Mexico will warmth up because that November"s crucial FIFA people Cup qualifying games against the unified States and Panama v a friendly against brand-new Zealand top top Saturday.

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The 2 sides will face off at the Nissan stadion in Nashville, Tennessee, as Mexico boss Juan Carlos Osorio looks to ease the pressure he"s endured because El Tri"s exit from the Copa America Centenario in the summer.

Here are the details because that Saturday"s clash:

Date: Saturday, Oct. 8

Time: 11 p.m. BST/6 p.m. ET

Live Stream: (U.S.)


Mexico"s Copa America campaign came to a humiliating finish at the hand of eventual winners Chile, that thrashed lock 7-0.

A 0-0 with attract with Honduras in September did small to gain back supporters" confidence. While a trusted with new Zealand will hardly carry out that either, nothing less than a convincing win will do.

In choosing his squad, Osorio preserved his plan of rotation and left out a variety of European-based stars, including Javier Hernandez, Hector Herrera and Carlos Vela.

ESPN FC"s Cesar Hernandez invited the rotation:


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Cesar Hernandez
cesarhfutbolPeople space going to slam Mexico's roster, which is fine. Happy to watch JCO make the efforts out some different choices before the Nov games.

Indeed, come overcome new Zealand, El Tri must still have the ability to cope, even there is no the in-form Hernandez.

In his stead, the goalscoring responsibilities might fall come Hirving Lozano or Giovani dos Santos.

The former has been in impressive kind for Pachuca this season, netting 10 goals. ESPN FC"s Tom Marshall listed the method he"d bounced earlier from an underwhelming stint at the 2016 Rio Olympics:

Tom Marshall

Hirving Lozano with a goal every 66 minute on average for
Tuzos due to the fact that his disappointing displays at the Olympics.

As because that Dos Santos, the wasn"t in the Copa America squad and also hasn"t played because that his national side since last year.

He, too, has remained in prolific form in former of goal, racking up 15 goals and also seven assists in all competitions this year.

MLS" Diego Pinzon disputed his go back to the national side:

Major league Soccer

For the an initial time in much more than a year, Gio's earlier with the Mexico national Team. Https://

In midfield, Mexico will miss Andres Guardado"s creative thinking as the PSV Eindhoven star is sidelined through an injury.

The 30-year-old had been in strong type for the Dutch side this season, per OptaJohan:


299 -
AGuardado18 attempted an ext passes top top the opposition fifty percent this Eredivisie season than any type of other player. Heart. Https://

Nevertheless, ESPN FC"s Nayib Moran is pleased through the players easily accessible to Osorio:

Nayib Morán

That midfield — Jona, Guti and also Orbelin. FIRE. LUMBRE. #ElTri

The trio will require to comprise for Guardado"s absence, which they should have the ability to do against brand-new Zealand.

The every Whites have conceded just twice in their last 10 games, yet they"ve not faced a team the comes close to Mexico"s high quality in that time.

Beating them—even convincingly—won"t do a an excellent deal to lull the pressure on Osorio, but it can help the team reclaim some crucial confidence ahead of the more important fixtures in November.

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