A glacier begins when snow doesn"t totally melt away during the summer. Each winter brand-new snow drops on optimal of the old snow. Special layers of snow are slowly compressed right into glacial ice.

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Glacial ice

A glacier might look favor a hard block the ice, but it is in reality moving very slowly. The glacier moves due to the fact that pressure native the weight of the overlying ice causes it come deform and flow. Meltwater in ~ the bottom of the glacier helps it come glide end the landscape.

Glacial movement

There space different species of glaciers:

Alpine glaciers, which begin high increase in the hills in bowl-shaped hollows dubbed cirques.

Continental glaciers, which are continuous masses of ice cream that space much bigger than alpine glaciers.

There space alpine glaciers high up in the mountains almost everywhere the world. Some hill ranges have enough ice to kind extensive ice fields. There space ice hat in Iceland and substantial ice sheets in Greenland and also Antarctica.

Glacial change

Meltwater carries rock

, gravel, sand and mud away from the glacier. The debris is transported and deposited by rivers
and also in lakes.



Glaciers are consisted of of more than simply ice and also snow. They contain water, rocks and sediments. This deserve to make the ice look very dirty.


Glacial sediment

Ice shelves kind when glaciers with the sea and begin to float. The Ross ice Shelf in Antarctica is a famed ice shelf.

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Chunks of ice can break turn off an ice cream shelf or a glacier the reaches the sea. This is referred to as calving. The ice chucks form icebergs up to 250 kilometres long and 100 km wide. Very little icebergs are referred to as bergy bits.

When a glacier melts, all of the rock, sand and also mud that it was carrying gets left behind. Geologists contact this mixture of sediment till.