Problem :

I have recently installed IE11. Right now I am facing very strange issue with my web web browser plug-in it functions perfectly in the IE9 , IE10 but when it pertains to IE11 mine plug-in is not at all recognized as the add-on no one it is allowed to run. That is as if the IE11 no much longer supports the ActiveX. Ns am facing listed below error:

“Microsoft net plug in not sustained with current security settings”.Please overview me in fixing above plugin connected issue.

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askedMay 9, 2020stewart4k points

Solution :

To settle your above issue you require to just follow listed below steps;

First of all please open your internet Explorer.Then you require to click the Tools food selection after that click on the net Options.Now ~ above your defense tab you just need to click your practice level button.Then you deserve to scroll under your protection Settings list as much as theActiveXcontrols and plug-ins.Next automatically prompting because that ActiveX controls you need to click on Enable.Kindly scroll down to the Download signed ActiveX controls and also after the you have the right to click on permit or Prompt.Then you can scroll under to the RunActiveXcontrols and also then the plug-ins and also next click the permit or the Prompt.Next you must scroll under to the ScriptActiveXcontrols i beg your pardon are marked the for sure for the scripting and then you can click permit or the Prompt.Finally you simply need to click on OK then just click yes again.
answeredMay 9, 2020tmessy17.2k pointsselectedMay 9, 2020by stewart
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STEP 1:It couldbe one add-on leading to the issue.

Start>Control Panel>Internet Options>Advanced tab, uncheck "enable third-party web browser extensions"

close all open up IE windows and also restart IE for the full alters to take effect…

STEP 2:started ~ the windows 10 update

Does this in both in other words 11, and Edge. Attempting to access a bank account. Have actually tried every the typical fixes, Uncheck the Allow 3rd Party crate under Advanced, reset the reliable sites list and also permissions to allow everything. I was walking to effort a reinstall, however I can't find a uninstaller under any remove program application. This computer system is additionally not joined to a AD, ns have also checked the user file to make sure it was assigned to the Admin group for local Policies.

STEP 3: allow Flash in Chrome

Chrome could have presented the ‘This plug-in is no supported’error message because Flash is right now not permitted on the Chrome app, which defines why the affected webpage was not allowed to use Flash to operation its content. In that case, all you need to do to do things ideal is permit Flash.

STEP 4: install the recent flah player; update Flash

Here, we room assuming the error notice came up because the speed player is however to be mounted on the Chrome browser on your PC. Well, this explains the affected site’s battles with the media content. If the compelled plugin is nonexistent, the contents cannot be invited or played.

STEP 5: clear the looking data in Chrome

Here, we space considering the possibility where Flash worries have something to carry out with corrupted data being provided by her browser. If the assumptions (made here) hold true, climate you will be able to fix the ‘This plug-in is not supported’ error by clearing Chrome browsing data. When you pressure Chrome to clean its searching data, the application gets to escape of poor files, entries, and also packages that specify your suffer on the web.

STEP 6:Use one more browser come test things (preferably web Explorer)

Since you are yet to settle the problem, the is time you thought about the opportunity where the difficulty is down to Chrome’s absence of assistance for a different plugin (and not Flash). The site on you which you encountered the ‘This plug-in is not supported’ error could have displayed the an alert to notify you the your internet browser cannot pat its media content because it is no running the Java plugin, for example.

STEP 7:Use the ie tab expansion in Chrome

If girlfriend somehow regulated to find out that the plugin error is under to Chrome’s lack of support for the essential plugins top top its platform – specifically after you saw the media content on the impacted webpage play normally on Internet explorer – climate you deserve to make an enhancement to Chrome setup to deal with things. Here, we want you to include or install a special extension (IE tab extension) that simulates the internet Explorer setting in Chrome.

STEP 8:Use the NoPlugin Extension

NoPlugin is an incredibly useful extension v which browsers obtain to beat multimedia content even when assistance for the plugins (needed come play the content) is lacking on your platforms. In various other words, the expansion enhances browsers’ compatibility through old web page (that still use outdated plugin technologies prefer Flash). NoPlugin works by converting the plugin code to HTML5 and then renders the an outcome so that the media contents plays right in the browser.

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STEP 9:Update Chrome

Finally, we have actually to consider the opportunity where the plugin is no supported problem is no down come Chrome’s lack of assistance for old plugins but rather more recent technologies. Perhaps, the affected website or webpage is making use of some HTML5 modern technologies that her current internet browser build does not recognize. In that case, we deserve to safely infer the your computer system is running an old or outdated variation of Chrome – due to the fact that the newest Chrome construct is constantly embedded with support for the relevant internet technologies.