I'm not a Mumford & young fan. Or at the very least I wasn't. Usually, banjos room a deal breaker for me, and also un-ironic suspenders do me uncomfortable. So, once I was asked to attend and cover Mumford & Sons' power at MSG last night, ns hesitantly and unenthusiastically agreed. However today, I verified up to work repping a shirt native the concert and also humming "Little Lion Man." What is happening to me?


It's not that I clearly disliked the band before, or to be unaware of their superstardom, I just never understood the phenomenon. However apparently i was part of a minority, because the minute I post on social media about going to the show, my phone began trembling with "I'm so jealous!!!!!!!!!!" messages and also heart-eye emojis (and that emoji v the stars popping the end of that is face, however that one creeps me out).

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Among the jealous-Jamies to be thedesigningfairy.com's really own Brooke Ivey Johnson, who recently reviewed the band's 4th studio album, Delta, which arrived November 16th. Like many fans, Brooke had actually mixed feelings about this latest body the work, but nonetheless considers herself a day-one fan.

Despite fan's reservations about Delta, Madison Square Garden was packed, and the energy that to fill the stadion was virtually spiritual. As soon as Marcus Mumford left the stage mid-song and ran with the crowd, you might tell the frantic fans that were touched by even a fall of his sweat felt #blessed. The crowd to be reactive come the band's every move, and also it was clear the Mumford and his sons were experienced in producing a spectacle worthy that post-show-dry-blinkless-eye syndrome. Beams of light shot on and away from the stage, i m sorry was positioned in the middle of the arena, giving world on all 4 sides a "front row" experience. Elevated communication on either end of the phase featured full drum kits, allowing for part pretty sweet moments where Marcus Mumford and also Chris Maas played simultaneously.

To me, the stage reminded me of an old pirate ship, and also the assumed of folk-pirates galavanting around their vessel through vests and banjos make me yes, really happy.

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The communication also allowed for an ext intimate moments, as soon as the performers would stand with each other on one finish of the stage, sharing a spotlight, play acoustic instruments and also flexing your harmony game. Maggie Rogers — the incredibly impressive singer/songwriter that opened for M&S — also joined the tape on stage throughout one such moment. The combination was brilliant, the crowd to be mesmerized, and also Rogers' stage presence and voice provided me major Joplin vibes (that is forever a compliment). The only thing lacking, in mine opinion, was part nod come the Christmas season and also to new York City. Normally I'm not one because that Christmas songs, and I know if castle wouldn't desire to alienate fans of differing faiths, but M&S for sure would have actually hit a home run v a fast cover that The Pogues' "Fairytale of brand-new York." that would have actually made that 10/10 perfect.


So...what's happened to me? does this mean I am ultimately going to embrace living in Brooklyn and grow a mustache? am I currently a part of the worldwide cult of Mumford & Sons' fans? space WE THE SONS? AM ns DEAD?!

Regardless of these concerns that will surely store me up at night, as Isaac Feldberg composed in his evaluation of the band's recent show at TD Garden,

"What Mumford & Sons have actually done exceptionally well throughout the previous decade, then, is craft sonic sermons the preach to the widest-possible audience, songs the don't directly exalt in religiosity so much as acknowledge the omniscience of its precepts in day-to-day life and also channel those into something through unifying appeal."

Perhaps ns really have actually been converted. Cheers come M&S for placing on a show that was undeniably dope (can people be dope?); from the sound, to the one-of-a-kind guests, to the lights and also the pyrotechnics, and also that cool thing where a bunch the confetti rains down after a huge moment. The tourism is certainly worth catching, and I guess: v I'm okay through considering myself a fan. Moustache TBD.

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