Miley Cyrus’ stint together the host of the 2015 MTV VMAs to be pretty effective -- at the an extremely least, she offered us plenty to talk about (and plenty more questions to ponder). However the complimentary album Miley dropped in ~ the finish of the show, Miley Cyrus & her Dead Petz, is the only thing we care around today.

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We listened to all 23 tracks and also highlighted the craziest, most explicit, sexiest lyrics below. They cover drugs, ex-boyfriends, spirituality, and, well, dead pets. WARNING: part lyrics save on computer explicit language. This ain’t Hannah Montana music anymore.


1. Once Miley too casually mentionsextraterrestrial life:“I know / Why there is a sun, how the bugs fly / and also why over there is a moon way up in the sky / Why there is trees, and what the f**k is love / Why there’s flying saucers watching from above.” (“Dooo It!”)

2. This totally unrelated question that would certainly make a health teacher blush: “Why they put the d**k in the p***y? F**k you.” (“Dooo It!”)

3. This anti-drug commercial: “You"re for this reason cute / In your space suit / In your space boots / room dude / due to the fact that you"ve left I"ve started to drink / periodically when I perform drugs I"ll begin to over think / and I begin crying / ns think I"m dying / yet I"m just tripping.” (“Space Boots”)

4. When he"s a vegan however dumps friend anyway: “My biggest are afraid is not being through you / The pain is therefore excruciating i don"t understand what I’d execute / We"re both vegetables / It renders it simple to think it never hurt anything / life intentionally.” (“Space Boots”)

5. Whole song (interlude?) that simply says: “Alright this is really f**ked increase but, but but / F**ked up, f**ked up / F**ked up, f**ked increase / F**k, f**k f**k, f**ked up.” (“Fuckin Fucked Up”)

6. Basically every little thing sung in “BB Talk,” starting with the hook: “Your baby talk is creeping me out / F**k me therefore you stop baby talking.” (“BB Talk”)

7. This poor mother (oh god, Mrs. Hemsworth? MARIA SHRIVER?): “In the beginning it was choose we were f**king homies and s**t and then every one of a suddenly you began with some f**king baby goo-goo tongue down my f**king neck I mean, also in former of her mom.” (“BB Talk”)

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8. “Don’t it is in a dumb A B-word” - Oprah (jk): “You placed me in these f**king cases where ns look choose a dumbass b***h and I"m not a f**king dumbass b***h.” (“BB Talk”)

9. Who is this about?! “You know, it"s sweet and also you couldn"t be much more opposite the my last d**khead but I don"t recognize if i can get over the f**king goo.” (“BB Talk”)

10. Modern romance in ~ its finest: “I like as soon as you send me, friend know, the, the queen emoji, yet when i send back the monkey, friend know, the ones through the, the hands end the eyes, that way that s**t"s just obtaining a tiny too weird because that me.” (“BB Talk”)

11. ??? “I just bury mine head in your armpit which...weirdly smells an excellent and your hair and your f**king this / Like, why the f**k would I wanna lick her teeth however I do.” (“BB Talk”)

12. This roommate through boundary issues: “I sleep v the door open if you want to come in when I"m sleeping / I"m always sleeping naked reason you wake up and also you"re creeping” (“Bang Me Box”)

13. THIS IS no SUBTLE, MILEY: “I desire it so difficult / friend finger my heart.” (“Bang Me Box”)

14. I have nipples, Greg, could you milk me? “The milky, milky, milk / her tongue milking me so tough / and also from suck on your nipples / Licking milky, milky stars.” (“Milky Milky Milk”)

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15. Clearly: “Self control is no something I"m functioning on.” (“Slab of Butter (Scorpion)”)

16. One of the lesser talked-about benefits of meditation: “How challenge you bring another chick in mine bed / You lucky I"m doing my yoga or you can be dead / i ain"t doing nothing that would certainly take away my Zen.” (“I forgive Yiew”)

17. This is horrific: “I keep searchin" for part meanin" in my dreams / and also I"m dreamin" that bein" consumed by many tigers / when the sparrows start to sing in a tree.” (“Tiger Dreams”)

18. Carry out non-religious f**ks recognize this? “Such a monster f**kin" dream / Flyin" about into the sky favor Superman / Chasing tigers and also your arrows land us / Those religious f**ks will never understand.” (“Tiger Dreams”)

19. Is this the plot that The Lorax? “Wake up, people / Can"t you view the planet is crying / wake up up, human being / Can"t you check out all the clouds space dying / and maybe one day there won"t be rainbows / Grass won"t it is in green and also the sky, it won"t it is in blue” (“1 Sun”)

20. Native an open minded tragic and also moving song about a dead pet fish: “You lived under the water, yet I love you so lot / You never ever been top top land, and you never ever seen the sky / friend don"t recognize what a cloud is / Why does everything I love have to die?” (“Pablow the Blowfish”)

21. And also when Miley sings her dinner order: “On Saturday night, we all went out to eat / but I have the right to never decide, therefore someone made decision sushi / I acquired soup, and also I ordered rice / yet watching my friends eat my friends, damaged my appetite.” (“Pablow the Blowfish”)

Now, relive the unexpected moment that Nicki Minaj referred to as out Miley onstage during her accept speech: