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TypeReleasedRYM RatingRanked genres
1 respectable 2013
3.46 / 5.00.5 from 1,663 ratings
#358 because that 2013

woman vocals, passionate, introspective, bittersweet, lonely, epic, lush, breakup, longing, soft, melancholic, romantic, love, poetic, spring, self-hatred, sparse, sombre, sexual, warm, sentimental, sad


will certainly Prinzi acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bassMike Rasimas drumsScott Interrante orchestrationEli Wolf-Christensen lift vocals, mandolinKenneth Trotter violinSarah Wolffe violinMichael Mandrin violinSophie Dolamore violaNaseer François Ashraf violaElise Linder celloPete Olynciw upright bassKevin Schmidt upright bassJulie Yeaeun Lee fluteJohn Cummings trumpetJerome Burns trumpet, cornetRich Leverano tromboneCristian Uraga French horn
inthebeginning Sep 27 2021 ▼ 4.50 stars
4.00 stars 1 Goodbye, my Danish Sweetheart

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Mitski's an initial album provided pretty lot no indication the she possessed such talent in ~ her. Her second album, retirement From Sad, is an very moving album. The instrumentation is quite stripped-back, creating an emphasis on Mitski and her emotive vocal delivery. The songwriting below is additionally quite prominently displayed, which renders sense considering it's amazing. These are some impressive songs. Whatever here is perfect. It's an significant listen. Not any type of flaws aside the it is rather short, just really running for favor twenty-four minutes, and also it does have actually a couple of weaker moments. Yet this is flawless. Key Tracks: "Square"; "Strawberry Blond"; "Humpty"; "Shame"; "Because Dreaming expenses Money, my Dear"; "Circle"; "Class of 2013"; "Shame (Jammin' the end Solo Version)"Rating: 9.75