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THE PITCHER"S MOUND — after ~ a four-month hiatus, major League Baseball is back.

Games start Thursday and also the biggest question because that me isn"t just how players will adjust to a shortened season or who will win the pennant; it’s who will have actually the finest walk-up song?

Hitting a major league fastball is no basic feat (I know, ns did the once), however choosing the perfect track for the walk from the on-deck circle come the batter’s crate is also tougher. Let’s take it a look at some of the biggest stars in baseball and grade their most recent walk-up song.

Clayton Kershaw, pitcher, Los Angeles Dodgers

"We room Young" by fun.

Grade: C

Clayton Kershaw is a three-time Cy Young compensation winner and also future hall-of-famer. However, the left-handed pitcher has always struggled in the postseason.

Could it it is in the result of a poor walk-up song? "We room Young" was an unforeseen hit ago in 2011, however neither the band nor the pitcher is as young as they used to be. At period 32, "Old city Road" might be a far better fit for the aging Dodger.

Jose Altuve, 2nd base, Houston Astros

"Firestone" by Kygo ft. Conrad Sewell

Grade: C+

At simply 5 feet and 6 customs tall, Jose Altuve package a most punch. The 2nd baseman has a lifetime batting average simply shy of .300 and has struggle 128 house runs.

Like Altuve, the tune is upbeat however understated. Prefer the Astros, the song functions what sounds choose someone banging top top a garbage can. Must typical an offspeed pitch is coming!

Mookie Betts, right fielder, Los Angeles Dodgers

"I Love mine City" by Ernest K.

Grade: B-

Mookie Betts loves Boston. Throughout his time with the Red Sox, he ended up being the very first player in the history of the organization to victory Most an important Player, silver Slugger, yellow Glove, the batting title, and also a World series in the same season.

But the team traded him to the Dodgers anyway. For Betts, it may be time to profession "I Love mine City" for "California Love" or "To Live and also Die in L.A."

Bryce Harper, ideal fielder, Philadelphia Phillies

"Flower" by Moby

Grade: B

When Bryce Harper inked a $330 million contract with the Phillies in 2019, he could have changed his to walk up song to "For the Love of Money".

Instead, he stuck with his longtime go-to, "Flower." Moby’s gospel foot-stomper may seem favor an odd choice for a Latter-day Saint boy from ras Vegas, however you can not argue through the results. Since joining the big leagues, Harper has actually hit 219 home runs.

Juan Soto, left fielder, Washington Nationals

"China" by 8-Bit Arcade

Grade: B+

Washington Nationals fans to be heartbroken when Bryce Harper left the team because that Philadelphia.

Turns out, the sadness was misplaced. The Nationals go on to win the people Series, many thanks in component to 21-year-old slugger Juan Soto.

More surprising than his hitting power was his track choice. Soto made decision "China" — however not the original Spanish-language hip-hop variation by daddy Yankee and also others. Instead, that opted because that an 8-bit video clip game reworking the the song. Bolder move, Mr. Soto.

Mike Trout, center fielder, Los Angeles Angels

"Sicko Mode" by Travis Scott, special Drake

Grade: A-

Mike Trout is widely related to as the best player in baseball. Hitting, fielding, cram — the does that all.

So it provides sense that Trout would connect with Travis Scott and Drake, two of the peak rappers in the hip-hop game. As soon as the warbly body organ intro of "Sicko Mode" gives method to the fuzzed-out bass, you know Trout is around to do his thing.

Charlie Blackmon, ideal fielder, Colorado Rockies

"Your Love" through The Outfield

Grade: A

Charlie Blackmon might not be the best name in baseball, but the four-time all-star might have the best walk-up song.

Though it’s 35 years old, "Your Love" is tho a classic and also sounds even better when virtually 50,000 fans at Coors field holler "I don’t wanna shed your love... TONIIIIGHT" in unison each time Blackmon involves the plate. Plus, the outfielder scores bonus point out for choosing a tune by a band dubbed The Outfield.

Hansel Robles, pitcher, Los Angeles Angels

"Undertaker Song" through Unknown

Grade: A+

Hansel Robles' intro video clip might be the biggest intro video we've ever seen.

— Cut4 (
Cut4) April 11, 2019

Angels relief pitcher Hansel Robles may have actually the finest walk-up track in the MLB — and also it’s not even a song, really. It’s more of a statement. A weird, creepy, great statement.

When Robles walks top top the field from the bullpen, a video plays ~ above the stadium’s large screen. It’s collection to the lift music (really simply funeral organs) for The Undertaker, the famous pro wrestler. However then there room horses, and also smoke and rose petals. And also then there are candles and an ext horses. And also then yes sir a human in a horse mask.

It renders no sense, yet it’s magnificent.

What room your favorite MLB athlete"s walk-up songs? you re welcome share in the comments.

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