CAS No. chemical Name: MAGNESIUM PHOSPHITE Synonyms MAGNESIUM PHOSPHITE CBNumber: CB8398440 molecule Formula: Mg3O6P2 Formula Weight: 230.86 MOL File: Mol paper

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MAGNESIUM PHOSPHITE chemistry Properties,Uses,Production


Magnesium phosphite have the right to have the molecularformula of the hydrogen phosphite, MgHPO3 or thedihydrogen phosphite, Mg(H2PO3)2. The is the formerthat shows up when a solution of phosphorous acid isreacted v the oxide, hydroxide or carbonate:MgO +H3PO3 ? MgHPO3 +H2OThe product is a hexahydrate. That can likewise be preparedby the activity of ammonium phosphite ~ above magnesiumchloride:MgCl2 (aq) +NH4HPO3 (aq) ? MgHPO3·6H2O+NH4Cl2 (aq)If a salt phosphite is supplied in the preparation, thenthe dihydrogen phosphite, Mg(H2PO3)2, is produced.

Physical properties

The nature of the hydrates of these hydrogenphosphitesalts is controlled, to some extent, through thesolution temperature employed. The hexahydrate,MgHPO3·6H2O, is derived at room temperature(15–25°C). In ~ 30–50°C, the tri-hydrate occurs whereasat >85°C, the monohydrate is many stable. This is duein component to the solubilities the these three salts. The hexahydrateis rather soluble in ~ 16.4 g/100 ml that water (20°C)whereas the trihydrate is many stable in ~ 50°C. The hasbeen presented that in ~ reaction temperatures less thanabout 60°C a crystalline magnesium hydrogen phosphitetrihydrate, MgHPO3·3H2O, who solubilityincreased native 8.9 in ~ 20°C to 11.2 g/100 ml at 50°Cand then to 6.5 in ~ 95°C temperature.

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