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Murder Trial, 1955 is the story that a white teenage male named Hiram Hillburn who has returned to his hometown of Greenwood, Mississippi in the summer of 1955. Hiram finds the although the town has actually not adjusted in appearance, not whatever is together it seems. Together a youth, he was unaware that the rampant prejudice the the town has, specifically towards blacks. The conference of Emmett Till aided Hiram to watch this and also even Hiram begins to have a readjust of heart. Emmett"s kidnapping and murder because that alleged unreasonable actions in the direction of a white woman have a deep impact on Hiram, and also Hiram feels the it is currently his duty to seek the truth of what really occurred to Emmett. This tale takes him right into the courtroom the the doubt killers and brings the face-to-face with his own feelings and also an dreadful revelation that transforms the way he thinks about those he loves the most.

As a 7-year-old young in 1948, Hiram Hillburn stays in Greenwood, Mississippi through his grandparents as his parental live and also work in Oxford. Return Hiram and his grandfather share a harmonious relationship, over there is a significant conflict in between Grampa Hillburn and also Hiram’s father, Harlan. Grampa’s views are of the stereotypical, racist South, i beg your pardon is first demonstrated to Hiram after an african American worker is berated just for taking a little break and showing Hiram one of his tools.

Hiram, Grampa, and Grandma Hillburn reap a pretty quiet life that is filled through the same routines. The mornings space spent complying with Grampa come the courthouse so the Grampa deserve to “talk business” v friends, afternoons in the household fields talking to the overseer, climate evenings filled with a great dinner. Periodically in the evenings, Hiram goes external to be sure or to connect with R.C. Wiley, a poor boy who is regularly loud and also mean. One night, R.C. Is spying top top Hiram’s neighbors, the Remingtons, two mentally deficient brothers. Later, R.C. And also Hiram go fishing at Hiram’s favourite fishing spot. If there, R.C. Tortures and also kills a catfish, just due to the fact that it i stabbed it him, leading to Hiram to begin being an extremely wary the R.C.’s danger outbursts.

After Grandma Hillburn’s death, Harlan accepts a job offer in Arizona, making Grampa furious the Harlan is acquisition Hiram away. End the years, Grampa has asked for Hiram to spend the summer with him, only for Harlan to forbid it, leading to years’ worth of tension in between Hiram and Harlan. After Grampa has a punch in 1955, Hiram is finally allowed to return to Greenwood. In ~ the terminal he is met by Grampa’s housekeeper, Ruthanne and her cousin, Emmett “Bobo” Till. In ~ first, Emmett is wake up to do as Ruthanne asks once she speak him to bring Hiram’s bags, however he does just long sufficient to cheat Hiram into carrying his own bags. The next time Hiram watch Emmett is at a fishing feet one afternoon once Hiram is the end by himself. The hears yelling in the river and also comes across Emmett who has actually fallen in the flow after make the efforts to get a snapping turtle. After ~ Hiram conserves Emmett native drowning, the pair talk and find the they have an ext in common than Hiram initially thought, leading him to wonder why such a point as racism exists.

Hiram spends lot of his time reconnecting v Grampa however with others in the neighborhood as well. He in details wants to see Naomi Rydell again, however instead runs right into R.C. First. R.C’s manners have actually not adjusted and the is fast to proceed his “playful” bullying the Hiram. R.C. Wants to reconnect with Hiram by walking fishing prefer they did once they to be younger and also Hiram reluctantly agrees. After being at the fishing hole because that a while, R.C. Falls asleep and also Hiram sit by himself. The hears others play in the river and comes across Emmett playing through his cousins. After a bit of conversation, Hiram coincidentally mentions his big lunch, i beg your pardon Emmett asks if he might have part of. Hiram claims yes, yet when he goes to acquire the bag, Emmett adheres to him. R.C. Wakes up just as Emmett take away the lunch, enraging R.C. R.C. Proceeds to attack Emmett then torture that by shoving a dead fish in his mouth. Hiram, sickened through this scene, goes home feeling ashamed that he did not stop R.C.

Later that evening, Hiram ultimately sees Naomi at her spot along the Fulton Street Bridge. She is happy to view him and also they begin talking together they offered to and he speak Naomi around R.C.’s actions. A couple of nights later, R.C. Comes to Hiram saying the the sheriff had been approximately to ask about an occurrence along the river. He wants Hiram come say that nothing walk on out of the ordinary that day, however Hiram insists the he will certainly tell the truth. R.C. Laughs in ~ him and says that it does no matter. He additionally informs Hiram that he is going v some other white guys to the nearby town to speak to a young afri American male that has actually insulted a white woman. Hirma is scared around this and calls the police after ~ R.C. Leaves. The police refuse to do anything around the situation and says that the young afri American masculine is from Chicago and also needs a class in manners, bring about Hiram to understand that the male is Emmett.

Unable to perform anything, Hiram waits for any kind of sort of news around the situation. Quickly after the evening, Emmett is report missing, make Hiram’s issues worse. A couple of days later, his body is found in the river, bad mangled and with a noodle gin pulley about his neck. Two males are arrested because that kidnapping and are additionally charged through Emmett’s murder. Hiram is dubbed to it is in a witness based upon what the told the police about R.C. Going with the men. Grampa is adamant that he desires Hiram to continue to be out of this drama, but Hiram insists that it is his duty to lug Emmett’s killers come justice. This reasons slight problems between the 2 as castle both think they space right.

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During the trial, Grampa becomes much more agitated in ~ Hiram for his desire to execute what the feels is right. The trial go on v the defense continuous discrediting the witnesses. Hiram is never referred to as to it is in a witness, however he remains for the whole trial. After ~ the two males are acquitted the murder, Grampa is relieved and also happy the Hiram will acquire to go back to Arizona. This is suspicious actions to Hiram and Hiram’s suspicions worsen once he sees Grampa marketing his blue truck to some unknown men. ~ Hiram asks about it, Grampa it s okay mad in ~ Hiram informing him to mind his own business. On the way to get fishing gear in the shed, Hiram runs into one of the Remington brothers. After a circular conversation, Hiram finds the end that the various other brother spotted Grampa v the accused murderers ~ above the night Emmett go missing. When Hiram goes ago in the house, the confronts Grampa through this information, which Grampa admits yet is unapologetic for being a part of Emmett’s kidnapping.

Thoroughly disgusted through Grampa’s actions and also attitude, Hiram goes out that night to view Naomi. That runs right into R.C. Instead, who has been lacking since the night he told Hiram around going v Emmett’s killers. He admits that he had actually thought about going, yet decided the he want a far better life and left because that Jackson, where he has actually been living and also working ever before since. He only comes residence on occasion and on this specific evening, he and his father have acquired into an extremely violent fight. R.C. States that the is only in town to educate the sheriff what he has done and is going ago to Jackson. The next day, Hiram goes searching for Naomi, yet cannot uncover her as she has been taken in other places to live. Tensions between Grampa and Hiram are at an every time high and Hiram prepares to leave for Arizona. Prior to he leaves, he looks because that some type of apology indigenous Grampa, but Grampa still feels that he has been exactly in his behavior, leading to permanent damages to your relationship. Hiram watch Naomi at the train station prior to he leaves. She speak him no to worry about her and that due to the fact that she no much longer lives through her abusive father, she will acquire the life she has constantly wanted.

Once Hiram arrives earlier in Arizona, his dad meets him at the railway station. On the means home, father and also son ultimately get to talk around how they feel. Hiram starts to recognize his father because that the first time in his life and also they room able to begin repairing their own relationship.