This game was exit on march 28, 2017 and is no longer available to pre-order. Any kind of incentives the were available are provided below.

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Important Update!

MLB The show 21 pre-order bonuses are now available. Click below to check them out!

MLB The display 17 is a major League Baseball game arisen by Sony mountain Diego solely for the PS4. The game features Hall of call outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. ~ above its cover, the an initial retired athlete to grace the covering of The Show. Griffey will likewise be playable in the upcoming title.

MLB The display 17 is claimed to offer amazing gameplay improvements and also deliver the most realistic and personal baseball gaming experience. One of its many touted attributes is the road to the display mode, whereby you develop a player from scratch and follow his personal journey from a newbie come a significant League Baseball legend.

Pre-order bonuses

Pre-order MLB The present 17 to get 10 standard Packs and a Ken Griffey Jr. Card. More bonuses are accessible from this retailers:

GameStop: 5 extr Standard packs (15 total)PlayStation Store: 11,000 Stubs for usage in MLB The display 16

MVP Edition


Both digital and physical execution of the MVP execution ($69.99) room available. The adhering to extra contents is included:

Limited edition MVP stole BookGold Season Starter load (Includes Mission Starter for Gold item)5,000 Stubs1 Sponsor Pack10 typical Packs31 MLB PS4 Themes

Digital deluxe Edition

The Digital luxurious Edition is available from PlayStation save for $99.99:

Gold Season Starter fill (Includes Mission Starter for Gold item)Diamond Season Starter load (Includes Mission Starter because that Diamond item)Digital luxurious Pack11,000 Stubs1 Sponsor Pack20 conventional Packs31 PS4 MLB Themed Avatars

Hall of fame Edition


This GameStop-exclusive edition expenses $99.99 and comes through the following:

New Era room of fame Edition 9FIFTY HatLimited edition MVP stole BookDigital Diamond Dynasty brand-new Era room of call Edition 9FIFTY cap for usage in gameDiamond Season Starter fill (Includes Mission Starter because that Diamond item)Gold Season Starter fill (Includes Mission Starter because that Gold item)11,000 Stubs1 Sponsor Pack10 conventional Packs31 MLB PS4 Themes

MLB The display 17 is reserved to launch on march 28, 2017.

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