The prize is 7. 1 mother, 1 father, 4 daughters, however the daughters space sisters and they all have actually the same brother. If lock ha 4 boy it would be 4 brother each. 4+1+1+1=7.

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at very first i thought 10 reason 4daughters each have actually one brother and also 4+4+mom+dad=10 however when i reread it i relised the each daughter cant have actually 1brother each unless there parents split 4 times. And inculding the truth that mother is a daughter to who to the answers for this concern are: 10,11,7, and 8. Or if u inculde that dad can be a brothers then answers change to: 10,11,12,7,8,9 actauly infact this might go on 4ever seeing that the brother could be an additional daughteres brother and also the moms mom was a daughter and the dads dad could have to be a brother and could of have actually brothers and sisters therefore in fact there is no answer cause the answer might be any type of nunber uneven u provide us an ext detail.

10,cause mom and also dad r 2 people. 4 daughters u stated that they have actually so;2+4=6. Then,u wrote each daugter had actually a brother. I recognize there"s 6 civilization in the family. 4 daughters so;there r 4 brothers. 6+4=10! Duh!
well the mother dadthen 4 darterspluse one brothers is 7 world in the fam since one brothers for every there have the right to omly it is in one brother
^ all of them room related, for this reason one brother would certainly be a brothers to all of the sisters. So it's five kids, a mom, and also a dad.
well apparently the price is 7 (which i, through my thick skull, did not know until it was explained to me...).
To make this statement make sense. Mom and Dad have four daughters. Mom and Dad space two people, plus four daughters provides six people. Every daughter has one brother. Assuming the the daughters have the specific same parents, climate they all have the very same brother, which provides seven people.
WELL it is 1 mother & 1 DAD...4 DAUGHTERS & 4 brother SO it is 8, 8 kids & 2 parental IS 10 thats MY guess EH!
Ok 4 daughters + 4 brother + 2 parents but the mommy is a daughter for this reason she would have a brothers so that makes 11
They desire you come think the is 7, as if lock all mutual the same brother. Most human being miss the truth that the prize is really 10. They never implied that they mutual the very same brother. Also, if friend had four daughters and each had actually one cookie, would certainly they have the exact same cookie or 4 separation, personal, instance cookies? That"s why the price is 10.
7 because there is 1 mum and 1 dad and 4 sisters so 4+2=6 climate at 1 brother which is 7 since they all have the very same brother
mom and dad have four daughters each daughter has actually one brother how many civilization are in this household ? mom and dad is as well plus four daughters equates to 6, mom and also dad has actually five children which = 7 people and this family. Mom and also dad is 2+4 daughters= 6equals 1son =7. 2+4+1=7.
7 as there is 4 girls and also they have the exact same brother together they space sisters for this reason that provides 5 add the 2 parents 7
7 or 12 depending just how u look in ~ the says mother & dad have 4 daughters & each daughter has actually 1 brother..
There seems to be a many icon-less human being replying to this question...It must be 10, or 7. I don"t really know, nor execute I care enough to discover out. So, I"ll just say "pi". XD
It"s seven. The 4 daughters have one brother, no each, so the is 5 children, add to the parents making the seven.

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Moms 4 & dads 4 thats 8, over there daughter"s brother"s it is 4 every so thats 8, 8+8=16, plus mom & dad thats 18, or if u look in ~ it the other way as of, mommy & dad just having actually the 4 daughter"s and the 4 brother"s thats 8+ mommy & dad thats 2, that will equal just 10 in the family.
This is 2016 therefore the mother probably has 4 daughters indigenous 4 different fathers n same with the dad ha ha, so thr prize is 1 huge happy fucked up family lol
Mom Dad lock have 4 daughters and all of their daughter"s have actually one brother. That way there is 7 in all mommy dad four daughter"s and also one brother
The answer is 10 ! The keyword is each ! 4 sister each have 1 brother . It didn"t to speak they re-publishing a brothers so because of this the brothers are external children! 4+4+2=10
First the all, i realize just how old this question is . But Idc. A lot of of people keep reasoning it"s 10. I m sorry is incorrect and here"s why ; 1 mommy . 1 father . 4 daughters v 1 brother . Us aren"t going to go out of context and also start speak the mother is additionally a daughter , or the father could be a brothers ... Etc . Sticking To the concern : a mother and also a father have actually 4 daughters , and also each daughter has actually ONE brother . Several of you think it"s 4 daughters and also 4 brothers . This does no make sense . Under this family , as stated in the question , every daughter has actually ONE brothers , not 4 brothers . The being claimed : 1 mother , 1 dad , 4 daughters , and 1 brothers = 7. X = mom y= dad z= daughter v = brothers (x+y) + z(4) + v = 7 .



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