Ah Yes….’The perspective Era’…an era where personalities came and also went in ~ a blink of an eye in the WWE. It was an era wherein one main a particular character had a seemingly significant role and the next they disappeared never to be checked out or heard from again. Together is the the instance with the latest subject of ‘Whatever taken place to?‘ Today’s edition features a woman known simply together Mrs. Yamaguchi-san.

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Mrs. Yamaguchi was the kayfabe wife of Wally Yamaguchi…the heel manager of the Japanese faction well-known as Kai en Tai which had Dick Togo, Mens Teioh and Sho Funaki. Mrs. Yamaguchi started making appearances on life in the summer the 1998…where she portrayed the subservient wife to Mr. Yamaguchi. In reality, Mrs. Yamaguchi wasn’t a wrestler by trade…in fact….she was an aspiring model/actress actual name Shian-Li Tsang.

A feud developed between Kaientai and also the porn star turn wrestler Val Venis. Throughout the feud, Venis revealed his recent porn certification himself and also Mrs. Yamaguchi. Wally Yamaguchi then started to torment his mam by threaten to spank her v a paddle till Val Venis made the save. The led up to among the most notorious moments in the mindset era because that the WWE.

It started with Mr. Yamaguchi acquisition a samurai sword and also slicing a salami in half and then acquiring on the microphone informing Venis he was next. To be much more exact, Wally Yamaguchi said he was going come “Choppy, Choppy his urine pee.” The following week, Venis teamed with Taka Michinoku to take on penis Togo and Sho Funaki.

During the match, Michinoku rotate heel and attacked his companion Venis basically joing the Kaientai faction. It to be then revealed the Mrs. Yamaguchi was in fact…Taka’s sister. Kaientai then dragged one unconscious Venis come the back where Mr. Yamaguchi was all set with his samurai sword to castrate Val until the lights went out. We would later discover out that the well known John Wayne Bobbit (Who had actually his cock legitimately cut off) to be the one that shut off the lights and also saved Venis from utter doom.

As for Mrs. Yamaguchi….she ultimately faded into oblivion never to be seen again on WWE television. The character appeared in a complete of 8 raw episodes and one episode of Shotgun Saturday Night. Therefore this begs the question…Whatever taken place to Mrs. Yamaguchi?!?

Shian-Li Tsang ongoing her acting and modeling career for a while and even scored a duty in the 2002 movie Mary and Joe. Tsang but had bigger plan for her life and also career. She went back to school and also received a doctor in communications media and Instructional Technology, a BS in Marketing and an AAS in Fashion Merchandising Management. Tsang then began a career in fashion and also marketing with providers such as Coach and Dick’s sporting goods. She has actually written numerous articles, to be an instructor in ~ a University and currently works as the director of brand marketing for Dick’s Sporting Goods. She is additionally married and also resides in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

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Shian-Li Tsang has because moved come Portland, Oregon and is currently a Sr. Director in ~ adidas.