MW the BSA is 66399 Da (Mass Spec grade)...Though it could slightly vary in between different manufacturers....Cheers...:-)

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According come the main nomenclature of milk protein serum albumin has actually a molecular load of 66,399 (see J. Dairy product Sci. 87 (2004) 1641-1674)


For mine project, I require to have 200 mM palmitic acid solution. I've tried using 200 mM NaOH as the solvent come dissolve it. In ~ first, the PA-NaOH solution display clear at 70°C. Together I add the fatty-acid-free BSA medium(DMEM) to make the BSA-fatty acid conjugate mixture and also the palmitic mountain precipitate immediately. Sonication the mixture may help improve the dissolving however still stay cloudy. Might I understand what is the final appearance the the PA-containing medium? Is it together clear as the ordinary tool or is the cloudy?
For my job I require to have 200 mM palmitic mountain solution.I tried number of solvents like ethanol,DMSO,Cell society medium +BSA. But none of them worked...
What power conditions (volts or mA) should I use in west blotting for carrying a 25kDa protein ~ above a 0.22 micron nitrocellulose membrane?
Initial carry performed overnight (16hr) at 30V fail because small and mid size proteins (smaller 보다 100kDa) transferred right through the membrane (as noticeable from Ponceau staining of the blot and also Coomassie staining of the gel). Carry buffer provided was Bjerrum Schafer-Nielsen buffer (48 mM Tris, 39 mM glycine, pH 9.2, containing 20% methanol) include 0.1% SDS. Apparatus offered is BioRad Mini-Transblot (tank/wet transport method). The electrophoresed gel, membrane and also filter pads were equilibrated in transport buffer around 30mins prior to transfer.
i am looking for over solution ptotocol for doing HPIC technique if anyone understand please answer my question thanks.
Hello everyone, i want to prepare traditional protein systems with concentration 100 microgram/ml. Just how would i prepare?
I desire to perform protein estimate by Lowry's Procedure. For standard, i have to prepare traditional curve through bovine serum albumin (100 microgram /ml) . I need to prepare a standard curve upto 150 microgram BSA concentration.

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Should ns dissolve ist BSA 10 mg in 100 ml distilled water. The end of this solution, i have to take various concentration (0.1,0.2,0.3 come 1.5 ml) for ready of conventional curve