Message come The Blackman is one of the many controversial; yet, advantageous writing introduced among blacks in America. Mainly unknown prior to Mike Wallace"s CBS documentary of 1959, the nation of Islam was growing into the biggest self-help team of blacks in America because the beforehand days that Marcus Garvey.

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Elijah Muhammad, the leader, teacher and also guide to those who are members, teaches the he had actually actually to be taught by God, Himself, come teach a doctrine the was quite uplifting come blacks, however terrifying come whites.

The demeanor was really militant and also Islamic and did not permit whites inside your meetings. Unique classes reinvented the worst that America"s Negroes into an extremely upstanding followers, reformed and also industrious; the likes of i beg your pardon Christianity might never boast in 100 years.

Referred come the Most an effective blackman in America by reader Digest, his work is still potent among the ex-slaves that America to this day.

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Secretarius MEMPS
Aug 4, 2011

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Elijah Muhammad

The Honorable Mr. Elijah Muhammad is the father of united state all. He taught united state to be Muslims. That turned the mind of ours people back to ours roots. That taught that the Black man is the initial man. The Maker, Owner and also God of the earth Earth.

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Message to The Blackman In America - Elijah Muhammad

Message to The Blackman In America


Elijah Muhammad

(Messenger that Allah)

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... To mine People,

The So-called American Negro: Freedom, Justice, Equality; Happiness, peace of Mind, Contentment, Money, an excellent Jobs, decent Homes—all these have the right to be your if you accept your God, Allah, now and return come His (and your original) religion, Islam.


As we close to the exhaustion of the Wisdom that this world which has not been able to burned enough irradiate on our route in find for that can be fried Wisdom to keep us indigenous stumbling and falling, we currently seek the wisdom of Allah, The best Knower and Guide in the human being of master Fard Muhammad (to whom be praised forever). The reader will discover that irradiate in this book.

Elijah Muhammad, Messenger that Allah

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TABLE OF materials



ALLAH IS GOD -Who is That secret God? component I

Who Is That an enig God? part II

Is God A spirit Or A Man?

The coming of God: Is that A male Or A Spirit?

The beginning of God together A Spirit and Not A man

The resulting The kid Of Man, The an excellent Mahdi

The resulting Allah (God)

The coming of God and also The Gathering together Of His civilization

The resulting The kid Of guy

The Infidels room Angry

Allah, The ideal Knower

The work Of Allah

If God Was your Father, You would Love Me

Persecution complies with The resulting God

The So-Called Negroes" Salvation

Allah Is Judging this particular day

Submit to Allah (God) and Fear no

ORIGINAL man - understand Thyself

First Love you yourself

Understand me

Help Self prior to Helping others

What The So-Called Negro need to Do For himself

Get knowledge To benefit Self

Knowledge Of you yourself

If The civilized Man stops working To perform His Duty What must Be Done?

Accept Your very own

We must Teach Our very own

Blackman, accept Your very own

Who Is The original Man?

A an excellent Name Is far better Than yellow

Help Self: What need to Be Done through The Negroes

The black Woman

Protect and Elevate her Woman

Birth control Death Plan!

Plan To damage Our race

ISLAM - What Is Islam?

Meaning of Islam

The values Of Islam

Islam, just True faith Of God

Islam, The True religious beliefs Of God part I

Islam, The True religious beliefs Of God component II

Everything has Failed

Islam because that So-Called Negroes

Make every Things brand-new

Islam Dignifies

THE BIBLE and also HOLY QUR-AN - The Bible and also Holy Qur- an: which One includes Words that God?

The holy bible

True understanding Of Bible and also Holy Qur-an,

The Glorious divine Qur- one Sharrieff

The Bible and Holy Qur- an- which One Is Right? fact


THE adversary - Devils Fool and also Disgrace you

Truth that Guilty Made recognized

The making Of adversary


The Beast component I

The Beast component II who Is may be To make War through Him?

The Blood Shedder

Not your Brother

Will White Christians accept Islam?

The White Race"s False claim To be Divine, Chosen people

PRAYER business - Prayer In Islam

The definition Of Prayer

Muslim Prayer Service and also Its interpretations

Time that Prayer and also Its definition

The Morning Prayer

The Preparations and Its definition

The opened

Knowledge that Prayer

Prayers come Pray

A Prayer for The Messenger

Confidence obtained Through Prayers

PROGRAM and POSITION - What do The Muslims Want?

Explanation that What Muslims Want and also Believe

A regime For Self development

Put Muslim program To congress

An financial Blueprint

To acquire A ar In The sun

What Is Un-American?

Misunderstanding and Misinterpretation

ECONOMIC routine - To help Fight against Poverty and Want!

A Sound Economic plan I

The financial Program II

Up! girlfriend Can accomplish As friend Will!

The world Hails The brand-new Economic arrangement

Separation! Independence!

THE PERSECUTION that THE RIGHTEOUS - protection Of The Faithful

We seek Truth and also Justice

Were Muslims Framed come Whitewash The Guilty?

Right To peaceful Assembly refuse To So-Called American Negroes

The appropriate Of Self-Defense

LAND OF our OWN and also QUALIFICATIONS - The unity Of 22 Million How can We Unite?

Of Land and also A nation

A home Of Our own

Do We have actually The qualified Men and Women For self Government?

Separate and also Be saved

We Must have Some Earth—And soon

A nation Of Our very own

A country Within A country

For Freedom, Justice, Equality

Our day Is Near at hand

The Flag the U.S.A. And also Islam

The True equipment

A preeminence We must Live by

Truths To collection You totally free

On Sport and Play

HYPOCRITES, DISBELIEVERS and OBEDIENCE - We require Not Have are afraid For The Future

Beware of False Prophets

On Hypocrites

Beware of False guarantees

The teaching Of The holy Qur’an on Obedience

Victory of The Apostle

THE judgment - On universal Corruption

The split Of The Old World!

The job Of America"s Downfall

America Is Falling her Doom Is Sealed

The decline Of The dissension

The Resurrection the Our human being

Make America know Her sins

A home Doomed To loss

The Fulfillment that Prophecies viewed

Rise and Fall that The Christian West

Battle In The sky Is close to

The good Decisive battle In The skies

The fight In The sky

Regrets that The Doubters

Time Is at your disposal

Will You it is in The Winner?

Build our Own society

The Hereafter

ANSWER TO doubters - mine Mission Is To offer Life

The good Deceivers

Clarification that Confusion surrounding Muslims

Reply come A judge

What The Muslims Teach: dad To A son

Authority native Allah, None various other

Answer come Christian Knights of The Ku Klux Klan

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It has actually been much more than 40 years due to the fact that a negro has appeared on the national horizon that racial management with a routine for his human being as controversial and also as clear-cut together that the Elijah Muhammad. Not since the work of Marcus Garvey, the West Indian visionary back in 1920, has an either or else plan of negro salvation to be placed prior to the civilization that is together sharply outlined as to aftermath as that of Muhammad.

Garvey"s back to Africa slogan, based specifically on vivid black nationalism, electrified Negroes come the point where much more than 5 million join his ranks and also defied the pudgy black male whom lock worshiped v their love and also their loyalty.

His universal Negro development Association, that ultimately spread throughout the world wherever black human being are found, was primarily a mass movement designed to absorb the little Man.

This is additionally true the Elijah Muhammad"s temples of Islam. His activity is based solidly top top awakening the good masses that America"s 20 million Negroes come the truth of your racial heritage and also destiny.

Like Marcus Garvey, Muhammad is structure his religious group ~ above a nonwhite basis and like Garvey has actually irrefutable factors for excluding whites.

Muhammad was born the son of a landscape Georgia minister. The learned just the bare rudiments that reading, writing, and arithmetic before he had actually to go to the fields to aid his household earn a living.

But Muhammad, horn Elijah poole under the slave name of his parents, together Garvey had actually been before him, was specifically fitted to be a teacher that men. Not in the sense of the renowned conception that classroom teachers of rote and also dogma, but in the classic molds that the good teachers the history—Socrates, Aristotle, Siddhartha Gautama , Guru Nanalc, K"ung Fu-tze , Zoroaster, Moses, Mohammed and also Jesus Christ, most of whom were mostly unlettered men.

They teach the reality of life in its handy essence, acquisition the torch of psychological freedom amongst the good masses that mankind and thus enlightening the world of your day. Castle persisted in spreading their temporary glimpses that the reality to all mankind in the confront of the murderous the contrary of the priesthood, the hostility the kings and also the basic unwillingness of males to listen the error of your ways.

These guys were known as priests, together rabbis, as teachers; part were thought to be god in disguise. Whatever the renowned thinking around their true identity, what they taught and also the great they carried to the civilization was of higher import and impact.

The dramatic spectacular climb of Muhammad native a share-cropper"s cotton patch in Sandersville, Georgia, come national and international eminence together a leader the his world is one that should be said at another time. The Muslim name, Muhammad, was provided him over 30 years earlier by his own teacher in the Islamic faith. Today, Muhammad claims God"s score is to offer all my world holy names to replace those provided them by the slave- understand (whites) while they to be in physical and also mental bondage in America.

He points the end that the names his pendant are recognized by are simply as legal as those offered them by the white male or adopted by the progeny of former slaves. Muhammad, himself, was recognized as Karriem before he was dubbed Muhammad. Karriem, he says, is the initial name the Prophet Mohammed was well-known by 1,400 years ago.

There are an ext than 100 praiseworthy holy names because that God or good which human being in Islam are known by, he says. But white world frequently take the surname of beasts, such as Bear, Hogg, Fox or Bull, or of maritime creatures such as Fish, Salmon, and so forth. By providing Negroes together names, the white man perpetuates his ascendancy of the black color man.

A characteristics of "Muhammad"s teachings is the he never, as Garvey and others did before him, preached earlier to Africa doctrines as the salvation that the American so-called Negro. Muhammad states America is no the white man"s home; he belongs in Europe and by force took America from ours Asiatic brother, the Indian. We have actually as much right come this soil together the white man. Why must we insurance claim the soil of our black brother in Africa because that which he has offered his life and also labor? it belongs to him. Our destiny, that points out, is right below in America."

Right currently Muhammad is nearing that crossroad of every leaders whereby the value and also extent of his teachings room on trial. Is Golgotha his destination? will his own people sell him out as they sold out Marcus Garvey and Booker T. Washington?

Can he be destroyed, toppled by jealous rivals, picked to pieces by other adversaries bent on reducing him to size?

These are explosive inquiries that have to be check in the light of the consistent drive to discredit the mild-mannered, soft- spoken, contempt built small man that directs an extraordinary nationwide all-Negro movement based upon the teachings the Islam (submission come the regulates of Allah, the God the the Muslims).

Wherever black color men and also women are found in the united States, his followers point out, there room followers the Elijah Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah. Branch mosques of Islam are growing in Detroit, Boston, brand-new York, Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Norfolk, Winston- Salem, Newark, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, .Atlanta, Houston, Birmingham, Los Angeles, san Francisco, Miami, Jacksonville, Macon and perhaps an additional hundred cities, towns and villages.

As one Muhammad official in Detroit stated recently, Every time a black is to win by white mobs or police, a Negro"s home is burned, a cross is planted ~ above a Negro"s lawn or a black man is refused organization at a having lunch counter, gas station or hotel, you deserve to count ~ above a minimum of 200 Negroes joining our motion the following day. Among us lock finally find refuge and also the company of world of their own kind who understand where they are going!

With membership swelling in together proportions, respect and alarm is growing over the Muhammad movement amongst both top level whites and also Negroes.

The Negroes opposing Muhammad are greatly those egged on :o it by an individual jealousy or urged by their very own white sponsors who should not it is in offended or denied uneven they have the .round cut from under them in politics, business or social circles. The black preachers, if privately agreeing with Muhammad"s teachings, are nearly to a guy afraid to speak up and be identified. They usage the traditional ideological the opposite of Christianity come Islam together their escape hatch. Yet, despite this vast chasm so far not covered by pendant of one of two people faith, part Negro ministers are speaking increase in defense of their convictions the Muhammad deserves to be heard.

These space those courageous ministers who have not to be afraid come make obtainable their church auditoriums for Muhammad rallies and conventions in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and also elsewhere.

The male is teaching the truth, whether he claims he gets it from the Christian God or the Moslem Allah. One minister stated this in Cleveland, where a recent Muhammad rally attractive 3,000 persons in a heavy rain to the Cory Methodist Church come hear the fiery leader that America"s Muslims speak.

To a man, however, black ministers, social company leaders and also politicians will assure you over there is nothing communistic around the Muhammad phenomenon.

But most of them are prone to label the spread out of the Islamic doctrine as espoused by Muhammad together a type of excessive black nationalism.

Others call it black color supremacy.

Actually, Muhammad is exposing Negroes for the first time to a brutal appraisal of your actual stand in the American community and also what they have the right to expect later from a mechanism that under various disguises tho grips them in mental, physical and also moral slavery and also after 100 years of alleged freedom from the clanking impeded of southerly plantation servitude continues to lull them come sleep through false guarantees of a bright tomorrow which never ever comes.

The fight against Muhammad has united Negro and also white in a link of usual unity seldom accomplished in the past—most definitely not versus the K u Klux Klan, the White citizen Councils, the avowed supporters of White Supremacy and the State"s Rights and also Conservatives who, ever due to the fact that Abraham Lincoln issued his Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves, have labored there is no letup to return the black guy to really physical slavery in the South and then refuse him the meager, hard-earned and also costly for free he has won in the courts.

Through the Christian Church, this bitter foes of Muhammad and the black have developed as a disgraceful world-wide criterion of Christianity the saying, Eleven o"clock top top Sunday is America"s many segregated hour.

To adjust this, Negroes room being egged right into pitiful Kneel- in demonstrations at lily-white churches in both the North and also South, making together debasing glasses of us in stimulate to be admitted to a home of praise to bow under to the exact same God the white man cases has ordered that to keep black world out.

But Muhammad, who doesn"t admit whites to his spiritual meetings in his Mosque on Sunday, is bitterly accused the practicing race hatred because he go not believe it help the Negro"s reason to allow the white male in on whatever he walk or thinks.

Compounding this unreasoning hatred and also opposition to Muhammad is the truth that so many Negro so-called leaders have actually jumped top top the white tape wagon. Trying to drown the end Muhammad’s bitterness truths, lock speak in ~ every rally and also meeting in which he appears.

Actually, the struggle on Muhammad and also his program can be summed up top top the issues noted here. They protest him BECAUSE:

1. The reality he teaches is as well unpleasant to hear, and also the complacent, both Negro and also white, don"t desire to hear it, nor do they want anyone else to listen it.

2. The stirs up the masses of Negroes in a method no one since the heyday the Marcus Garvey has actually done in telling them to was standing up and be men!

3. Castle cannot break up his ever cultivation following there is no starting significant race riots and also other outbreaks which would be political self-destruction for any kind of official to attempt at this time or at any time in the future.

4. Muhammad is independent. No white money backs him. No white man calls the shots as to what his organization can need from him as an accountancy of his stewardship. This, he says simply, he owes only to his very own people.

5. He teaches race solidarity and also unity. He preaches that the Number One motto that black civilization everywhere need to be every for one and one for all if the race is to lift chin by its own 5ootstraps indigenous the chaos of ignorance and also slavery that is in today.

6. That sees what rather cannot see. Unlettered together he is, Elijah Muhammad has the uncanny yet God-given capacity to correctly prophesy about the future. His knowledge of the true background of world"s black people is awesome and also comes from year of concentrated study and research. The is why he is dubbed the Messenger the Allah."

7. He steps on too numerous toes. Truth is impersonal and a -edged knife cutting down the lies, deceits and half-truths with equally emphatic swipes on all sides. Muhammad tears the veil that falsehood aside and exposes the phonies, the fearful and the mountebanks among both Negroes and whites.

8. That teaches Negroes to very first love one another. This probably is the phase of his teachings that has aroused such widespread criticism that he teaches his people to hate the white man. Muhammad claims "you won"t have actually the volume to love anybody rather if you concentration all your love ~ above your other black man. If the white guy shows so tiny love or CNCH respect because that the black man, the points out, why must Negroes invest so much time running roughly begging their brothers to love those who do not have actually the very same measure of to the or lo\ e because that blacks?

9. He offers the tiny Negro true leadership. This tenet that Muhammad"s credo is also widely viewed as a resource of the general jealousy of him organized by negro politicians, social workers and also sonic ministers. For till Muhammad came along, only an isolated few Negro organizations, including churches, had actually the time the day for the mainly illiterate, poverty-stricken, superstitious, exploited masses.

Instead, the concentration to be on improving the problems of living of the high school and college educated middle-class Negro; the well-to-do policy kings and also real heritage insurance and funeral tycoons were wooed and also the "nickel and also dime— Negroes shooed far to the tender mercies of store-front church preachers or sidewalk soapbox orators.

10. He has had actually the vessel to open up schools the his own in order to prepare young Negroes for what they must face and also cope v in do a better world for themselves and also their descendants.

Up come the day he opened his first University that Islam, in Detroit, the only Negro owned and operated schools and colleges to be backed by such church teams as the afri Methodist Episcopals, the Baptists and a couple of other denominations.

Muhammad"s universities in Detroit, Chicago and elsewhere have highly trained faculties and also are distinguished by the fact that youngsters in the 3rd grade are speaking Arabic fluently and working difficult problems in Algebra!

11. He elevator up black women and also removes them indigenous the condition of being prostitute for white men. This startling advance in the Muhammad regime is unprecedented, for Scarlet women saved by the churches always carry the stinging difference of their previous lies. Muhammad relieves castle of all disgrace and also gives castle a brand-new life based on purity and also self respect. In ~ the same time, he renders it mandatory the his male followers honor their own women as individual instances of virtue.

12. The goes amongst the collapse of his people and also redeems the wino, the alcoholic, the narcotics addict, the prostitute, the sidewalk hoodlum, the thief and also the profane.

A visit to any kind of Muhammad Mosque the Islam will reward the college student seeking to view for himself. Calm, quiet, self-contained efficiency and also pride is viewed on every hand. No singing of spirituals and gospel song or loud shouting or amens! and groans to disturb his service. His followers identify his or his assistants" scoring that points with hand applause only.

More white writers, authors and also journalists room writing about Elijah Muhammad and also his Mosque of Islam motion who have never met, heard or talked to him than any black man in recent history. Because they have actually never met or talked in human with the man, most of these writers for national magazines and also newspapers take it a hostile mindset toward him. Almost to a man they accuse Muhammad of to teach his pendant to hate the white man, condemn the severely for racism, and allege that is teaching black Supremacy.

Few create that Muhammad is to teach black world to love themselves and also their race, first; nor carry out they allude out that any person or civilization thus engaged have tiny or no time come go approximately loving everybody, transforming the other cheek and also otherwise wasting valuable effort and time that now keeps the black man on the bottom rung the the ladder. Castle fail to allude out the Jesus Christ failed come teach humanity to love the guy or men who beat, death or enslave it or to hop spryly around with grinning lips when the enslaver heaves into view, anxious to serve and make that happy, also though the servant is quiet in chains—economic, political and social.

These authors view with alarm and seem perturbed that Muhammad’s irrefutable logic speak his followers the truth that together a gyeongju they are 3rd class in the white man"s political and economic system and not to be content through partial freedom—with the gloomy promise that some remote day later the so-called Negro will be completely free at last. None has the courage to ask why this freedom isn"t provided the black male now from fear of life, limb, property and mind, since the leading whites have actually the power to offer or withhold it.

They never say much about the reality that White dominance has been and also still is the communication of western civilization power politics or that it is existing in every phases of American and European life. Yet Muhammad is condemned and also looked upon as some kind of society criminal since he has the rarely courage come tell his people and also the people that over there is together a thing as a Supreme black man. To this writers, Black supremacy sounds favor a foul sinister plot to liberate part fierce ferocious black animals on one unsuspecting chaste white world.

They assert that this Black prominence doctrine Muhammad teaches is all wrong. Yet they themselves never ever put the white man in a second position—that is reserved for the blacks. The black color man, castle imply, can never make it alone without the support and help of the white man. As an example of this kind of thinking, the so late syndicate columnist Robert Ruark said darkly that the brand-new black African nations will fall apart in internecine and also tribal wars, small jealousies, ignorance and primitive passions because they room chasing the white male out after every these century of colonial exploitation. One have the right to detect in reports from south Africa in the everyday papers and also magazines the herbal fears that the Western civilization that the blacks will certainly at last gain their freedom and also take over the rulership the their very own land.

This, numerous writers describe in left-handed terms, will certainly be an horrible calamity, and as shortly as the whites leaving their contemporary structures and also the ever-stocked trough at which they have been stuffing us ever since they subjected Africa, the whole house will conic tumbling down. Together thinking argues that black males need the White dominance symbol even if the is only to save them native themselves.

But for Elijah Muhammad come spell out the facts of the matter, and arouse his people to glowing proud in their newly given knowledge that there have the right to be such a creature as a supreme Black male or black race, is akin to treason in the eye of these self- appointed guardians the the black man"s thoughts and also racial destiny.

What strikes me as many encouraging is the truth that Muhammad’s aloofness and also unavailability to these white writers, authors and radio and television commentators has actually for the very first time presented to America a black leader who has the ability, the power and also desire to remain out of their clutches.

So-called negro leaders, the black press and others who have been brainwashed because that so countless centuries, think the a high crime that Muhammad doesn"t run and tell the white skin - man what that is act every day or allow them infiltrate his meetings and conferences whereby he is carrying on his work of trying to teach his human being self-respect and self-reliance and allude out the pitfalls about them, whether physical or mental.

When Raymond Moley, harry Ashmore, the editor of Time magazine and also the stooge black reporters because that white papers sent into Muhammad meetings to stool pigeon for the whites who room not admitted, shot to compare the Mosque the -Islam activity with the white supremacy K u Klux Klan or the White Councils that both the South and North, they execute not describe why they space not marketing as assiduously to break up the Klan and also Councils in their writings as they space in seek the fragmentation of the activity started through Muhammad.

Meanwhile, regardless of all do the efforts by police and federal authorities come block the development of the Mosque of Islam or to shut Muhammad"s mouth, the religious beliefs is swiftly mushrooming right into perhaps the biggest all-black motion on the north American continent. Wherever the brilliant, sincere, dedicated, mild- mannered little man is heard or world read his writings, brand-new converts arc coming soon to it is in counted amongst the Chosen. They have learned the there is no white male alive that can and also will call the so-called black what he in reality wants, and also none will tell that truthfully how to gain it. But Muhammad not only knows the intends and desires of his people but he also knows the method to gain it and also the quickest method to conic into possession the this an essential Truth around the black color man"s true self and also destiny.

For most persons the basic conception the a negro leader is something choose this:

In size, that is large and imposing and has a fat well-fed appearance; he wears high value clothes and also is always immaculate; he smokes large fat cigars and makes it part of his day-to-day routine come be checked out dining in the much more popular restaurants and cafes; the is typed through the i have lot of money liquors he orders, the do of auto he drives, and the broad swath he cuts at interracial parties and affairs where the black and also white sit under to talk this point over.

Whenever that is stated in the newspapers, the writer has to include much that his biography to educate readers who he is and also what that means, together biographical material detailing his school and college background, his employment document (especially in government or social job-related or teaching) and also the various honors he has received, such as awards and honorary appointments since he very first entered publicly life.

On the various other hand, friend don"t read biographical stuff on Elijah Muhammad together a method of introducing him come readers. The is, uneven the story is published in a white paper, which generally goes out of its way to reiterate the paper"s view of the spiritual leader that America"s 250,000 Muslims as being head that a black prominence cult the preaches hate the white guy doctrine to its negro followers.

You won"t find any kind of newspaper recording the presence of Elijah Muhammad at any kind that cocktail party due to the fact that he preaches versus the use of liquor in any kind of form. The does not participate in interracial socializing due to the fact that he believes the black weakens himself morally as well as spiritually by break his neck to gain into the agency of white persons. And also Muhammad does no smoke; rather he admonishes his followers against the use of tobacco or any kind of narcotics.

In size, Elijah Muhammad stands a 12 foot 5 feet 6 inches. Because that what he could lack in height, he renders up in within power and also dedication to what come him is a twentieth century holy crusade to provide the black male from his current economic, political and also social shackles. That weighs a modest 150 pounds and also in his mid-sixties is in repeatedly perfect physics condition.

Those who have had actually the rarely privilege the visiting him in ~ his house in Hyde Park agree that he gift the picture of a sober noble dad of a well-beloved family. It is the populated of a dedicated man surrounding by a family also devoted to the salvation the a race of people.

In an environment of profound quiet, Mr. Muhammad"s day begins at 7:30a.m. Till late in ~ night that dictates letters, speeches, newspaper columns and also articles come his 4 highly skilled secretaries. Throughout his day, beginning at the breakfast table, he opens and reads every among the more than 300 letters he receives day-to-day from Muslim leaders in Europe, Asia, Africa and also South America. Every mail is answered.

Mr. Muhammad"s speeches are all set for personal delivery in his weekly speaking engagements in cities roughly the nation or for his routine on radio stations everywhere the country. His busy day also includes conferences through Negro businessmen and ministers and also with public representative of his miscellaneous Mosques, who fly in and also out the Chicago 7 days the the mainly to take it counsel with him.

Very distinct in the background of American Negro leadership is the origination the a regime that is established on a premise of w cap Negroes can do because that themselves without assistance from white people—a regime that fires the latent embers of intense black color nationalism v a clear-cut glorious goal together its ultimate objective.

Accordingly, Marcus Garvey, through his back to Africa exhortations during the at an early stage 1920"s and his nationwide phalanx that 5 million black color followers in his universal Negro improvement Association, electrified the black people of America"s black masses together no other movement up come his time.

The exact same results have actually been apparent since Elijah Muhammad introduced his helpful Temples that Islam. His hold demands that black folk throw turn off the impeded of the white man"s Christianity and also return come Islam, the faith of our ancestors, has lugged Negroes from all levels swarming to his banner.

Admittedly one unlettered man, the small spiritual leader of the fast-growing Muslim activity in the west hemisphere, nonetheless has actually self-authored more literature that his very own views that iris routine than any kind of of his precursors in black leadership.

Week after main his flaming controversial newspaper columns in influential Negro weeklies and also his very own newspaper, Muhammad Speaks, and also thousands of sermons recorded for radio shipment on miles of tape room unprecedented in Negro organizational literature.

Not also Garvey, with his giant weekly newspaper, the black World, with a top circulation in 1921 of much more than 800,000 copies, come close to the an individual output of native of the indefatigable Mr. Muhammad. For many of the Negro people was, committed to articles, editorials and news stories created by others through comparatively very tiny from the pen that Garvey himself.

If ever correlated and also put into publication form, the works of Elijah Muhammad to date would at conservative calculation make a min- mum of 2 dozen the volumes.

And Muhammad"s writings, regardless of his lack of officially education, are built on different words designed for permanency. Every word in his works is fashioned through loving care and a can be fried regard for truth.

What the writes is called in the language of the small fellow therefore there deserve to be no wrong or man of function or shades of meaning. This step of his writing behavior is undertaken everyday with the assist of highly trained and dedicated secretaries.

The Messenger that Allah is meticulous about what he writes and insists that not a indigenous be readjusted when his final drafts arc completed.

The result is that what he says is unmistakable, because that what that puts on paper is exactly what he desires to convey, and there is the core of what provides his program for the salvation of the American black man so comprehensible and beneficial. Readers, whether or no they agree v him, are compelled to recognize that male is telling us the truth.

Daniel Burley

* * * * * * *


And we sent out no Messenger however that he need to be obeyed by Allah"s command (Holy Qur’an 4:64)

The so-called American Negroes have never had actually a magnificent Messenger sent out to them prior to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Therefore, there will be much opposition to him native his civilization who desire to lead and also not be followers of others; specifically the middle class, the black Christian preachers and the college and university students who feel so proud of their worldly education and also positions.

They think their worldly learning and also high positions through the enemies of God will protect them against following the divine Messenger of God. Wait and also see.

The so-called Negroes must not it is in this kind of people, because they have the Bible, which is complete of prophecies concerning the "ate that those that rejected and also opposed God"s prophets. Allah"s warning in the divine Qur’an is really plain against the disobedient and also opposers to His critical Apostle.

And he who God has actually caused come arise amongst the so-called Negroes to be His Apostle is most surely the last Apostle and also .he last human being to who the divine Revelation and also guidance to come.

THIS IS the time the Bible and Holy Qur’an refer to as the resurrection that the dead (mentally dead or ignorant people) who God wishes to do wise and collection over the nations by His guidance and also His unlimited wisdom. After listening come what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was taught by Allah, there is nothing left for one more Messenger come teach us of self, God and the devil. Messenger Elijah Muhammad"s message to us fulfills the Bible and also Holy Qur’an because that the critical Messenger"s article is to lug us face to confront with the understanding of God and also the devils, the we may make our choice as to whom us shall serve.

The other divine teaching, the Messenger says, is the which travel guide us into the Hereafter. I say anyone that ignores Messenger Elijah Muhammad"s teaching is in hazard of hell fire. The holy Qur’an warns us versus imputing sin to Allah"s Messengers, though the Bible and also Holy Qur’an hold no one sinless.

But the divine Qur’an teaches united state that Allah is sufficient as a .1dge because that His Apostles, and the scriptures verifies this. We simply cannot be the judges of divine Messengers. Obeying lock is what Allah warns us to do.

The Messenger teaches united state that Allah warned him against tak¬.7.z increase the enemy"s arms against the enemy.

Allah"s orders to Messenger Elijah Muhammad room the same as those provided to the prophets of old. Moses had only a rod; Noah had actually nothing however the word; Lot had nothing however the word; .and Messenger Elijah Muhammad has nothing yet word the Allah versus the eight of the police. In Detroit, in April, 1934, and also .n Chicago, ~ above April 2, 1935, Allah slew the police captain in the police courtroom who was trying among Messenger Muhammad"s followers. There was a display screen of guns by the police versus the unarmed team of Muslim men and also women. Allah proved who need to be killed.

Messenger Elijah Muhammad put his to trust in Allah. Ns am sorry because that the negative fools that refuse to to trust the God that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Messenger Muhammad teaches us to monitor the method of Allah. Some may think that Messenger Elijah Muhammad may be jealous. Yet this he can not be; for no one can take the location of a divine Messenger. Castle are favored by God and not by the people.

We simply cannot take it a Messenger"s place unless God makes us together He go them; because that such a one is do of God and not of self or the world. Regardless regarding how lot worldly education one might have, that cannot do himself the Messenger of God unless God wants him to be and reeducates the divinely.

If Allah has chosen the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to it is in His Apostle, over there is not another so-called black in the world who can take his place, nevertheless of what we might think of him. Friend cannot pressure yourself on God for such office.

The divine Qur’an teaches united state that the angels cannot say anything ~ Allah makes His an option of one Apostle. We may say the he is no fit for a Messenger. In the divine Qur’an 75:37-40; 76:1-3 Moses complained of not being able to speak plainly or eloquently.

But that did no make God choose Aaron because that His Apostle due to the fact that Aaron to be a much better speaker than Moses. God told Moses he might use his brother for his prophet if he want to, but Allah stated to Moses, YOU room my prophet and also I to be going come send you come Pharaoh.

There are many people, especially among the so-called Negroes, that want certain ones that we like to command us, however God has actually His choice and we have the right to like His an option or not. It renders no distinction with God. Over there is not a prophet of the past that the human being in his time go not have actually something come say against. But whatever the world said, that did not adjust God"s choice.

What so-called Negro has actually been maybe to avoid us from our evil ways and also make united state love each other so lot that we will hug and kiss each other anywhere and not it is in ashamed.

This love of the brotherhood renders us love and respect ours women, makes them go modestly dressed; we have the right to hold 10,000 people—white and black—spellbound because that 2 or 3 hours at any kind of time.

The person who leaves the teachings the the Honorable Elijah Muhammad renders himself a fool. The advice to every our people, is acquire On come Your very own Kind, this world is in ~ hand!

Minister James Shabazz

Muhammad"s holy place of Islam No. 2 Chicago, Illinois

* * * * * * *


Chapter 1 - that is that secret God? part I

For hundreds of years, the world who did not have the knowledge of the person or truth of God worshiped your own ideas of God. He has been make like countless things various other than what He really is. The Christians refer to God together a secret and a Spirit and also divide Him right into thirds. One component they call the Father, another component the Son, and the third component they call the divine Ghost; which provides the three, one. This is contradictory to both nature and also mathematics. The regulation of math will not allow us to put three right into one. Our nature rebels versus such a belief of God being a secret and yet the dad of a son and also a divine Ghost there is no a wife or without gift something in reality. We wonder, how can the child be human and also the father a mystery (unknown) or a spirit? who is this divine Ghost the is classified as being the same of the father and the son?

The Christians perform not think in God together being a human being, yet they believe in Him together being the dad of all human beings. They also refer to God as He, Him, Man, King and The Ruler. Castle teach the God sees, hears, talks, walks, stands, sits, rides, and flies; the He grieves or sorrows; and that the is interested in the affairs of person beings. They also teach that once upon a time the made the an initial man choose Himself in the image and also likeness the Himself, yet yet they believe that He, Himself, is no a man or human. They preach and also prophesy that His coming and also that He will be watched on the referee Day yet is not man. They can not tell us what he looks like, yet male is made choose Him and in the image of God, and also yet they tho say the He is a an enig (unknown).

How can one teach the world to understand God, if he self does not recognize God. If you try teaching the Christians that God is likewise a person being, they will say the you are crazy, that you execute not believe in God and also that you are an infidel. In the meantime, while they admit that that is a secret God (unknown), castle teach no to make any likeness of Him; however they adorn your walls and churches through pictures, images and statues like human being beings.

Can God be a secret God and yet send prophets to represent Himself? have the prophets been representing a God the is not recognized (Mystery)? they tell united state that they heard god voice speak to them in their very own language. Deserve to a soul speak a language while gift an immaterial something? If God is not material, what pleasure would He acquire out of material beings and the material universe? What is the basis of spirit? Is the spirit independent of material?

Actually, that is that mystery God? We need to take time and study what has and is gift taught to us. Study the word and also examine it, and if it it is in the Truth, lay host to it. Come teach world that God is a secret God is come teach them the God is unknown. Over there is no