Michael Jordan had a stupendous hang time and also vertical leap, i m sorry he used to good effect in dunk contests. Among these stands the end in particular.

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There are fairly a few players in NBA history who’ve deserve perfect 50 scores in the dunk contest. The likes the Vince Carter, Aaron Gordon, Jason Richardson and also Zach LaVine have practically only gained perfect scores once they’ve tried.

Michael Jordan may not be a showman on the level of these contest dunkers, but he was no slouch. There’s a factor why MJ winner 2 dunk contests in a row, especially the 2nd one in a dunk-off through Dominique Wilkins.

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MJ’s many famous dispute dunk was obviously his effort from the cost-free throw heat in 1988. However there’s another dunk that more than likely deserves an ext recognition than it it s okay from fans.

The dunk that just Michael Jordan has pulled off

Wilkins was one of the best dunkers of all time – in-game or otherwise. He probably deserved much more perfect 50 scores 보다 he got during his dunk challenge career. He certainly deserved far better scores from the judges for his final dunk in 1988.

But it’s an extremely much doubtful that he could do something as imaginative or technically daunting as this Jordan dunk. Just take a look at it because that your very own benefit.

At an initial look, this dunk is pretty exceptional as is. However its true difficulty is illustrated from the pickled in salt cam. Jordan go up towards the rim directly up, however he contorts his body midway through the air to look in ~ the rim parallelly to the backboard.

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In instance youre trying to find that party Jordan dunk https://t.co/9UO9egg8Dp

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MJ’s head is nearly at the height of the rim as soon as he dunks the ball in, nearly casually. The entirety movement comes turn off in one fluid hop 40+ inches through the air.


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