Tabary leader Arkansas State end Missouri State 70-7James Tabary threw three touchdown passes and also Arkansas State routed Missouri State 70-7 ~ above Saturday night.

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Missouri State
Arkansas State

first QuarterMOSTARST


J. Tabary pass,to J. McKissic because that 49 yds for a TD (0:44)James Tabary pass complete to JD McKissic for 49 yds for a TD (0:44)

J. Tabary pass,to S. Stowers because that 3 yds for a TD, (D. White KICK) (0:37)James Tabary pass complete to Sterling Stowers for 3 yds because that a TD (Drew White KICK) (0:37)

R. Heaston operation for 35 yds for a TD, (S. Harris play MISSED) (0:39)Ryan Heaston operation for 35 yds because that a TD (Shelby Harris play MISSED) (0:39)

Southern Illinois3-05-1
North Dakota State2-05-0
Missouri State2-13-2
South Dakota2-14-2
South Dakota State1-14-1
Northern Iowa1-13-2
Indiana State1-23-3
Western Illinois1-21-5
Youngstown State1-22-3
Illinois State0-22-3
North Dakota0-22-3

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Coastal Carolina2-06-0
Appalachian State1-04-1
Georgia State1-12-4
Georgia Southern1-22-4
Texas State1-02-3
UL Monroe1-22-3
South Alabama0-23-2
Arkansas State0-21-5