I always found that weird exactly how the series just created off Sharona in the middle of a season (albeit the collection was operation on half-seasons, therefore there to be a break). She’s said to have actually sold her house and moved the end to brand-new Jersey to remarry her ex-husband, which yes, really doesn’t make any type of sense native the interaction we’ve viewed of the two. Yet whatever. Monk’s ~ above his own, and also that’s the point of this.

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Meanwhile widow Natalie Teeger’s (Traylor Howard) home is broken into, and also in me defense she kills the man. Stottlemeyer speak her that she may have the ability to convince Monk, who been off for apparent reasons to come earlier to investigating.

Their first meeting is really great. Yes a fire in Monk’s rubbish bin indigenous a mrs he interviewed as a nurse’s cigarette. Monk take away one of about a dozen fire extinguishers he owns, and also he’s measuring the end the eight feet he has to be away from the fire in stimulate to use it as soon as Natalie walks in the door and insists the eight feet is approximate. She puts the end the fire, and also right away we view that the two room a pretty great match for each other.

Like Monk, she’s got a dead spouse. Favor Sharona, she’s a single mother, with an 11-year-old named Julie (Emmy Clarke).



She’s kind of no-nonsense choose Sharona, however she seems to have a softer side, together well.

Monk figures out that the human who broke in was after something in the fishtank, and also after finding the end that yes sir nothing special around the fish, Monk think it’s miscellaneous in the tank. He attends a museum with Natalie, and she recognizes among the employees as a man that suspiciously claimed to it is in inspecting her water main.

Monk ultimately figures the end that what everybody to be after was a absent in the fishtank, a absent from the moon that was stolen from the museum and placed in an aquarium kit that Julie unwittingly bought.

The orgasm takes place at the scientific research fair. Initially, Julie wasn’t enabled to get involved in it, since she insurance claims to have actually the world’s oldest fish, and her science teacher cases that those fish just live to be about a year, not 6 years.



Natalie admits the it was a fish the her husband had actually bought because that her, and she’s been replacing that whenever that dies because it’s the last thing she has of him.

The orgasm is pretty fun, and also Monk’s plot in tracking under not simply the rock, however the steal fish, is what leader Natalie to agree to it is in his partner.

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It’s a an excellent episode. As an excellent as Sharona is, ns actually prefer Natalie’s character. And also I love the scene whereby Monk examines a bird in ~ the pets shop that’s acting funny, and he’s able to diagnose exactly what’s walk on becaues that relates to it.