Cote de Pablo has had quite a prolific career. The Chilean-American singer and also actor gained popularity ~ being cast on the popular TV present "NCIS" certification opposite actor Michael Weatherly. She play Ziva David, a previous Mossad officer native Israel. The duo worked together, and also their chemistry was undeniable. The 2 actors played their functions for numerous seasons, and fans might not get sufficient of their electric chemistry!

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De Pablo and Weatherly shared a great professional relationship. Being an initial introduced to "NCIS" viewers in Season 3, fans watched her and also Weatherly"s personalities grow. De Pablo left the struggle CBS show in 2013, and also her exit was anything but subtle. The good dynamic that had existed in between the two was gone, and also it left Weatherly thinking that he had actually "stayed at the party for as well long," as he told TV Insider in 2016. Speaking about the sudden transition, he added, "I would certainly look approximately the room and other human being were really in sync and also having fun. The show was a large success, but I just suddenly establish that ns probably had other points that I must be doing."

De Pablo and also Weatherly made for a good on-screen pair. But what about the real-life relationship in between them? go the two ever before date? Or possibly still have a romantic today? Here"s more!


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Undeniable on-screen chemistry can go a long method and also convince fans the their favourite actors are dating in genuine life. But the reality of the relationship between Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo was that they never ever dated. Let"s just speak to them good friends and colleagues top top "NCIS"!

In a segment v Entertainment Tonight featuring the pair interviewing each other, the actor said that he had actually only great feelings around their bond. "My first impression was that you were a an extremely put-together young lady from brand-new York. Ns was great by the focus and the clarity that the performance, and also before ns knew it, I had actually fallen hopelessly, desperately into an enchanted spell," he said. Weatherly"s response took De Pablo by surprise. "Wow. That was quite the answer," she exclaimed. Weatherly additionally asked exactly how his character would certainly be eliminated off ~ above the show, and de Pablo responded, "I would kiss you, and also put a knife with your gut." Wow

When de Pablo inquiry Weatherly around the surname he would give them if they date in genuine life, the was rapid with one answer, saying the he"d provide them the nickname the "Ham and also Cheese." Weatherly added that he would be the "clearly" it is in the ham while de Pablo would be the "cheese" that the relationship. Now, the sounds like a delicious combo that we wouldn"t desire to miss!