Thetwo-part formula has actually quick-dry agents in theclear formula and conditioners, hydrators andprotectors in the pink formula. Once combined,they administer a shiny, frizz-free finish.

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L'ANZA introduces T.R.U.E. Because that the Planet

L'ANZA healing Haircare

A brand-new portfolio of hair treatment products bag clean formulas v sustainable packaging.


Andis Launches GTX-EXO Cordless Trimmer

Andis Company

The powerful brand-new GTX-EXO gives stylists one unobstructed check out of their precision work.


Skincare Clients have the right to Prepare for loss with StriVectin


Two brand-new products target clients' skin moisturizing needs.


Dramatic Color, huge City society Define OPI's fall 2021 Downtown LA Collection

OPI Products, Inc.

Transport your nail clients this loss to downtown L.A., with 12 OPI shades in a flexible palette.


Oribe introduces Run-Through Detangling Shampoo


Effortless combing and styling through Oribe's new Run-Through Detangling Shampoo will please clients.

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Olive Oil power Kit from Footnanny


New paraben and cruelty-free Olive Oil power Kit from Oprah’s personal nail technician, Gloria Williams - aka the Footnanny!

Peel-Off splendors Lacquer native Morgan Taylor


Problem that glitter removal solved! A funny take-home for clients to add another alternatives for shop artists to play v glitter.

Introducing oribe Très set Structure Spray


This brand-new styling product takes a modern-day approach come retro-inspired setup spray.

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Dermalogica's Smart an answer Serum it is provided What her Skin Needs


This next-gen clever serum senses what your skin needs, so friend don't have to. Ahead, whatever you should know around one the the many innovative assets in skincare.

New Launch: Lakmé Aura Smoothing Treatment

Lakmé USA

Meet Aura, the new smoothing organization that's all around health, hydration and shine.

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