is a bit messy, but she’s gained the one-of-a-kind ‘it’ factor. Also, if she’s an excellent enough because that Spider-Man, she’s great enough because that me.
Christina Ricci — She’s gained herself a pair of an insect eyes (right one can obtain a bit droopy at time too). Yet, after black color Snake Moan put her ~ above the map, that doesn’t desire to chain she to a radiator? I certainly do.
Jillian Barberie — Yeah, she’s annoying together all hell, yet that body has actually held steady for years. Ns wouldn’t pay any attention come her right eye or come the truth that it may provide me nightmares.
Paris Hilton— Both of her eyes are a little screwy, but the left one has got some actual issues. I’d carry out her just to say i screwed one heiress. By the way, I’d tape the too.
Eliza Dushku — ~ seeing carry It On and Jay and also Silent Bob Strike back so plenty of years ago, she has actually a location reserved in my love (and bed). For this reason does her slightly weaker left eye.
Kari Wuhrer — I used to watch the stupid MTV display Remote manage just to record a glimpse the her. Never paid lot attention to the reality that her ideal eye was a little skewed and even despite it shows up to be gaining worse, the wouldn’t avoid me native pouncing ~ above her.
Lucy Liu — hottest Chinese chick in Hollywood. Her left eye is a little bit narrower 보다 the right but that wouldn’t stop me because that a second . . . Or because that 5 minutes.
Teri Hatcher — Her best eye has gained a bit droopy together she’s aged. Every women have to hope to look as good as Teri does once they begin piling top top the years. She’s the best Desperate Housewife ~ above the block.
Jessica Alba — i know, friend don’t desire to believe it however her appropriate eye is ever so slightly much more squinty than her left. Doesn’t matter though, she is still past hot and I would certainly drop anything for 18 minutes of alone time v her.

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Point the end the ones I’ve missed, if girlfriend must.