In one of rap’s most random moments, Lil Wayne decides to revisit the critical of the classic 1999 hit song “My name Is,” made by his long term acquaintance and also fellow… review More 

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My name is, my surname isMy surname is, Weezy Baby, and I'm highLike maintenance, I'm smokin'I'm drankin', leanin' daily, like, hiMy name is, you understand what my name isBitch, I'm famous, like Tom BradyAnd hi, your name is? not importantWho cares? not Weezy Baby, uhWake up, i see poor bitch, negative bitch, poor bitchMakeup on my pillows make me mad, bitchWithout no makeup, I see that bitch as simply averageUber, Uber, Uber, Uber, TaxiLooking at my Rollie, I gained boogers on my Rollie'Bout to hook up with my whoadiesGot the hook up on the codeineGot the sugar because that your sleep ringGot the blooka, I'm reloadingAnd follow to mine darling this dick feels so cursed rewardingI'm reporting out of shorty, she therefore naughty, me for this reason hornyKilo ~ above me favor I'm Tony, rest it under to Rice-A-RoniTake she out, look favor she lonely, I'm gon' candlelight the momentI'ma vandalize the pussy, she told him "My phone was roaming"She be moaning 'til the morning, i be goin' inI it is in on it, i be in it, I'm choose Foreman top top the grillAnd I acquired doormen at the entranceThey acquired pistols in lock trenchesThey obtained rituals, religionAnd I'm like, bitch, you know I'm sipping'Til i die
My surname is, Lil Wayne, bitchWeezy, F. Baby, haHer surname went, native whatever-it-wasTo "Lil Wayne's bitch", now that's crazyAnd I, ns camed in, regained strengthRebanged it, rotationHer guy, he's nameless, the ain't shitAlways on the very same shit, poor babyI pour up so lot they speak to me to water BabyKush man, I need a sack choose Charles HaleySipping to the large Moe, I'm the Barr BabySip gained me relocating slow however my thoughts racing, err!My long days provide me brief patienceMy heart vacant, awards takenWhat in tarnation? No information, no statementsYoung mula, old mula, mula all agesHa-Hallelujah, I'm the Hollygrove 2PacRoc-A-Fella, brand-new rock, hundred K in a shoeboxAK and a brand-new Glock go wap-ba-ba-loo-bopPray the vest you acquired save you prefer a couponHustle 'til mine dreadlock is grey as part PouponEvery day is mine birthday, I'm a newbornStay on mine toes, asking a shoes horn, i ain't obtained no roof onGettin' mine No Ceilings 2 on
And hi, I'm brainless, I'm stainlessEntertainment, his ladyAnd, um, if she ain't thick, then she ain't itI can't posesthe wit' a slim ladyI tried, yet Superhead store complainingBitch ancient, bitch shady and also she tiredOkay then, I'm skatin'Doing tricks, contact me 'trick SwayzeOkay, In other news and other niggas' hoesYour wife taste favor Honey seed CheeriosI'm in the mirror, prefer "Ooh, baby"Who requirements a miracle once I obtained you, baby?Pimping in my critical life, I'm the shit friend ass-wipeBeat the pussy, cat fight, my teeth look favor a flashlightWeed is like a airline, 'cause quickly I'm that highFistful of money, mix some eco-friendly in v your black eyeGreedy prefer a fat guy, I'll eat a nigga franchiseI beat him by a landslide, a leader prefer a rabbiI'm top by halftime, he bleeding, I'm a vampireHis human body in the trunk with his feet every on my AlpinesWe the niggas, that's right, us all that and also friesY'all top top standby, my broads gained cat eyesTraphouse soil lines, boom prefer land minesAll my bitches allies with song on your backsides

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So hi, my surname is, on she anusOn her cranium, bitch cravin'And I'm fly, and I'm wavyAnd her name is Bust that BabyAnd hi, my name is in your mouth, it should be tastyGone!